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Steve Lacy's Demo (7.8/10)

A bass guitarist who is quickly becoming a household name, Steve Lacy is on the verge of perhaps becoming the next Frank Ocean. Of course all comparisons and expectations aside that still wouldn’t be that crazy of a thought, as they’re both products of Odd Future and they’re both supremely talented with a distinct vintage style of soul, enough so where their imprint on the game and appeal to the masses truly has no limits.

Already Lacy (who’s also ⅕ of the critically acclaimed band The Internet) has both produced and played strings for J Cole and Kendrick Lamar - and he’s also made mainstream news cycles for his method of primarily making beats from his iPhone 😲 - a fun fact that’s almost too crazy to truly believe. All the same Steve Lacy is the truth and his music is no different, where at the moment it seems like he’s in the perfect position to be one of the breakthrough artists of the year.

His latest EP Steve Lacy’s Demo is critiqued track by track below, hopefully only a teaser for what’s to come.



“I want you and you want me, but we don't know each other enough, to tell, looks ain't enough, looks ain't enough” Facts, and this is a good eclectic intro nothing more nothing less.



“Speedin' down the backstreet, I'm tryna get you in my backseat, girl I want you to ride with me, baby ride on me” This one’s a nice smooth groove that’s one of the highlights off the tape, thus it got the video treatment along with the other standout track Dark Red seen below.


Dark Red

“Don't you give me up, please don't give up, honey, I belong, with you, and only you, babyyy” The best record off Steve Lacy’s Demo is definitely Dark Red with its infectious melody and a bridge that might be heaven sent, either way this record transcends all kinds of genres and time periods, and if you love music you need this in your life.



“Baby girl, we can do all the thangs you want to do” In comparison this one’s not that great, clearly a SKIP and I don’t need to read your thinkpiece that suggests otherwise. Granted Lacy is a beast but this a surface level track and it’s not that deep, it’s simply just not his best work.



“I hate you just as much as I love you, I hate you just as much as I love you” Repeated 20x over and I actually dig it… not mad at this… this one’s a solid album cut.



“Baby, I want some of your love, your love, your love, baby, can I have some of your love, your love, your love” This two part record is flames in the first half and then goes somewhere else and I’m not really sure why. I respect the artistry though and I’ll take the first half and leave it at that.


Overall this a good EP and in the spirit of it’s length I’ll make this short and simple. Steve Lacy is about to be the media darling of 2018, and before long he will be positioned as the next Frank Ocean with high expectations of producing a Channel Orange. I for one hope he truly delivers.

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