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Anticipation III (6.5/10)

As emphasized as much as it’s appropriate on here, Trey Songz is an elite artist in R&B and Anticipation is his Magnum Opus, an absolute masterpiece of a mixtape and one of the greatest R&B projects of all time. On second thought maybe that’s a stretch but Scratchin Me Up, Infidelity, You Belong To Me, & On Top are all certified classics, and one particular record entitled It Would Be You is legitimately one of the smoothest records I’ve ever heard. Why these songs weren’t on any of his studio albums is lost on me, but nonetheless the music was original and it’s survived in his catalogue all the same, where for the most part it’s a level that he’s never really managed to get back to you.

In comparison the follow up Anticipation II was not nearly as special, and truth be told he’s now releasing the third installment of the trilogy in one of the most dubious moments of his career, as its precursor was the Trigga album that was arguably his weakest project to date. Nonetheless on the eve of the Tremaine album Trey decided to put this out as an appetizer before the main course, and ultimately I’m not sure if this was really what anyone ordered.

Nonetheless six years removed from it’s predecessor Anticipation III was released this year and it’s critiqued track by track below.



“Pullin up to your crib, baby, you know we about to have a lil party (I brought some party favors), you know girl, you know that we 'bout to get started (and I got all kind of flavors)” The intro to Anticipation III is cool but it’s definitely not Anticipation I level… and I’m afraid that’s sure to be a theme throughout the project, nonetheless this is one of the better records off the tape


Mind Fuckin ft MIKExANGEL

“Tell me do you mind, me fuckin with your mind? One more time, one more time, so do you mind, baby, if we could do a little mind fuckin'? Let's discuss it, let me touch it, get inside, do you mind if I fuck your pretty little mind?” This one is somewhat unique because the hook is relatively fire but the verses are luke warm and it overall plays like filler. Not mad at this but even still it’s not a standout…


I Got The Time

“Better take a moment to make some babies with you, rather not miss a second, not when I could be with you, Ooh, I got the time for you, I got the time, Ooh, I got the time for you, I got the time” See above… not trash but nothing to recommend either.


Gonna Be ft MIKExANGEL

“I love your company, so much you done for me, you deserve more from me, that's what I'm gonna be” Trey sings this well but nope… this one’s a SKIP!


Find My Love ft Justine Darcenne & MIKExANGEL

“Now won't you find my love, now won't you find, won't you find my love…” I actually like the feature from NY singer Justine Darcenne on hook, but again Trey needs better writing and melodies in the verses, and truth be told for all these features I haven’t heard much fire from MIKExANGEL either.


Make It All ft MIKExANGEL

“I don't wanna be alone, baby, they say nothing's set in stone, baby, I got options I can choose, hate being confused, and I been so cold lately” This one starts off decent but ultimately… nahhh… a debatable skip and it’s more filler, but one thing that should be noted is that Trey is really singing his protege damn near under the table every record… and I’m somewhat lost over what the direction was.


Vibrator ft Chisanity, Justine Darcenne, & MIKExANGEL

“She just caught a vibe, she just caught a vibe, she just caught a vibe, we just caught a vibe, she just caught a vibe, I just caught a vibe, I just caught a vibe, we just caught a vibe” This is not good at all… SKIP!!!


93 Unleaded ft Dave East

“93, you gotta fuck wanna ride with me, I look like I hit the lottery, only with ***** that die for me, I used to be at with all the hammers and all the scammers and all where the powder be, you hated, so fuck your apology, you see that red stripe on my Prada tee” Typical East feature on this (which seems to be about all he’s good for along with mixtape remix tracks) and ultimately this is nothing but more filler… in fact you can go ahead and SKIP!


If It Ain’t Love ft MIKExANGEL

“If it ain't love then why, why, why, why?” Now MIKExANGEL is on here flexin (albeit only in the hook) and it’s about time. Still nothing that crazy but it’s at least one of the better records on here, which ultimately isn’t really saying much at all.


Sho Nuff

“I never stop, no, I never stop, no, I never stop feeling you…” Again a few of these songs have potential but they all end up being throwaways when it’s all said and done. Nothing to see here and simply another SKIP!


MIKExANGEL - Anxious

“What are we doing? What should I call this? I guess I gotta break it down to you like this, we just having fun now, you'll never know how, I'll never know how it feels, for you to be my main bitch” The outro is actually a bonus record written and performed entirely by Trey’s protege MIKExANGEL, and surprisingly it’s actually the best record on the entire tape.


As far as Trey Songz is concerned this is as lackluster as it gets, where out of 10 records with his name on it there are exactly 0 records that are truly worth mentioning, and considering it’s a successor to the original Anticipation tape makes it all the more disappointing. Meanwhile it doesn’t even seem like Trey really cared much about his own performance on the project, as his protege and Virginia native MIKExANGEL is featured on 8 of the 11 records, and while that’s respectable it should be noted that he didn’t really seize the opportunity either. Ultimately all Trey Songz fans will likely move forward pretending that this project doesn’t exist, as thanks to the quality of the more recent Tremaine album they have enough good music to pay this no mind.

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