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April 23-30

Legacy Track of the Week: Jae Millz - If You Only Knew

“Taking picks next to the beemer fly as fuck in my 88 Dapper Dan stance, my whole style vintage Harlem like Pan Pan, was goin through my mind they don’t understand fam, I’m from Lennox Ave, I understand Cam…” one of Lenox Ave’s finest is back with Lenox Ave Legend and there’s nothing Young Money about it. No Wayne, Nicki, Gudda Gudda, or auto tune, just straight gritty bars over fire Ron Browz production and we’re all thankful for it. I drove through Harlem last weekend and believe me this one is definitely whip certified 🔥🔥🔥


Jae Millz - Lenox Ave Legend

“Im on my 02, 03 Cam shit, I’m on 95, 96 Big L shit, flamboyant with the bars I be floating with the stars, think of all my raps on Saturn, write all of my shit on Mars, record all my shit on Pluto, and mix all my shit on Jupiter, God Son like Nasir, bring Hell like Lucifer, haters try to play dumb but my flow stupider” Harlem! 🔥🔥🔥


Mary J Blige - U + Me (Love Lesson)

“You plus me was a love lesson, in too deep without imperfection, not always good, but I stayed on my feet, you had me, should've never questioned” The best record off Mary J Blige’s 13th studio album is definitely a smooth groove with heavy replay value, as by no surprise her recent well publicized divorce has indirectly inspired some of her best music in years. Produced and written by Brandon “Bam” Hodges, this is definitely a solid record to add to her catalogue.


Mary J Blige - Set Me Free

“There's a special place in hell for you, you gon pay for what you did to me, I'ma tell you, cause the truth will set me free…” Mary definitely isn’t pulling no punches… and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the man she dedicated this album to lmao


Pleasure P - Love You Little

“He don’t love you like you want, but I will…” Pretty Ricky frontman has been putting out good R&B on the low for a minute now and I co-sign pretty much all of it.


SZA ft Travis Scott - Love Galore

“Get whatever I want, get whatever I need, it's about, love, love, love, love…” After much anticipation this is likely the first single off SZA’s TDE label debut, rumored to be titled CTRL and to be released in the near future. This one is smooth and I’m vibin to it...


Big Boi ft Killer Mike & Jeezy - Kill Jill

“Daddy Fat Saxxx with three X's, fuck niggas hit the exit, no S is on my chest but all these diamonds got me blessed, usually I don't do this, dumb it down, go stupid, since 17 been countin M's, my bank account's on Goofy, they say Cosby gave em roofies, now who knows what the truth is” Expected to appear on Big Boi’s upcoming lp Boomiverse, this is all about the instrumental and it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 at the moment the productions credits are unlisted but it also apparently samples a Japanese human synthesizer??? A humanoid persona named Hatsune Miku??? Either way it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and it sounds even better with Big Boi’s flow on it.


Anderson Paak ft Ty Dolla $ign & Schoolboy Q - Come Down RMX

(stream coming soon)

“Uh, as I put this Makaveli in my style, it's ATL-ien, my crib is Mediterranean, girl, rub that pussy, Instagram me, put my hammy in them panties, goin hammy in the Lammy, skrrt, uh, what’s the topic of discussion?” Schoolboy and Ty Dolla bless this Anderson Paak throwback from Malibu, one of the best albums of 2016.


Snoop Dogg ft Redman, Method Man, & B-Real - Mount Kushmore

“My G, pack the streets of New York, I give em G-Rap, I'm cool, on the road to riches to get my G back, I'll be that, Killa Beez mind your beeswax” This is apparently the first single off Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album Neva Left, and with features from legends like this you can never go wrong


DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, & Lil Wayne - I’m The One

“We don't got no label, she say she want bottles, she ain't got no table, she don't got no bed frame, she don't got no tables, we just watchin Netflix, she ain't got no cable, okay though, plug, plug, plug, I'm the plug for her, she want a ***** that pull her hair and hold the door for her” DJ Khaled got another one with his first collaboration with Justin Bieber (who knew?) along with rest of the usual suspects who all do what’s more or less expected.


Mary J Blige ft Quavo, DJ Khaled, & Missy Elliot - Glow Up

“You can be mad if you wanna (mad if you wanna), really I'd be mad too if I lost a real dime ass woman (dime ass woman), take a deep breath, baby cause I'm petty so you bout to see me stunting(skrrt, skrrt, skrrt), you ain't care enough to keep a good thing, I'ma do it like it's nothing (do it like it's nothin')” and another one… although this time DJ Khaled's just a feature over this DJ Camper produced uptempo record that simply does what it’s supposed to do.


Mary J Blige - Thank You

“So thank you for showing me who you really are, cause up til now, I wouldn't believe you would go this far, see you tryna hurt me, what was deep inside but that wasn't you, oh but thank you baby, really thank you, thank you, baby, cause I know the truth…” A ballad of sorts that’s also produced by the aforementioned DJ Camper (who’s flexing on this album and showing his range) and this record is basically the symbol of the album overall. For all fans of Mary this is definitely worth a listen.


Wale - Thank God

“Thank God, I said thank God, I said thank God, we don't do what we used to do no more!” A solid intro record off Wale’s latest album Shine, that to be honest is easily one of the highlights of what’s otherwise a very underwhelming effort (disregarding it’s lackluster first-week album sales, which on a commercial level makes this one of the worst flops of all time, and that’s real life no hyperbole, he really really really flopped and it’s not hard to see why). Nonethless the intro is produced by Cool & Dre and has a nice hook from Power actor/musician Rotini, all of which provides a nice framework for Wale to coast on the record with lyrics like It's too late, all you ***** two-faced, all you'll ever be good at is rollin weed and 2K, or maybe Madden and FIFA, that's why I brag when I see ya, if my bag ain't a bag, at least my integrity straight, wait” <<< and truthfully those are indeed some of the best lyrics on the album...


Wale - Scarface Rozay Gotti

“All I want to do is live out my dreams, and fuck what y'all think cause these is my dreams” Produced by Dreamlife & Go Grizzly this is an uplifting record and it’s decent… but honestly it has no business being one of the best records on the album… which it is and that’s saying a lot…


Uncle Murda ft 50 Cent - Statute of Limitations

"We done killed a few lives *****, a whole bunch of lame *****, if it wasn't for that statute, of limitation not sayin them ****** names *****” The first release off the upcoming Lenny Grant Story is New York City rap at it’s finest, ride out in the whip press play and enjoy.


G Perico - Power

“Bussin on ****** if they fuck with a *****, gang of hoes talkin bout they in love with a *****, another baby on the way makes baby mama number three, nights in the spot, won't you come to me? come to me” G Perico is an up & comer South Central MC who looks and sounds the part in every way imaginable, here he is with a new record off his new album All Blue, definitely worth a listen even if you think you heard it before…


G Perico - All Blue

“Look at my hood, dope spots round the corner, walking thru the alley early morning, Turkish chains, fuzzy braids, 40 on my waist, I'm left handed so I tuck it this way” The title track off the album is typical West Coast Hip Hop in all it’s glory


Wale ft J Balvin - Columbia Heights (Te Llamo)

“Te llamo No Bueno, Te llamo No Bueno, Te llamo No Bueno, you know my picture, don't know what I been through” Produced by DJ Don Cannon with a feature from Columbian artist J Balvin, this one is relatively catchy and is another highlight on Shine… but once again I’m not excited… as I’m a Wale fan that was expecting a lot more…


Wale ft Chris Brown - Heaven on Earth

“You'd be my heaven on Earth, my love, my forever, my first, I know you're not perfect, but girl, you're still worth it, I swear you're my gift and my curse” A decent but typical Chris Brown feature record… and off the first fews spins it doesn’t seem like it will make a real impact. Yet you should still press play and decide for yourself.


Trina ft Rick Ross - Skyline

“Anything that you want, anything that you could have, I ain't window shoppin, shawty, throw it in the bag” Trina & Ross is always worth a spin or two


Jae Millz ft Ron Browz - Cry For Me

“Please don’t hold em back, cry for me if it’s real girl” Ron Browz with a good R&B like hook and this a solid mixtape album cut from front to back, the production is on point and Millz is spittin on this.


Jae Millz - Warm It Up

“Get light on em, milly rock with it, shake the dice on em, I just throw it on the counter then I swipe on em, if I like em I don’t even know the price on em, warm it up” A decent uptempo Harlem style anthem that you can move to, not mad at this at all - need this for the summer

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