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June 4-11

Legacy Track of the Week: SZA - Prom

“Right now I feel it pourin, I need a little bit, just a little bit…” TDE’s first lady just released her first album Ctrl and this one is a riiiiiiide, produced by Carter Lang & The Antydote this one’s right on time for the long car rides in the warm weather


SZA - The Weekend

“You say you got a girl, how you want me? how you want me when you got a girl?” Produced by THANKGOD4CODY this is the perfect side chick anthem, complete with a smooth melody and descriptive writing that paints a picture all too relatable for many.


Berner & Styles P ft B-Real - Turkey Bag

“You start as lil' bro, then you big bro, you start as lil' homie, then you big homie, ***** know me, the bitches know me, salute to the Goonies, do a stick up for me, when I die blow some weed, pour some liquor for me…” For no other reason than that the beat is immaculate and flow is impeccable, Styles P & Berner could easily have the song of the week from their first release off their collaborative project titled Vibes, due out later this year. Lowkey Berner has been a dope MC for a minute now, and along with what’s now an undeniably successful music career, the San Francisco native and Taylor Gang representative is also a marijuana entrepreneur with all types of products and merchandise for sale. fux with the movement cause it’s definitely official.


Jay Electronica - Letter To Falon

“Cuz who gon save them babies, and finally put a definite into all those maybes, a scholar and a gentleman to all those ladies, the haters and the naysayers say ya'll so crazy, that's physics, a necessary part of the story, and 20/20 hindsight is so euphoric, keep shining, nobody could stop your progress, because unknown forces move some known objects, that's magic…” One of Hip Hop’s greatest talents and enigmas just released a flameworthy record apparently in honor of Kevin Durant’s Finals performance. The record itself has nothing to do with Durant however, yet regardless Elec’s penmanship and delivery still has us waiting on that debut album… even if it’s never coming…


Bone Thugs N Harmony ft Tank - If Heaven Had A Cellphone

“Everything mixed up need to be fixed up, and all the politicians say they got the answers, but every time they vote em in they get madder, cause they gon show em once again they don’t matter” Again on the lowest of keys Bone Thugs has been on fire in 2017, and hearing Krazyie and Bizzy share verses again sounds literally heavenly no pun intended. The New Waves album is in the works (seemingly without Layzie, Wish, or Flesh N Bone) and this is definitely a fire first single, press play and please remember that you heard it here first…


SZA ft Travis Scott - Love Galore

“Looove, love, love, love, long as we got, looove, love, love, long as we got” The first single off Ctrl that was released a couple months ago is definitely a heater, produced by Carter Lang & THANKGOD4CODY this one deserved the video treatment and it got it


SZA - Drew Barrymore

“Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark the blunt, let's start the Narcos off at episode one, bring the gin, got the juice, bring the sin, got that too” Another one produced by Carter Lang & The Antydote this is a deep introspective record that has a very distinctive chorus that’s sure to appeal to many. SZA almost has a Rock&Roll/JanisJoplin/FionaApple/AlanisMorissette sound to her in this record, and I apologize in advance for the uninspired comparisons 😭 but truthfully SZA has range in her sound and she’s definitely an artist who can take TDE to new heights through various genres.


SZA - Anything

“Do do you even know I'm alive? Do do you even know I, I” Produced by the Antydote this one has an infectious melody that’s sure to stay with you.


SZA ft Kendrick Lamar - Doves in the Wind

“Real ***** do not deserve pussy, meaning it's more, you see right through walls, ain't talkin about pussy, meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates, come at me, Forrest Gump had a lot goin for him, never without pussy, y'know, Jenny almost gave it all up for him, never even pushed for the pussy, where's Forrest now when you need him? Talk to me, talk to me…” LMAO SZA’s mind lyrics and spirit are on an entire different level… Kendrick also does his numbers and I fux with this heavy


Jhene Aiko - While We’re Young

“I'm tellin everybody you're mine and I like it, and I really hope you don't mind, I can't fight it, no you know I cannot hide it cause I am so excited, that I finally decided on you…” The first release off her upcoming album TRIP 17, this one got the video treatment and for the most part I applaud the vision. By all accounts Jhene seems to be a phenomenal artist, even though I’m sleep to the Big Sean/TMZ headlines that I feel does nothing for her artistry


Alchemist & Budgie ft Action Bronson & Big Body Bes - Brother Jedidiah

“I wear the yarmulke to court to try to gain some sort of leverage, my lawyer puts a little molly in the judge's beverage, as a team player, you know what? I'ma buy him a motherfucking Nissan Murano” The production on this is CRAZY and Action Bronson is truly a living legend that deserves far more respect in this genre than he’s been given thus far. He never deserved that Wu Tang drama and I hope he comes back with Blue Chips 7000 and flexes on everybody... [but in the meantime I’ll just keep getting good food recommendations off Fuck That’s Delicious!]


Gunplay - D Boy Fresh

“Ya'll ***** so vagina, my coke is so Madonna, my fishscale so Parana, put Chrome on Yokohamas” In the Triple C’s days I wasn’t that much a fan of Gunplay, during the height of the 50 Cent Beef/WorldStar days… but in recent years it’s clear that he’s truly grown as an artist, and if you haven’t seen his DrinkChamps episode you definitely should get familiar.


Vic Mensa ft Pusha T - Omg

“We could go foreign for foreign until it’s boring, my sheep will keep jumping the fence until you’re snoring, street poetry, I'm on Wale Folarin, til the world is mine like Illmatic and Lauryn” Pusha blesses the best record off Vic Mensa’s EP titled The Manuscript, a decent offering from both artists that’s worth a listen.


Ariana Grande - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live From Manchester)

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby, somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dared to dream, really do come true…” Ariana Grande covers the Judy Garland classic at the One Love Manchester show following the terrorism that occurred last month. Although it can sometimes be hard to tell under the Hollywood lights, by all accounts this gesture truly seems genuine. RIP to all those who lost their lives on May 22nd and anyone else who’s been a victim to the many evils in this world… good spirits are forever and their legacy lives on…

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