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May 14-21

Legacy Track of the Week:David Banner ft WatchtheDuck & Black Thought - Who Want It

“Ya’ll know my lineage is godliness and cleanliness, Otis used to sing how we should try a lil tenderness, but they ultra envious, crazy disingenuous, like, who need an enemy if that’s what type of friend you is” smh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 best Black Thought verse in years maybe, he SNAPPED on this and the legacy of the GOD MC continues 🙏


David Banner ft Rudy Currence - Marry Me

“They say I am an Urban Myth, they say black men don’t exist, prove them wrong won’t you marry me, marry me!” The second best record off David Banner’s 7th studio album God Box sounds nothing like the rest, a smooth ballad that showcases the supreme talents of Rudy Currence, who sings and co-produced the record making the South Carolina native an artist worth checking for.


Snoop Dogg ft October London - Go On

“As we go on... (we go on) like we do... (like we do), when it's hot outside... (hot outside), I just wanna chill with you... (chill with you), what you need? (what you need?) is put ya mind at ease... (mind at ease), here's a little sun shinin, drink and a summer breeze” Neva Left is Snoop Dogg’s 15th studio album and it’s definitely got a few gems on it, highlighted by this smooth record that’s right on time for the summer. Produced by Brody Brown this is, and has been, the best version of the Doggfather from any album post Paid The Cost To Be The Boss era, and the featured artist October London - singer from Indiana who recently signed to Snoop’s 'Cadillac Music' label - definitely makes a first impression worth remembering.


Faith Evans & Notorious BIG ft Sheek Louch & Styles P - Take Me There

“Dreamt of Ferraris and Ferragamos, raised on the streets, and married the marijuana, told the joint terminate my thoughts like Sarah Conner, but it couldn't, but I smoked with Big, a badge of honor, and Faith, what's fate? Light and 8th and I'm straight, that's the morning, but I'mma need a zip when it's late” Styles laces this Just Blaze record and to hear The Lox with Biggie again is a beautiful feeling (even though they did real songs with Big no made up shit), and the verse from Big is actually refreshing in it’s own right, as it’s actually a reference track he penned for Lil Kim, for her record 'Drugs' from her debut album Hardcore.


Faith Evans & Notorious BIG - Legacy

“Could it be my hardcore metaphor, make sweat pour on the bedroom floor, open up the Lex door, jump on in, I'm kind of tired, I'm a roll blunts while you spin” The first full record off Faith Evans posthumous album with the late great Notorious BIG is definitely well crafted if nothing else, as BIG’s lyrics from ‘Would You Die For Me’ (off Born Again) are infused into the new production effortlessly and it’s definitely worth a listen.


Buddy - Find Me

“Lost and alone… Come find me…” Buddy is an up and coming MC from Compton, and this record off his collaborative EP with KAYTRANADA (Ocean & Montana) is nothing but flames with a vintage sound that’s almost reminiscent of Luniz??? I Got 5 On It??? Or perhaps something like it but press play and hear for yourself.


Buddy - Love Or Something

“Baby girl just dance, really like how you’re moving, one look at your ass, think I’m falling in love or somethin…” Another feel-good care-free record off Ocean & Montana that has only reinforced KAYTRANADA’s imprint on the game, and has officially put Buddy on the map


T Pain & Lil Wayne - Snap Ya Fangas

“Yeah, I know you waitin on another one, so girl here go the other one, now grind on me while ya snap ya fangas, snap ya fangas, snap ya fangas…” The T-Wayne project has finally dropped… about 10 years too late… and all the recordings are from the late 2000’s and they sound like it. Nonetheless good music is timeless and this record is definitely a reminder as to why T Pain was blockbuster at one point in time, and with a cool 6 bars from Weezy this is good enough to add to your playlists and ride out through Summer 17.


Ne-Yo ft Candice Boyd & RaVaughn Brown - More Than I Should : An Audio Soap Opera

“Cause you got me likin you, way more than I should, likin you, way more than I should, likin you, way more than I should, I know that this won't be good…” Not a smash but a good album cut for his new project to be released soon. With Trey Songz, August Alsina (and even Chris Brown) at a crossroads in their careers, this would be a perfect time for Ne-Yo to come back and put R&B back in good standing - though let’s not forget about his recent work like ‘Religious’ and ‘Stress Reliever’ that were classics and criminally overlooked.


Snoop Dogg - Neva Left

“The Miles Davis of gangbangin and crack slangin” The intro and title track is produced by Mike & Keys that samples The Charmels ‘As Long As I’ve Got You,’ which is most notably sampled in the Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Cream,” this record is a trip down memory lane


Snoop Dogg - Promise You This

“One thing I never do is promise motherfuckers shit but I'ma promise you this, with your hand up you need to man up lil bitch” This is actually reminiscent of YG’s ‘Gimme Got Shot,’ although not quite as creative… still worth a spin or two


Snoop Dogg ft Redman, Method Man, & B Real - Mt Kushmore

“I ain't here to bring the East back (nah), I'm here to relapse, and now I'm outta rehab they ask me where the weed at” Legends 🙏


Snoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie - Vapors (DJ Battlecat Remix)

“Well you all know Nate Dogg, who sings on my records, ‘Never Leave Me Alone’, ‘Ain't No Fun’, now check it” RIP Nate Dogg and this is a smooth Battlecat remix to a previous release off Snoop’s sophomore album The Doggfather released in 1996, updated with guest features from Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie??? Smh worth a listen off the strength of that alone.


Faith Evans & Notorious BIG - Fool For You

“Cause your love… it takes me up to the sky… and it feels… so good that I can’t deny…” The only Faith Evans solo record off the King & I is well done and one of the standouts on the project. I can see her performing this with a Biggie hologram real soon…


Faith Evans & Notorious BIG - One In The Same

“Every single day, I'm blessed to look into his eyes, and I can't help but see no-one, but you, you gave the gift of motherhood, and I raised him up, the best I could, never got to know you, but he's so much like you” One of the highlights off the King & I is a tribute to Big’s legacy he left behind through his children, and honestly the lyrics touch the soul in a way that evokes real feelings, whereas I was skeptical of this album’s purpose yet now it seemed to be all worth it. Meanwhile this record samples the far more recognizable verses from ‘Respect’ (off Ready To Die) and later ‘1970’s Somethin’ (off Biggie Duets: The Final Chapter), and truth be told there’s always a good enough reason to listen to that type of penmanship and delivery. RIP BIG 🙏

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