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Ocean & Montana (8.5/10)

For those like myself just finding out, Buddy is an up and coming MC from Compton and he definitely has heat to his name, demonstrated throughout this collaborative EP with KAYTRANADA - the Haitian/Canadian DJ/Producer whom by now everyone should know - though even if you don’t know these 5 tracks will serve as the perfect introduction

Ocean & Montana is reviewed track by track below, take a look, press play, and enjoy


Find Me

“Lost and alone… Come find me…” This is nothing but pure unadulterated flames with a vintage sound that I can’t really place, but it’s almost reminiscent of something like Luniz - I Got 5 On It??? Even though that’s not really what it is either... either way this is the record that’s sure to put Buddy on the map, and leave him there until it’s time for that debut studio album.



“Pull up in a limousine, lookin' like a guillotine, sippin on that Hennessy, what you know about me?” KAYTRANADA gives Buddy futuristic sounds all over this EP, and for the most part Buddy flexes on all of em. This one is no different and although it’s far from a stand out record, it’s still quality that could serve as a strong album cut.


World of Wonders

“Uh oh, all the single ladies feelin' like Beyoncé, let me hear you say, "uh oh", I prayed for someone like you all my life like K-Ci and JoJo, we drinkin on gin and wine, baby, tell me, is it any room in those jeans? cause you could be my breakfast, you could be my lunch, my dinner, you know I eat it, ooh… Wonder Woman, take me to your world of wonders, what's in your world, I wonder? I wanna go…” Buddy flexes all over this with clever lyrics and a smooth melody that’s hard not to fux with. This one’s a smooth jam to ride out to and I recommend it.


A Lite

“OG weed smoke, never no street roll, we smoke the number one kush in a pre-roll, THC on me, I be too gone, you ain't tryna hit my blunt, it's too strong, It's too strong…” Light Up 🔥🔥🔥


Love Or Something

“Baby girl just dance, really like how you’re moving, one look at your ass, think I’m falling in love or somethin…” We already smoked the finest weed smoke and been to the future and back, and now for the final record off Ocean & Montana it’s time to hit that dance floor it’s only right!!!


On the lowest of keys Ocean & Montana just might be the perfect EP, not that it’s got too much thought provoking material that resonates and stays with you, but it’s carefree approach and feel good delivery can definitely set the mood and get the feeling right… which sometimes is all that you’re looking for. If nothing else this project certainly reinforces KAYTRANADA’s imprint on the game, and as said before these five record have officially made Buddy a household name, deservedly so.

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