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March 19-26

Legacy Track of the Week: Raekwon ft CeeLo Green - Marvin

“April 2nd 1939, the stars is in line, divine intervention at it's own intention, birthed a gift in this DC kid, he sung heavenly, good values and all…” This is a monumental record from the Chef about the life and death of Marvin Gaye, where in the midst of being one of the most beloved artists of the time period, on April 1st, 1984 (a day before his 45th birthday) he was fatally shot by his own father with the gun he purchased for him. Raekwon’s verses are incredibly descriptive (reminds me of how Nas would do this), and the production from Frank G and hook from Cee Lo Green make this record complete, this is one of the best surprises thus far in 2017.


Raekwon - Can’t You See

“Now it’s all about good living raising my children, I done seen the flames, escaped from the hell storms…’" Fire production from Roads-Art that brings the best out of Raekwon, this is one of the best records off his seventh studio solo album The Wild


Raekwon ft Andra Day - Visiting Hour

“That used to be me, young, ruthless, and carefree, until I seen the bigger picture, shifted, my way of thinking, that 25 to life is real, so is the casket once it close on you, word to the youth, it’s not a game, cause life'll swerve on you, and she's a bitch, and could care less about the nerves on you” Produced by Mally the Martian this is one of the best records off Raekwon’s new album The Wild, where per usual the lyrics are on point and this time the record gets a boost through the hook from Andra Day, a Grammy nominated artist from San Diego, California.


Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Pt 4

“G Malone big bro, kudos to him, I was two O's from a M, tryna be big as Em, thirty millions later, my future favors, the legendary status of a hip-hop rhyme savior, salmon and capers, fame and lawsuits, you lookin at me in Chucks, I'm lookin at y'all suits, me and Top Dawg playin rock-paper-scissors in court, a real hustler lose money just to go get some more, I said it's like that, dropped one classic, came right back, 'nother classic, right back, my next album, the whole industry on a ice pack” Released as a teaser for his fourth studio album due out next week, Kendrick absolutely snaps on this production from Axl Folie, Alchemist, Syk Sense, & DJ Dahi, which makes sense because there’s four different beat switches, and this record is pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥 especially with apparent jabs at Big Sean which I co-sign heavily


Goldlink ft Shy Glizzy & Brent Faiyaz - Crew

“She see money all around me, I look like I'm the man, yeah, but I was down and out like last week, tell me where have you been? you came out of hiding, girl, don't act like I'm your man, you just a fan…” Produced by Teddy Walton and highlighted by the hook from Baltimore singer Brent Faiyaz, this is definitely a smooth record that deserves attention, although the Shy Glizzy verse isn’t necessary.


Goldlink - Have You Seen That Girl

“Damn, uh summertime, feelin good, feelin great, real ***** with the leg on the dock, feelin straight, all the drug dealin ***** with their gashes out, bad hood ass bitches with they asses out, talkin bout goddamn, have you seen that girl? have you seen that girl?” Produced by KAYTRANADA this record from DMV artist Goldlink is money in the bank


Goldlink x Hare Squead - Herside Story

“Whenever the sun don't shine on the west side, you know I'm sitting pretty right by your side, baby I'm down for you, I'm down for you” This is a remake of Hare Squead’s original record of the same title, which was the breakthrough record for the trio from Dublin, Ireland last year, off their EP titled Supernormal. This instrumental is classic...


Goldlink ft KAYTRANADA & Jazmine Sullivan - Meditation

“I wanna be more than homies, I wanna feel your body on me, I wanna be your lover, your lady, just wanna be your baby, your one and only” This is another infectious record from Goldlink produced by KAYTRANADA, and this one has the perfect hook from Jazmine Sullivan in her best placement in many years.


Goldlink - Pray Everyday

“Pray everyday, say your grace *****, keep the haters, keep the demons way, fam, pray everyday, say your grace *****, keep the haters, keep the demons way, fam” Produced by Axl Folie, Syk Sense, & Sevn Thomas, this one is super fire and the perfect outro to Goldlink’s debut studio album.


Russ ft Bas - Keep On Goin

“I don't know what day it is, I don't know what month it is, I can't love a girl because I'm way too much in love with this” Columbia artist Russ who was apparently born in Jersey yet started his music career in Georgia, prides himself on producing, writing, mixing, mastering, and engineering every record he touches - definitely an honorable and admirable feat worth mentioning. On this record he teams up with Dreamville’s Bas who proclaims he “dropped the hottest shit in ‘16 and they still sleepin,” which is also worth noting because Too High To Riot was indeed an excellent release.


Bone Thugs n Harmony ft Stephen Marley - Coming Home

“From the first of the month till the ruggish bone, every week that crossroads stayed on the billboard, Baby said Wayne made up the word bling, man I should've patented my whole damn flow, sleep on a train tracks man it ain't so, Kray and I never had a place we could go, walking around wondering were we ever gon blow, with a gun and our heart let all the wolves know” Bizzy smokes his verse and Krayzie does numbers with his, this record sounds like a blast from the past and a breath of fresh air, especially with Stephen Marley who provides the hook.


Chris Brown - Privacy

“Ain't nobody here but you and me… and I know you love your privacy” The third record to be released from Chris Brown’s upcoming ninth studio album titled Heartbreak on the Moon, this one is definitely a heater 🔥🔥🔥


Trey Songz - Prelude

“I been stressed out (yeah), I ain't feeling my best (no), all they want is my sex, I got the best style (I got the best), I do some things you won't believe, so many weaves, I done sweat out, think I might've found love one time, think I might've found love few times” Trigga Tremaine is becoming the King of the R&B intro, as this one is reminiscent of the Pantry Droppa intro off the Ready album, the perfect introduction for Trey Songz signature sound.


Trey Songz - These Sheets...Still

“Digging in my skin once again, ooh, and she still keeps, she can't stop, scratching me up…” This two part record is one of the highlights off Tremaine, as it also evokes one of Trey Songz best records off the flawless Anticipation mixtape, still his best work to date.


Trey Songz - Priceless

“Girl, your love is priceless, one thing I can't afford to lose, and even though I ball, I would trade it all, to keep you in my arms, baby, cause girl, your love is priceless…” Another one of the standouts off Tremaine, Trey Songz seventh studio album.


David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up

“Keep up, ain't no need to slow it down, we could get it poppin, you could love me, love me downtown, you got everything I want now, let me fill your fantasies, and give you what you dream 'bout” Nicki Minaj showcases her versatility on her fourth collaboration with French producer David Guetta, a typical pop record that’s sure to do numbers.


PARTYNEXTDOOR - That’s What I Like (Remix)

“Gold jewelry shining so bright, strawberry champagne on ice, lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like, lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like” speaking of pop records that’s sure to do numbers, PARTYNEXTDOOR remixed Bruno Mars new single - that still should have been either Versace On The Floor, Calling All My Lovelies, or Finesse - yet nonetheless this is still pretty good mainly for the simple reason that PARTYNEXTDOOR doesn’t sound at all like PARTYNEXTDOOR. read into that what you want.


BJ The Chicago Kid - Confessions

“Every time I was in LA, I was with my ex girlfriend, every time you called I told you baby I'm working” speaking of cover records BJ The Chicago Kid pays homage to Usher’s classic record Confessions, and if you’re a fan of either artist you can’t go wrong with this one


BJ The Chicago Kid - Can You Handle It / Superstar

“Now that you’re here, I got something to say…” The Chicago Kid steps up to the plate and hits both of the records out of the park, ever since In My Mind he’s been batting 1.000 <<< press play for great r&b


Ransom - These Three Words

“While others chase the money, bitches, and the limelight, I’m in the studio making sure every rhyme tight, verse here, verse there, a crazy metaphor I dropped on the third snare, I’m tryin to get right making sure that the words clear, because if they don’t get it I swear is my worst fear” The intro record for Ransom’s new project (mis)titled Greatest Rapper Alive samples Stevie Wonder’s classic record from Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever soundtrack, and for that reason alone this one deserves acknowledgment.


Ransom - Enemies

“Here’s a story to break through, your day one ***** been jealous since day two” FACTS...

Ransom - J.A.M.A.L. (Just Another MC After Love)

“He never sold raw but rap like he did before, rap like he was a killer and put them body in morgues, but he just played ball his boys were behind the wall…” Ransom in storytellin mode and it’s definitely worth a spin or two


TheColorGrey ft Oddisee - Someday

“Someday you will, someday you will, try not to think about it…” TheColorGrey is a young singer out of Antwerp, Belgium - who released a self produced EP titled Do The Right Thing last year with the Spike Lee artwork and all < points for that - and this should be added to all playlists immediately, this is an excellent record.

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