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Organized Noize (9.5/10)

For those that don’t know or don’t remember, Organized Noize is a Atlanta production team comprised of members Rico Wade, Ray Murray, & Sleepy Brown, most notable for producing a great percentage of Outkast and Dungeon Family’s catalogue, along with crossover hits for TLC, En Vogue, and Ludacris. Now after more than two decades into the game here they are with their own debut project as a self titled EP, and after all this time the music truly sounds better than ever.

The Organized Noize EP is critiqued track by track below, and by no surprise it was definitely worth the wait.


Anybody Out There ft Joi & Scar

“Organized Noize—Rico, Pat, and Ray, Dungeon Family, Atlanta, Organized, Organized, Organized, Atlanta, 20 years, Organized Noize—Rico, Pat, and Ray, Dungeon Family, Atlanta…” The intro is psychadelic just as it should be… issa vibe as the new Atlanta would say, issa way to open your mind, body, and soul through music


We The Ones ft Big Boi, Cee-Lo Green, Sleepy Brown & Big Rube

“Elevated, thinkin higher learnin, and always talkin bout this cookie that I'm burnin, my sermon is for the children and for the mamas, and for the daddy's that ain't earnin, I see the answers burnin” The opening track is definitely reminiscent of the Dungeon Family Even In Darkness days, as it’s the definition of a posse cut that's synonymous with the classic Dungeon Family sound. Overall this one would be an acquired taste as far as replay value is concerned, yet as a tone setter it certainly serves it’s purpose.


Chemtrails ft Jimmy Brown & Sleepy Brown

“She is always floating around, she falls from the sky straight to the ground, you better run for cover right now, cause chem keeps on falling, keeps falling” A perfect melody, a perfect instrumental, an absolute perfect record… highlighted by the saxophone solo from Jimmy Brown that is by itself some of the best music to be released in 2017.


Why Can’t We ft Sleepy Brown

“Oh, why can't we? Yeah, yeah, learn to love each other, in peace and harmony, yeah, yeah, pass it on to another, oh, then we'll see, yeah, babe, a love unlike no other, then we all free, stand together, you and me” A solid Heal-The-World type of record that serves as a better than decent album cut.


Kush ft 2 Chainz & Joi

“Kiss me like you mean it then pass the kush” 2 Chainz continues his streak of good features, although this may be the least memorable cut on the project, even though it’s message I cosign entirely.


Awesome Lovin’ ft Sleepy Brown

“You got that awesome lovin, girl, I'm for real” Sleepy Brown is officially flexin with this slow dance record that’s even wedding material… Organized Noize not here for the club they’re here for the more important moments, the moments we truly remember... press play and enjoy the vibe


The Art of Organized Noize

“The Art” this instrumental gives closure without hardly saying a word, and the only shame is that this incredible ride has come to an end


In conclusion this 7 track EP was better than even the most loyal of the Organized Noize following could have imagined, as it’s not only great by Outkast/GoodieMobb/Dungeon Family standards, but in some ways it even surpasses some of their most recent projects with a blend of psychedelic and soulful sounds that creates an almost out of body experience. It’s important to note that while the lyrics and melodies create a perfect framework, it’s the jazz on this project that truly takes it to another level, and altogether it’s a breath of fresh air within a current industry that’s all too monotonous and claustrophobic. Nonetheless if there’s room for everybody, there’s definitely a time and place for the smooth soulful sounds of Organized Noize, if not on FM radio then certainly on music lovers hearts, minds, and aux cords all summer long

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