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Neva Left (7/10)

Almost 30 years into the game Calvin Broadus has sold approximately 50 million albums worldwide, and as far as namesake and legacy there hasn’t been many artists in the genres history to ever make an impact like Snoop Doggy Dogg. Now many years past the Death Row era when ‘Murder was the Case,’ the Doggfather has certainly evolved and by all accounts it’s certainly been for the betterment of his career, as regardless of fame there’s very MCs as genuine to themselves as Snoop, thus even past his prime his appeal seems to be everlasting.

Thus although he needs no introduction it should be noted that Neva Left is Snoop Dogg’s 15th studio album, and from start to finish it definitely has a few gems on it.


Neva Left

“The Miles Davis of gangbangin and crack slangin” The intro and title track is produced by Mike & Keys that samples The Charmels ‘As Long As I’ve Got You,’ which is most notably sampled in the Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Cream,” this record is a trip down memory lane. Decent record and nice way to set it off.


Moment I Feared ft Rick Rock

“Open the oven put some candles on my cake, twenty-five and countin, etch my face into Kushmore Mountain” Produced and featuring legendary producer of the Bay, Rick Rock, this one’s a smooth album cut no more no less. Not a stand out but definitely good enough to vibe to.


Bacc In Da Days ft Big Tray Dee

"I used to come through with the tools and Glocks, party don't rock like it used to rock, back door *****, I refuse to knock, I beat a ***** up out his shoes and socks” Produced by J-Massive with a well played Tribe Called Quest sample, Snoop floats on this and similar to the previous record, it won’t blow you away but it’s still a knock regardless


Promise You This

“One thing I never do is promise motherfuckers shit but I'ma promise you this, with your hand up you need to man up lil bitch” The first single is actually reminiscent of YG’s ‘Gimme Got Shot,’ although truth be told it’s not quite as creative… still a decent record worth a spin or two


Trash Bags ft K Camp

“Twenties, count that, hunnids, count that, dollars, count that, money, count that paper, trash bag, full of cash, full of cash, count that” The second single however is a lil less inspired, yet it does serve as a decent strip club record if that’s what you’re looking for. Not 🚮 but there are millions of records just like it, and hundreds of thousands probably released in this past year.


Swivel ft Stresmatic

“Call a few plays then break the huddle, check that D, they in the zone no rebuttal, I can throw a strike down the pipe about 80, hand full of rings, I'm shady like Brady” SKIP!!!


Go On ft October London

“As we go on... (we go on) like we do... (like we do), when it's hot outside... (hot outside), I just wanna chill with you... (chill with you), what you need? (what you need?) is put ya mind at ease... (mind at ease), here's a little sun shinin, drink and a summer breeze” The main highlight off Neva Left gotta be this smooth record that’s right on time for the summer. Produced by Brody Brown this is, and has been, the best version of the Doggfather from any album post Paid The Cost To Be The Boss era, and the featured artist October London - singer from Indiana who recently signed to Snoop’s 'Cadillac Music' label - definitely makes a first impression worth remembering. This one right here needs to be on all summer playlists immediately


Big Mouth

“You got a big mouth (yeah *****), big mouth (you too), you got a big mouth (I can't forget you), a big mouth, a big mouth” SKIP!!! Even though it’s produced by the legendary DJ Battlecat and Snoop is in his relative storytellin bag, emphasis on relative - he ain’t really sayin nothin… this one coulda been reworked to have more replay value.


Toss It ft Too $hort, Nef the Pharoah

“Ole ass nigga with some young bitches, sugar daddies talking bout some come get this, not me, fuck y'all, I tell her young ass she better break me off, you ***** way too soft” Even though Short Dog is a legend.... This one’s inevitably and regrettably another SKIP!!!


420 (Blaze Up) ft Devin the Dude, Wiz Khalifa, & DJ Battlecat

“I blaze up soon as I raise up from out of my sleep, I got me a sweet, I hope they legalize it here, I'm tired of police” Snoop & Devin The Dude on the same record again (remember the last time 🔥🔥🔥)… this one however isn't close to as classic but it’s not necessarily a skip either... it’s off the strength at least good enough for the cypher… but even that’s debatable.


Lavender (Nightfall Remix) ft BADBADNOTGOOD & KAYTRANADA

“My dawgs don't bark, but they get off, fuck around and get your whole face bit off” Originally a BADBADNOTGOOD/KAYTRANADA record without Snoop, the Doggfather jumped on the remix and to controversial results, as the music video is definitely meant to provoke and push buttons for good reason. It’s only downfall however, is that Snoop didn’t really go in on this.


Let Us Begin ft KRS-One

“They don't make 'em like they make 'em when I used to bang, so I try to show the little homies different things, how to diversify, and change different lanes, learn to read a little, exercise your brain” Another record produced by DJ Battlecat and this one has some of the best Snoop raps on the project, meanwhile KRS does what KRS does best and does his numbers as well, making this one of the best surprises off the album.


Mt Kushmore ft Redman, Method Man, & B Real

“I ain't here to bring the East back (nah), I'm here to relapse, and now I'm outta rehab they ask me where the weed at” Nothing too crazy but still… Legends 🙏


Vapors (DJ Battlecat Remix) ft Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie

“Well you all know Nate Dogg, who sings on my records, ‘Never Leave Me Alone’, ‘Ain't No Fun’, now check it” RIP Nate Dogg and this is a smooth Battlecat remix to a previous release off Snoop’s sophomore album The Doggfather released in 1996, updated with guest features from Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie??? Smh worth a listen off the strength of that alone.


Still Here

“Battlecat on the track, there is just no way you can call it a comeback” Introduced by Kendrick Lamar in the intro, this is another DJ Battlecat exclusive and this one has a smooth caribbean flavor to it… a nice album cut without a doubt.


Love Around The World ft Big Bub

“This why they show me mad love all around the world” For that don’t know or don’t remember, Big Bub is a singer/songwriter/producer from the 80s/90s R&B group Today, who after the group disbanded was apparently supposed to join Boyz II Men, until the Jersey native decided it wasn’t in his roots to sing about Philadelphia. Nonetheless Big Bub went on to become an executive at Motown and years later is still in the music game, evidently singing and producing better than ever as showcased in the outro to Neva Left, where he sets the tone for one of the best records on the project.


Overall this is a solid effort from the Long Beach native, where despite none of the material being out of this world incredible, and certainly not on the same level of Snoop in his prime, there are still enough solid records to make it ultimately an enjoyable listen. To be honest it would play better with only 10 tracks (as is the case with 90% of all albums both old and new), yet in today’s here-today-gone-tomorrow industry it likely would have been overlooked all the same. In the end there’s at least 5 or 6 good to real good records to add to his catalogue… and as far as good music goes that sounds like a win for everybody.

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