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February 12 - 19

Legacy Track of the Week: Jidenna - Adaora

“Adaora, Adaora, Adaora...I adore ya” Born in Wisconsin yet raised in Nigeria and Massachusetts, Jidenna mixes and matches multiple different styles and right now he’s clearly one of the most versatile artists in the game. This one is produced by Nana Kwabena & Jidenna himself, and it’s one of the best records on his new album The Chief; so far one of the best surprises of the new year.


Jidenna - Trampoline

“The lady ain’t a tramp, just cuz she bounce it up and down like a trampoline” Another strong record off The Chief, which along with the previously released Little Bit More, Bambi, The Let Out is definitely a strong album front to back.


Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft Sevyn Streeter & BJ the Chicago Kid - Go Crazy

“I'll go crazy (I know, I know).. I'll go insaaane” Sampling Blackstreet’s classic 'Don’t Leave Me' record, this is one of the more memorable records off Plata O Plomo, a collaborative album with Fat Joe that’s definitely necessary in today’s era of mumble rappers. It’s good to see Remy home and let’s hope she makes Nicki step her bars up.


Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft Ty Dolla $ign - Money Showers

“Front of my pussy on the back of his tongue, I ain't had love for a ***** since what happened to Pun, so if he fuck around and I don't happen to cum, ***** you can be my ex, that's where I'm from, man these funny style bitches, I be laughing at them” Sampling Ralph Tresvant’s classic ‘Do What I Gotta Do’ this is another one of the strongest cuts off Plata O Plomo. The Playas Club theme in the video is a good look as well.


Roc Marciano - History

“Fields of kush, a strain - Barbara Bush, lay in the cut like a rook, play it by the book, for hard looks, let 'em cook, his frame shook, before he stood his firstborn grew a foot” Roc Marciano (the Long Island MC with ties to Alchemist and previously Busta Rhymes Flipmode Squad) just released his new album Rosebuds Revenge, that’s filled with classic bars over classic production with plenty of soulful samples that makes it an absolute must listen.


Roc Marciano - Better Know

“I'm just a Geto Boy like Willie D, I think my mind's playin' tricks on me, got a couple bitches turnin tricks for me, I'm the shit homie, shit, and only slow but I'm far from a one trick pony” Another solid record off Rosebuds Revenge… straight Hip Hop without the gimmicks nothing more nothing less…


Roc Marciano - Killing Time

“My white hoe standing like Anna Kournikova, I called her over, people pointing, ‘Yo there goes Rosebudd,’ all my clothes is bought with hoe's blood, rollin bud in the button up, bitches button it up, you see me and the homie here bustin it up” This one is over a sample of Lou Courtney’s ‘The Best Thing A Man Can Do For His Woman’ and it’s absolutely perfect.


Roc Marciano - Burkina Faso

“Chase money, taste bubbly, aches, I get the shakes, takes more than cocaine to numb me, bang ace, angel grace but I ain't grumpy, .44 Bulldog, no time to waste puppies, as a youth I was a drifter, tan chucks, you keep the dunks - I'm not a hipster” Produced by Arch Druids this one is another instant classic…


Roc Marciano - Pray 4 Me

“Flashy *****, Rucker Park shit, talk shit, diamonds flashing in the dark shit, I'm a marksman” Produced by Roc Marciano himself (as is most of the album) this is simply another one… classic underground Hip Hop over the illest jazz instrumentals the genre has heard in many years.


Roc Marciano - Here I Am

"Ya'll finished or ya'll done, I might done you with the small bun, my man brung the drum, let's give the drummer some, rum-pum pum pum, I let a hot one run in your cummerbund, blood was all on his tux buttoned up, his buddies thought he might eat a few, he was muscular, but he didn't, he finished, I had the mask on, I had to just lift it to let him know who did this (I did this), I ate your food, it was delicious, my Haitian bitch, she doing voodoo with the chickens” <<<< crazy pen game and this one is over a sample of Stanley Cowell’s ‘Here I Am’... another crazy record off Rosebuds Revenge that’s definitely good for the vibe.


Joey BadaSS - Victory

“The kid from West Brooklyn, came with the thunder, every day another triple-double entendre, at times I sit and wonder how I keep from going under, but I always beat the clock like Kyrie Irving at the buzzer, looking in the crowd, at the audience they love us, got a team of warriors nobody ranked above us” Produced by Adam Pallin & Kirk Knight and made specifically for the NBA All Star Game through an endorsement with Mountain Dew, this is another strong record from Joey Bada$$ that proves the Brooklyn product is quickly approaching the prime of his career.


Future - Mask Off

“Percocets, molly, Percocets, rep the set, gotta rep the set, chase a check, never chase a bitch” Produced by Metro Boomin this is one of the best records off Future’s new self titled album, that along with the HNDRXX project is one of two album released in as many weeks, seemingly due to bad business deals the Atlanta MC has made in the past (long story short - Future owes a lot of money to Rocko ((from Monica and UOENO fame)) and these two releases are supposed to settle that debt - therefore many would expect these to be throwaway records, yet with mumble rappers that’s somewhat difficult to distinguish. All jokes aside this record is standard but decent, if you’re a fan of Future (and only if you’re a dedicated fan) then I’m sure you’ll like this record.


Future - Might as Well

“I done swam with the sharks, ***** came from the deep end, you will never know what I was in, times were getting rough, we still get in, I was selling crack when Snoop dropped ‘Juice and Gin’ (yah yah), run a one room shack, with a million in the den (facts)” Produced by Tarantino this one is another decent record off Future’s new self titled album, that was given a prime slot of advertising in the NBA All Star Game


Future - When I Was Broke

“She ain't leave when I was broke, she ain't leave when I was broke, one thing that she didn't do, she ain't leave when I was broke” Produced by Zaytoven this is a nice introspective record off the self titled album, that makes you wonder what kind of artist Future could be if he was influenced by anything more than the trap and the club [translation: there’s actual meaning put behind this record, which is something Future should incorporate with his music far more often.]


Future - Feds Did A Sweep

“I'm doin' this for infinity, I ain't lookin' for no sympathy, put a dollar sign on my enemies, you can't come between my embassy, you gotta stay off the premises, I was down and out, and I remember this, it's gon' hurt my soul just to reminisce, gotta understand what I represent, you know what I mean to the game” The best record off the self titled album is the outro, which is again produced by Zaytoven and is apparently dedicated to Future’s former bodyguard Michael Tanner Phillips (who was murdered last year), and perhaps due to those circumstances Future was inspired to make one of his most significant records to date in his young career.


Trey Songz - Nobody Else But You

“Know a lot of men would do you better, know that I done put you through whatever, I know that you care for me, I know you'll be there for me, if ever something happen you still down” The first single off Trey Songz upcoming Tremaine album is definitely a heater, however time will tell if the VH1 show Tremaine the Playboy is a hit or not… personally I just want some music as good as the first Anticipation project and I’m sleep to all the TMZ noise, yet all the same Trey Songz is still one of the most dynamic singers in today’s era of R&B.

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