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Fin (8/10)

Syd aka Syd tha Kyd aka the lead singer from the critically acclaimed neo soul band The Internet (which is indisputably the best creation to come out of Odd Future), is pure R&B soul in every way, and a lot of that is thanks to their main vocalist hailing from Los Angeles, who absolutely bodied that Ego Death release which was some of the best music to come out that year. A few years later she’s officially removed from the Odd Future imprint (though still involved with The Internet), and has just released her debut solo album on Columbia Records, which for the most part plays like a breath of fresh air.

In the midst of high expectations and a growing cult following, Fin is critiqued track by track below


Shake Em Off

“Don’t worry bout what I’m doing, what’s it to you, if I live dazed and confused, this isn’t for your amusement, this ain't no pay per view, it’s just the life that I choose” Produced by Hit Boy the introduction has good lyrics with a message but the melody leaves a lil something to desired. Overall a tone setter and a decent album cut.



“Can't nobody know, nobody, no, keep it between us, can't let 'em see us, it’ll be our secret, don’t wanna get caught creeping, is it really cheating, who says we're cheating” Syd got an Aaliyah vibe to her on this one, and she’s been able to get in this pocket before on previous Internet projects, and it’s this particular vange that makes Syd a real contender for the throne. Lowkey she’s already showed consistency and records like this are destined to take off at some point, especially with this Timbaland like production provided by Nick Green, where in the 90’s this would have been single potential and been all over your music video box.


No Complaints

“Roll up a J and get stupid high, it’s hard in this game only few survive, we aren’t the same I am super fly, you said that I changed I think you were right” This is essentially a short interlude and all that’s worth noting is Syd’s quality of songwriting, as by all accounts it’s upper echelon.


Nothin to Somethin

“Introduce you to the new me, my life’s a movie, all I need is a Karreuche, these women choosing’ Produced by Syd herself this one is mostly album filler


All About Me

“Today I'm only human, but know that when I die, my grave gon be my music, my soul is living through it baby” This one’s produced by Steve Lacy of the Internet yet it’s another one that I’d ultimately SKIP, even though the songwriting is once again immaculate.


Smile More

“Tell you what I'm grinding for, just to see you smile more, lately I spend all my time, tryna keep you satisfied” Written and produced by Syd herself this is a better than decent album cut that overall compliments the album well.


Got Her Own

“I heard she got her own, heard she drive a Beemer and she got it on her own, heard she was a dreamer but she sleeping all alone, I just wanna meet her 'cause I just wanna know” Produced by Hazebanga & Isiah Salazar this one is another infectious tune and one of the standouts on the project.


Drown In It

“Tonight I'm gonna, swim in it, dive in it, drown in it” A very very very nice interlude I co sign all of it.



“Baby we can take it slow, say my name, don't let go, I can hear your body when I, pull your hair, what’s my name, girl I swear, I can hear your body babe” The ninth track is an absolute perfect record that’s produced by MeLo-X, where it’s infectious melody is reminiscent of a special time in R&B, ultimately a genre that seems to have lost it’s way. This one is real nice.


Dollar Bills ft Steve Lacy

“Shake it for these dollar bills, you know I'm hella faded, baby, cop a feel, want you to turn me on, this your favorite song, don't stop until you get enough, babe, you get enough, babe” Another real nice album cut that Steve Lacy compliments well… it’s my hope that any upcoming Internet projects get mainstream recognition.


Over ft 6lack

“You ain't gotta do too much, it's written all over your face” Another one produced by Hazebanga and it’s more 🔥🔥🔥 - another decent album cut.



“Who can love you like I love you baby (baby), never thought that I would ever see the day, that I’d walk away… now I’m walking away…” Produced by Rahki (Kendrick’s I & Black Boy Fly) this is a good outro and nice closure to a very cohesive album


Overall Syd came through with real nice material for her debut project at Columbia, and by all accounts the label should know that they have a star in the making. The music is there… just listen to the music… and Syd should be one of the most notable names and coveted songwriters by 2018.

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