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May 28 - June 4

Legacy Track of the Week: August Alsina - Don’t Matter

“I be knockin down the walls every time you make that call” After releasing a few underwhelming singles since late ‘16, the New Orleans crooner looks finally prime for a comeback with this new release that’s definitely prime for the airwaves. Alsina was always well received on radio since his breakthrough in ‘13, and after a relatively sub par (but still halfway decent) sophomore project, this 3rd album will definitely be a make-or-break moment in his career.


Chris Brown ft 2pac - Till the Morning

“Way back in the day, before they put the crack in the way, and heeyyy, how much money can you stack in a day? It's gettin' rough, collect calls from my ***** in cuffs, I recollect we used to ball, now just living's enough” C Breezy over a clean New Edition ‘You’re Not My Kind of Girl’ sample, premiered in night clubs a few years ago and now revamped and blended with a perfect verse from 2pac’s ‘Fuck All Y’all’ record off the R U Still Down? Remember Me album, this one is definitely a heater even if it’s not an official release - vibe out and press play on this through the summer.


Chris Brown - To The Side

“I’ll keep my shirt on, you can keep your heels on, baby don’t take them panties off, just pull em to the side…” One of many smooth rides off the official/unofficial Unreleased Pack from Chris Brown that at 45 tracks has a lot of 🚮🚮🚮 and a lot of 🔥🔥🔥on it if you're patient enough to find it. Thankfully that jobs been done for you already and you can find the rest of the highlights as you scroll down the post.


Meek Mill ft Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign - Whatever You Need

“Girl, as long as you, wrap your arms round me, Ooh baby, I don't care what them people say, I'm giving you whatever you want, girl, you know I can provide, whatever you need…” Produced by DJ Mustard this one heavily samples Tony! Toni! Tone!’’s ‘Whatever You Want,’ off their 1991 album Revival, and with help from CB & Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Milly has a decent second single for his upcoming album Dreams & Nightmares 2: Wins & Losses.


Ray J ft Chris Brown - Side Bitch

“I ain't, I ain't throwin no shade, lil' mama got amazin titties, big booty but her brain is missin, let me paint the picture…” Ray J & Chris Brown (whose name is attached to all kinds of music this week) put out a summer anthem type of record that’s far from a love song, this is a decent collaboration that’s better than you might think


Chris Brown - Exposure

“Exposure, curve cameras, the way you dutty whine, you no need me to lie” This dancehall record is a surefire heater but it’s missing a fire 16 from either Fab, Drake, or Sean, yet once the vocals come in it will be LIT for the SUMMER 🔥🔥🔥 <<< you heard it here first


Chris Brown - Hi Lo

“I'm getting high, while she take it low, I might throw that cash on the floor, I'm getting high, while she take it low, I'm getting high, while she take it low” just like the ‘Exposure’ record critiqued above this as well is produced by Murda, the Canadian producer responsible for some of the latest hits from Nicki Minaj, French Montana, & Drake, and if these above two records didn’t make CB”s upcoming Heartbreak on a Full Moon than there’s no telling what kind of other heat they’ve been cookin up 🔥🔥🔥


Mali Music ft Jazmine Sullivan - Loved By You

"Yes it's so good... so good... to be loved by you..." Born in Phoenix, Arizona yet raised in Savannah, Georgia, Mali Music is a singer, songwriter, and producer who first gained notoriety in 2011 when he was signed to Akon’s Konvict Music record label, and though no recognizable music came from that time period, he released the Mali Is… album in 2014 to critical acclaim, and now three years later he’s back with The Transition of Mali, a heartfelt soul project with influences from all over the world. As a highlight this collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan has everything a smooth record should.


Mali Music ft Jhene Aiko - Contradiction

“All in your face, all of the time, running from everything, run out of faith, now you are blind, it's such a shame it's a terrible waste, beautiful mind” Jhene Aiko’s turns in some thoughtful lyrics that contributes to The Transition of Mali, an album that solidifies Mali Music as an elite musician with a variety of heat to his name


Snoh Aalegra ft Logic - Home

“I need you I breathe you, no I could never leave you, I just don't have it in my heart to deceive you” Logic laces this remix to a breakthrough record from Snoh Aalegra, a Swedish recording artist who was recently sampled on Drake’s More Life, an achievement that by itself has likely catapulted her status as a household name from a relative unknown.


Krayzie Bone - Let Me Learn

“Let me learn, let me learn, just let me live and learn, cause I like to earn my life” On the lowest of keys Bone Thugs has never stopped putting out good music, and clearly Summer 17 is no different. Conscious music with that timeless delivery, when it comes to Bone Thugs you can’t go wrong.


Kool G Rap ft Fred the Godson & AG Da Coroner - Mack Lean

“Them hot shells will turn you to macaroni, shoutout to Treach & Naughty, I do my dirt by my lonely” LeFrak’s finest not named Noreaga is back with his 5th solo studio album (not including his collaborative albums with DJ Polo that spawned his career), and with help from a host of hungry MC’s from the Tri-State area, Return of the Don is definitely a throwback to the golden era of New York Hip Hop, complete with gritty production and timeless verses that will do more than satisfy all real Hip Hop heads from the time period. On this one Fred in particular snaps and it’s good to hear the Godson back doin his numbers, but also don’t sleep on the verse from Brooklyn artist AG Da Coroner, who definitely flexed on this as well.


Kool G Rap ft Lil Fame & Freeway - Wise Guys

“They asking me if Pac is alive, who the fuck knows, all I know is real ***** gon ride, til the end of time real ***** don’t die” Produced by MoSS with additional scratches provided by Statik Selektah, this one is definitely an old school heater with dope beats dope rhymes and no mumble raps… press play


Kool G Rap ft Manolo Rose, Sheek Louch & Cormega - Capital Hill

“Actually it sucks to be whoever it comes after me, G Rap & Sheek smashed this beat drastically” Cormega’s voice will forever be the essence of Hip Hop… Queens!


Kool G Rap ft Termanology & Saigon - Running

“It’s like he Rakim cousin, it’s like Em & Jada, but it’s no relation his flow come with expensive labor” On this one Saigon pays homage to G Rap directly, while fellow vet Termanology pays his respect through fire bars and real lyricism in general - overall a decent album cut off Return of the Don


Vado ft Lloyd Banks - Lee TV

“Let me holla with you, I ain’t smilin with you, a bunch of broke haters is what a couple dollars get you” Vado just released Sinatra 2 and although the We The Best album never came (and he’s not even featured on Khaled’s upcoming Grateful album) he still a dope MC from Harlem for the few of us still listening...


Vado ft Ron Browz - Use To Luv

“I really wanna replace you, erase you, but love you so much a ***** hate you, it takes two, I did me so I did you, still remain cool so if you with me I’m with you” This about Angela Yee??? Idk but idk how he let that go… she’s too fine for that but regardless but this Ron Browz assisted track (who flexed on Jae Millz last release as well) is definitely worth a listen.


Tony Moxberg ft Smoke DZA, Snyp Life & Styles P - Welcome To The Jungle (Remix)

“Fuck the holidays every day Christmas, move a lil weight some light fitness, English teacher told me I’d be a statistic, now I make more money than that bitch, I live this!” DZA & The Ghost murder this 🔥🔥🔥


Major Lazer ft Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo - Know No Better

“Yeah, you know no better, say you different, who you kidding? yeah, you know no better, ooh, save that talk for the ones, who don't know no better (no better)” Not as catchy as their previous releases but this will still be played on every boardwalk til the end of summer.



“I'm not fooled by the money that you got, you're still Jenny from the motherfuckin block” The best record off PARTYNEXTDOOR’s surprise EP titled COLOURS 2 is a smooth ride and it’s decent enough, at this point Party needs to realize that less is more and he shouldn’t release a project until he’s really got that fire… over the last few years ‘Come and See Me’ was fire but the rest??? I’m not excited....


Tyga ft Vince Staples - Playboy

“You know how many pretty bitches drove me to liquor stores, for condoms and sour liquor straws, I get em hot Cheetos just to see her lick her fingers, your boy…” Lowkey Tyga isn’t 🚮 at all, ever since the Fan of a Fan days it was clear T Raw had some heat to his name, and on this record he CLEARLY out raps the media darling and far more respected Vince Staples, who really really really just did let a Kardashian completely out rap him 👀👀 yes that really happened...


Chris Brown - Solid Gold

“I think you wanna love me, think you wanna love me baby… girl you’re made of gold, solid gold baby…” Production credits unknown but this is more gold that’s hidden throughout the Unreleased Pack, this is another one that’s album worthy


Chris Brown - M.F.T.R. Freestyle

“You can't have a conscience when you a god, *****, what the fuck is a city to a Godzilla?” CB spittin over the Boi-1da produced Pusha T classic...


Chris Brown - Way Out

“Who he with? Is it her? Is it her? Gon go ahead and talk about it, where's he been? What he on? Everybody got opinions but I won't allow it” CB answers his critics and truth be told I can’t see how this is not on the album… the production is A1 and this defines where Breezy is at in his career perfectly. I’m pretty sure this record will have better placement in the near future.

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