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May 21-28

Legacy Track of the Week: Bryson Tiller - No Longer Friends

“Talk about you like a queen making him madder, as if he never even mattered… and you a bad bitch, you keep getting badder, this ain't the side ***** anthem, I've been straight forward, he's going backwards” Produced by Swiff D this is one of the heaters off Tiller’s sophomore effort True To Self, which truth be told is about 10 tracks too long yet this one is definitely one of the stand outs.


Bryson Tiller - Don’t Get Too High

“Girl, I'm not trying to kill your vibe, kill your buzz, I ain't tryna' sober you up, girl, I'm just trying to be by your side, and be the one that you saw first whenever you woke up” Produced by Nes this is another record off True to Self with replay value, although it’s indeed true that it’s hard to decipher this record from all the rest, even with the smooth hook and the positive message.


Bryson Tiller - Blowing Smoke

"Young Pen Griffey, I go to, I go to bat for my *****, the pun was intended, *****, wow, look how I'm livin, *****, angels say watch how you spendin, *****, devil say cop a new Bentley, *****” Tiller is spittin on this and it’s not necessarily flames but he definitely can coast on an instrumental, which is evident in his live performances where he actually out spits all the mumble rappers at award shows, albeit that he’s ultimately criticized for not having any dance moves. Although the rapping R&B singer is ultimately played out by now, Tiller does it well and that’s officially his lane… let em cook


Bryson Tiller - Teach Me A Lesson

“You just left town, yeah, you skated on me, bounce, switch locations on me, can't keep waiting on me” Produced by Ayo the Producer this one has Tiller singin and it’s smooth, nothing crazy but worth a listen


Bryson Tiller - Before You Judge

“You see the shit is so new to me, bro, not the music, that's easy, it come smooth to me, bro, when I should've been in school, I was making tunes, truancy, bro, low-key, them cool kids weren't as cool as me, bro, I fell in love and had a mini me, thank you, Jesus” Tiller back spittin on crazy production from !llmind & Nes (quick s/o to !llmind… legend…) and he’s flexin 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥


21 Savage ft Drake & Young Thug - Issa

“Issa drawin, issa foreign, this look fun, that looks borin, girl stop textin me so much, issa 'nnoyin, issa bloody LaFerrari, issa fortune” Drizzy Drake blesses this gratuitous radio record in typical Drizzy Drake fashion, and even though idk who wrote it I’m not mad at him at all… meanwhile although carefree and fun the verses from 21 & Thug are a struggle...


Ray Jr ft Fabolous & Ripp Flamez - NozeBleedz Remix

“I like that common sense with her, ain’t bout no comments and twitter, like how she get her own money, but take some commas to get her” Loso laces this record from Cleveland artist Ray Jr and honestly it’s money in the bank 🔥🔥🔥 good ride out music 🚗


Meek Mill - Glow Up

“Woo, I was coolin out Atlanta, mix the codeine with the Fanta, off them Perccy's, I got stamina, I go monkey off that banana, hoe” A very typical Meek Mill ‘motivation’ type of record that will likely be on his upcoming third studio album Wins and Losses


Gucci Mane - Helpless

“Say she got that Sunshine pussy from Harlem Nights, make you come home, say ‘I ain't comin' home for life,’ you're like, ‘damn, you don't care if you're wrong or right?,’ goin hard on that Patrón, girl it's on tonight, I'm addicted, somebody please help me, is there a pussy rehab? Please tell me” Produced by Metro Boomin this one is super tough, laugh out loud hilarious, and extremely relatable all at once… definitely a classic 😂


Gucci Mane ft 2 Chainz & Young Dolph - Both Eyes Closed

“I've got a chick so fine, make a blind man see her, she runnin through my mind, that's a fine idea, and I ain't Blake Griffin, I don't drive no Kia, if it ain't 10 mil, I can't sign no deal” Produced by London On Da Track & Metro Boomin this is one of the standouts off Gucci’s 11th studio album DropTopWop


Joell Ortiz - God Forbid

“'Cause I ain't beefin just eatin with my amigos, sometimes my ego trip cause my kids rather hear Migos, I'm like come on y'all, listen to new me yo” Although I still think Slaughterhouse is wild for thinking they could compete in the URL, I look forward to the day I’m proven wrong (even though that ship has sailed and so has Slaughterhouse altogether), nonetheless the Brooklyn chapter of the supergroup is back with a mean Michael Jackson sample provided by the Heatmakerz, along with a few clever lines that Ortiz will always be good for. We’ll take it for now and hope for more in the future.


Conway ft Royce Da 5’9’’ - iLL

“I tell the baddest bitch around, hoe you look like Tory Lanez jumpshot” Speaking of Slaughterhouse, Royce Da 5’9’’ has been killing instrumentals forever and he’s been on fire since January… although again I either want a classic cohesive album or a matchup with Brizz Rawsteen, Arsonal, or Calicoe at Summer Madness


Conway - The Vision Freestyle

"Listen to New York radio I bet that shit bore you, they playin all the corny ***** like that shit normal” Time will tell if the Shady move was a good one, but regardless these Buffalo MC’s definitely have an opportunity to put their stamp on the game


John Legend - Surefire

“Know I won't let the blue flame die, we can't lose hope just yet, 'cause it's once, just once in a lifetime, and we're scared to love but it's alright, I may not know a lot of things but, I know that we're surefire, yeah, know that we're surefire, yeah” This one off DARKNESS AND LIGHT finally got the video treatment and it’s about time. Produced by Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson (best known for his production with Childish Gambino) this one is smooth as silk… smh that Snow White sample is deadly - that’s gotta be Snow White right?… either way thanks to the instrumental and the melody this is another great addition to Legend’s growing catalogue.

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