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April 2 - 9

Legacy Track of the Week: AZ ft Raekwon & Prodigy - Save Them

“High profile life my verse is a gift from the most high, you should thank God for my rhymes” 3 legendary New York game spitters come together to bless this gritty instrumental and Hip Hop is most definitely alive and well. Raekwon just released a fire project last week, Prodigy released a fire project last month, and AZ is scheduled to release Doe or Die 2 sometime later this year - The golden era in 2017 and it’s right on time. [on a separate note we need someone to source the narration that plays throughout the record, could be Minister Louis Farrakhan but this is the type of material that Google can’t verify, this is a different type of record and that’s why it’s the highlighted track of the week]


Mysonne ft Dave East, Fabolous & Raekwon - That’s How We On It Remix

“Had nothing to show but now we could really flaunt it, for all the Christmas’s I didn’t get what I really wanted, now I sit up in a new toy, light up the tree, remember Santa skipped us and went right up the street” 🔥🔥🔥 Fab murders this instrumental and they all come correct, but this is really the best Fab we heard in a minute, this and the Rapture of Love record… a shame we still never got Freddy vs Jason


Beyonce - Die With You

“Cause darling I wake up just to sleep with you, I open my eyes so I can see with you, and I live so I can die with you” The Queen aka Beyonce just released this record in dedication of her ninth anniversary to Jay Z, which is accompanied by the perfect visuals that can only be seen and heard on Tidal, the one streaming service that will likely outlast them all. In the meantime it’s unfortunate however that this is what the music industry has turned into, especially when you consider the fact that here we are in the streaming era and people still buy music - all dependent on if it’s quality - and not just internet noise here today gone tomorrow. Nonetheless the Beyonce & Jay Z’s clearly have nothing to worry about, and though it’s a shame these exclusive releases can only be seen on one platform, in the long run the business makes sense and you can’t knock the hustle.


Frank Ocean ft Jay Z & Tyler The Creator - Biking

“12 o'clock, boy, silly nice, huh, wheelie in traffic, I’m Philly nice, uh, E.T. on the handles, uh, handlebars like a Xanax, Shammgod with the AND1 moves, throw that shit round your neck” Jay is on cruise control for this record that on paper could have easily been more fire, but all the same this Apple Beats exclusive is still good for that classic Frank Ocean sound when you need it


Mack Wilds - Crash

“We got all day all night, to say what’s on your mind, it’s the same shit on repeat, so how bout we spend some time, turn off this broken record girl, angel, won’t you sing for me” Mack Wilds also known as Tristan Wilds aka Mike from The Wire just released his sophomore studio album titled AfterHours, and although after a few spins it doesn’t seem to have a record on the level of Don’t Turn Me Down <<< certified classic, it does have a lot of good melodies and rhythms, highlighted by the outro that has a certain vibe to it that can’t be explained and better heard for yourself


Mack Wilds - Stingy

“People tell me I’m stingy… with you…” One of many of the standout records on AfterHours, where honestly out of 12 records he really didn’t miss.


Mack Wilds - CouldThisBeLove?

“Good god, this woman’s gonna be the end of my days…” What can easily be thought of as interlude coming in under two minutes, this is still one of the toughest records on here and worthy of a playlist submission.


Mack Wilds - Explore

“They say love is a battlefield, I’m lost in the war, she wanna explore…” More 🔥🔥🔥 from AfterHours, where Mack Wilds clearly is able to get the most out of his talents and has learned that oftentimes in music less is more, which from a song structure standpoint exemplifies this album and Mack Wilds as an artist more than anything.


Mack Wilds - Choose

“Cause all we had to do was choose…” More 🔥🔥🔥


Mack Wilds ft Cam Wallace - Vibes

“Don’t let 'em turn down your light… I want you to feel these vibes… all night” More 🔥🔥🔥


John Mayer - Still Feel Like Your Man

“I still keep your shampoo in my shower, in case you wanna wash your hair, and I know that you probably found yourself some more somewhere, but I do not really care, cause as long as it is there, I still feel like your man…” The second single off John Mayer’s upcoming album titled The Search For Everything is a nice lil groove apparently dedicated to Katy Perry, whereas Mayer has been reported saying that he worked harder and longer on this record than any of his records before, and along with the music video he described this vibe as “ancient Japanese R&B”... make of that what you will…


Tinie Tempah ft Tinashe - Text From Your Ex

“I got a text from your ex, boy, she said to look through your texts, boy, I'm not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling to, and now I'm looking for my next boy” Produced by Jax Jones the British MC Tinie Tempah definitely has a hit with this one, although they definitely lose points for not having Tinashe in the video… that’s a major major major let down...


Wizkid ft Drake - Come Closer

“Tell me your secrets, I'm not messy, steady it for me, girl, hold steady, I wanna put you in my life, your hair smell like the tropics, your body look nice” This single from the Nigerian artist Wizkid is definitely a record that’s getting a lot of burn, which is no surprise considering it has Jamaican Drake on it, yet just like Tinashe he decided to pass on the video? Not a good look but still a good record regardless.


Kyle ft Lil Yachty - iSpy

“I spy with my little eye, a girlie I can get cause she don't get too many likes, a curly-headed cutie I can turn into my wife, wait, that means forever, ever, hold up, never mind” This lil internet record is a cool lil social media twitter instagram record and nothing more, although the direction of the video is definitely on point, even tho Yachty’s verse is absolutely terrible.


Ludacris ft Ty Dolla $ign - Vitamin D

“She got them thunder thighs, I'm just tryna get struck by some lightnin, man her booty is plus her size, and I like my cakes with some icin, Yeah baby, [ciero a milo, que a sabora azucca], bonnita, freaky lil chicha, let's try the whole Kama Sutra” This was highlighted last week but now the video is out so it’s deserving of another look…. Again it’s Ludacris on the Thong Song instrumental… can’t see anything wrong with that…


B.O.B. ft TI & Ty Dolla $ign - 4 Lit

“Shit be two lit, shit be four lit, pick me up before six, gutter bitch with another bitch, we ain't trippin cause we all hit” decent record but B.O.B.s new album will be called Ether??? nah….

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