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Mar 26 - Apr 2

Legacy Track of the Week: Joey Bada$$ - TEMPTATION

(stream coming soon)

“And I really can’t take it no more, I be fighting temptations, my Lord, I'm making them restless (And I really can't help it), I never felt selfish before, I've been living so reckless, I know, tell me Lord can you help me? (I said Lord can you help me?)” This record is both relatable and inspiring, and melodically it’s likely the best Joey Bada$$ record to date. While at the moment the production credits have not been listed yet, this is the perfect format for Joey’s style and delivery, and at 22 years young it seems like the Brooklyn MC is growing and finding himself as an artist right in front of our eyes. He was nice a few years ago but he’s on another level today, and it’s records like this that will hopefully soon turn him into a household name, justifiably so.


Jamiroquai - Cloud 9

“Only a fool could walk away from me this time, I look up to heaven, every star I see is mine, only a fool could walk away from me this time, I'm walking on air, and every cloud is cloud 9” Produced by Matthew Johnson & Jay Kay (both members of Jamiroquai) this is definitely one of the standout records on Automaton, the first album for the British alternative funk band in nearly seven years. This one got the video treatment as well - and should be added to all feel good playlists immediately.


Calvin Harris ft Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande - Heatstroke

“Release, let go, and have a good time, have a good, have a good time, yeah, have a good, have a good time… when you do things like this, and you set me free... how can anyone get tired? When you do things like this, and you set me free… I think I've just been inspired” The Scottish DJ/Producer Calvin Harris is back following his dynamite record with Frank Ocean from last month, and here he returns with another star studded lineup in which all parties involve definitely deliver. This one, along with the last one, will be played all throughout the Spring & the Summer on likely many different formats, and whenever Harris decides to bless us with the album it seems likely that it will be a global smash.


Joey Bada$$ ft J Cole - LEGENDARY

(stream coming soon)

“the weight of my wealth, is honestly a lot to bear, I play the game of stacking knowing that I ought to share, how much does a man need? How much can he hoard before it’s greed? How can a rich father teach humbleness to his seed? Just questions, the stubborn all get taught tough lessons, I look at all I got like "what's missing?" 💎💎💎 from Fayettnam’s finest who blessed Brooklyn’s own Joey Bada$$ with a solid 16 for his new album All Amerikkkan Bada$$, which top to bottom is clearly his best work to date. This track also happens to be produced by Statik Selektah who definitely did his numbers as well.


Joey Bada$$ - LAND OF THE FREE

“Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain't my words, like I'm just a vessel channeling inside this universe, I feel my ancestors arrested inside of me, it's like they want me to shoot my chance and change society” This was the Legacy Track of the Week on here when it was officially released in late January, and as stated before it’s monumental and much needed in every single way - Joey Bada$$ is definitely ready to make a significant impact in 2017 - and here’s a powerful music video that dropped earlier this week


Joey Bada$$ - FOR MY PEOPLE

(stream coming soon)

“It's for my people, tryin to stay alive and just stay peaceful, so hard to survive a world so lethal, who will take a stand and be our hero, for my people” One of the many insightful records off ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, his second studio album that will likely propel his career on a critical level if not commercially as well.



(stream coming soon)

“Why you can't recognize my stride, always gotta minimize my pride, always gonna criticize my moods, I can't make one mistake, it's no room” Over a subtle sample of Kendrick Lamar’s Alright - undoubtedly the most prominent revolutionary record from 2015 - Joey Bada$$ further describes the plight of a black man living in White Amerikkka - where even the current President legitimately has business ties with affiliates of the KKK - which as far as government is concerned is actually an off & on, yet long standing relationship throughout history. The United States of America, though still a nation with great potential, has certainly earned itself it’s reputation of immorality and corruption in every single way - and this courageous young MC definitely has the skills to tell you about it.


Joey Bada$$ ft Styles P - SUPER PREDATOR

(stream coming soon)

“Super predator, filthy AmeriKKKa, burn the newspapers and the editors, my dead presidents ain't dead enough, blew a zip to the head, still ain't red enough” The Ghost blesses this mean instrumental produced by Statik Selektah, and it should be noted that Joey is definitely in his bag as well. The title of the record is in reference to one of many phrases coined by America’s justice system, an institution that too often has dehumanized young black men and women in the name of ✌️protecting and serving ✌️



(stream coming soon)

“I'm out for, dead presidents that represent me, dead fucking presidents that represent me, I'm out for dead presidents that represent me, because I've never known a live one that represent me” 🔥🔥🔥 so many 💎💎💎 “It's time to even the score, cause who do we call when the police break the law?” 💎💎💎and all FACTS “What the government is doing amongst our people is downright evil, disturbing, but not surprising that's for certain”... Joey Bada$$ has officially arrived...


Jamiroquai - Shake It On

“I don't have a love affair, on all these lonely flights, promises of liquid gold, mend my heart but not my soul” The opening track off Jamiroquai’s brand new album is definitely a ride, one that sets the tone for 12 records of pure euphoria.


Jamiroquai - Automaton

“All this love I felt for you, has gone away to another place (It's a digital life), I put my faith in a digital world, where they've given me eyes without a face, I stare at the moon on silver nights, remind myself I am someone, my soul is null and void tonight, I'm automaton” The title track off Jamiroquai’s new album is similar to their breakout hit from the 90’s in concept as well as delivery, as lead singer Jay Kay sings about the ills of living in a futuristic society - one in which he’s said in interviews is likely only few years away from human cloning - a sentiment that’s not even far fetched in this Virtual Insanity.


Jamiroquai - Something About You

“Something, baby, about you, that I can't let go of sins tonight, something, baby, about you, that was feeling right, right all night…” Produced once again by Matthew Johnson and vocalist Jay Kay, this one like so many others on the album is actually reminiscent of the recently fallen yet forever iconic Prince - which without a doubt is the best compliment one could give to Jamiroquai - and even with all nostalgia and hyperbole aside - this new original music is definitely deserving of similar acclaim.


Jamiroquai - Superfresh

“Is there nothing I can do, to get another dance with you? Can I take you to another block? (Superfresh, baby), where the music never seems to stop (Superfresh lady), I'd do anything it's true (Superfresh), to get another dance with you (Superfresh, maybe)” Yet another uptempo dance record produced in house by Matthew Johnson and Jay Kay, and sure enough here’s another one to keep the party rockin thru the night (I can only imagine the salacious drugs that could be used in recreation with this song, or in fact with any other song on the album, and in another life I can only wish to indulge).


Kendrick Lamar - Humble

“Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances, finesse a ***** with some counterfeits, but now I’m countin this, Parmesan where my accountant lives, in fact I'm downin this, D'USSÉ with my boo bae, tastes like Kool-Aid for the analysts” Kendrick coasts on this instrumental from Mike Will Made It, and personally I don’t think this record is dumb downed for the mainstream audience at all… honestly I think this is pretty standard for the Compton MC, and tomorrow on April 7th I’m sure he’ll drop another confirmed classic as well… (and for the record this video is nothing but 🔥🔥🔥)


Lupe Fiasco - Kneelin On Needles

“You ain't gotta worry bout ours tho, DROGAS Light, DROGAS, and I might drop SKULLS as an art show, K-dot wants stretch marks, I wanna own everything that's west of the best parts, K.R.I.T., everything from the legs down, Mickey Factz, everything where the neck starts, necklace, head heart, go, get set, mark, oh” Lupe has been very active as of late, and this time he’s quick on the draw referencing the same Kendrick Lamar song listed above, whereas the title of the record pays homage to former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick - who despite his impressive resume is still out of a job - which likely suggests he’s now been banished from the league all together - and most of us are not surprised...


Logic - Everybody

“If it was 1717, black daddy, white momma wouldn't change a thing, light skin mothafucka certified as a house *****, well I'll be God damned, go figure, in my blood is the slave and the master, it's like the devil playin spades with the pastor, but he was born with the white privilege! man what the fuck is that? white people told me as a child, as a little boy playin with his toys I should be ashamed to be black, and some black people look ashamed when I rap, like my great granddaddy didn’t take a whip to the back” Login absolutely annihilates this verse from the debut single off his upcoming third studio album of the same name, and although this is hardly any deviation from previous Logic records, this is effectively more of the same which in Logic’s case is certainly just fine - as he’s legitimately one of the best spitters in the game just doin him. The Incredible True Story was one of the best albums of 2015 and I’m definitely looking forward to the follow up.


Mary J Blige ft Kanye West - Love Yourself

“I decided not to use my color as a handicap, he a designer, artist, producer, and he rap” Classic Kanye on this and he kills it… this must be the Old Kanye as they say… either way it’s always nice when he actually comes correct… and per usual Mary comes correct on this as well over production from DJ Camper that’s definitely worthy of recognition.


Tinie Tempah ft Tinashe (Billon Remix) - Text From Your Ex

“I got a text from your ex, boy, she said to look through your texts, boy, I'm not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling to, and now I'm looking for my next boy” This is a nice remix of Tinie Tempah (British MC) and Tinashe’s record that came out in January, provided by a London based production team known as Billon, who are definitely prime to make a global impact with their instrumentals before long.


Cam’ron - 10,000 Miles

“Day-to-day life dealin with reality, lawyer got me off on a technicality, all I think about we was Mickey and Mallory, nothin left but increase my salary, uh, now money is the focus, hustlin president, POTUS, anything else right now is bogus, real estate opened up, I gave notice, Murder Was the Case, Calvin Broadus, blue magic though, hokus pokus, they forgot that my dope's the dopest” Classic Cam raps over Vanessa Carlton’s megahit of the same name, which goes without saying is humorous in every way. This is also the first single of a soundtrack for a film to be released later this year, and my only hope is that Cam’ron will be heavily involved in the production.


Ludacris ft Ty Dolla $ign - Vitamin D

“She got them thunder thighs, I'm just tryna get struck by some lightnin, man her booty is plus her size, and I like my cakes with some icin, yeah baby, [ciero a milo, que a sabora azucca], bonnita, freaky lil chicha, let's try the whole Kama Sutra” Luda is back with the Thong Song instrumental and I’m all the way for it… not mad at this at all


Freddie Gibbs - 20 Karat Jesus

"I-I-I be kickin shit just like Rodman did the camera man, I peel 100 dope like the poppy seed in Afghanistan" Freddie Gibbs just released a new EP titled You Only Live 2wice, and from start to finish it really doesn’t disappoint. It’s a solid addition to his catalogue highlighted by this epic introduction, most of which is thanks to phenomenal production through a collaboration between Pops, Speakerbomb, and Blair Norf.


Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass

“The future started yesterday *****, every minute feelin different, I am not the same *****” The first single off the EP is definitely a heater, highlighted by the production from Speakerbomb, Aaron Bow, & Teddy Walton, which heavily samples Fear by Sade, most famously - or infamously- used by Mobb Deep with their classic record ‘Where Ya Heart At’.’


Freddie Gibbs - Homesick

“***** get a watch, and a couple chains, think he harder than you, drop the jewelry, grow some dreads, think he smarter than you, please yourself or please your homies, man, what's harder to do? did some things in life I know I don't want my daughter to do” On the opposite end of You Only Live 2wice the outro is also a noteworthy record, whereas the title is in reference to his recent imprisonment in Austria, which is now behind him as he’s been acquitted on all charges. Nonetheless that experience definitely made for new material, and it seems as if Gibbs has appropriately channeled that adversity into his work.


Joyner Lucas - Ultrasound

"I been living in the ghetto where the devils pray to God, ***** I said, I been living in the ghetto where the devils pray to God, hold up, I been living in the-- yeah - look - get the fuck off of my dick - wait a minute (wait a minute), I'm a fuck your bitch to let my neighbor hit it (neighbor hit it), she told me ‘maybe we could go on a date’, I told her ‘no way, but we could say we did it’” The Massachusetts MC continues to impress and this time it’s over production from Decap, in which Joyner Lucas masterfully and effortlessly rides the instrumental as well as any other mainstream artist in the genre - of course it should be remembered that Lucas was one of the artists that stole the show in the BET Cyphers of 2015 - which makes 2017 a ‘Now or Never’ year in hopes that he can eventually transition from internet fame to the main stage - which will likely be decided by his album 508-507-2209 due out later this year.


N.O.R.E. - Relax

‘You out of line slime… relax… and your weed wack… relax… your chick ugly… relax… you just pop shit when you gon do shit…relax” Basically this is the new Drink Champs promotional video… and since Drink Champs basically retired Rap Radar I am all the way supportive on everything they do… All jokes aside Drink Champs has been a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop Media, considering the fact that all the other “journalists” want to be famous and make the story about them, yet N.O.R.E. is already a star so the ego driven/shameless self promotion is pretty much all thrown out the window. Drink Champs is both fun and informative, and right now the best platform to hear classic stories about the genre.

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