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July 16-23

Legacy Track of the Week: Damian Marley - Autumn Leaves

“Life is full of ups and downs, the carousels of love, good times, bad times, smiles, and frowns, don’t give up on me” To say Damian Marley’s music is good for the soul is an understatement, as this one’s pure bliss in regards to lyrics, meaning, and melody… this is a legendary record right here.


Damian Marley - Nail Pon Cross

“World must understand, yo a man is just a man, don't you judge him for his ways and flaws, no, speak of love tomorrow, you'll be doing good my brother” Damian Marley is crazy underrated and that’s saying a lot considering his namesake and legacy. Nonetheless he’s back with more fire and this video inspired by his good friend and collaborator Nas, is off the strength very much appreciated. It also should be noted that Damian clarified that his inspiration was indeed his collaborator on Distant Relatives, and certainly not the likes of Madonna or Kanye West, and for the record that distinction made me appreciate him that much more.


The Alchemist x Budgie ft Mobb Deep - Try My Hand

“Be a cold day in Kingston when I ain’t dope, the Rasta’s will cut their dreads and worship the Pope, I got the best of all time verse, my shit quotable, remarkable rap I stand out on the tomb” Unreleased Mobb Deep! and this Alchemist instrumental is flawless… RIP P


The Alchemist x Budgie ft Oliver the 2nd & Jeremiah Jay - Stuck In A Box

“It feel like the right season for knife squeezing, they tryin to Mike Brown me, well I’d like to Ice T them” More heat from Alchemist and the crew off their new release The Good Book Vol 2


Eric Roberson - Claire

“As a kid I watched a show, lovely family the Huxtables, I watched and think somewhere out there, I’ll one day find my own Claiiire” Eric Roberson is one of the best kept secrets in R&B and if you know you know… this one right here is simply more heat for the catalogue.


Eric Roberson - Love Her

“That’s why I never ever leave her alone, cause she’s fine and she’s mine…” Smoooooooth record press play and vibe to it.


Damian Marley ft Stephen Marley - Medication

“Medication - your medication makes me high, Just be patient - I'm like a patient trying to find, Levitation - Run your fingers down my spine,, Elevation - your medication makes me high, yeah” The Marley Brothers are back and they sound better than ever in this tribute to the one and only Mary Jane.


Damian Marley - Living It Up

“Daddy made it out, out of the ghettooo, believe in your dreams, believe you and me, don't let goooo” this one’s a ride off the new album Stony Hill, which truthfully is 14 records of 🔥🔥🔥


Tyga - Teterboro Flow

“That’s my Teterboro flow, please keep it low, I wrote up all my raps, you still can't see the flow” Salute to Teterboro Airport which honestly just came up in recent months and is now one of the best shopping complexes on this earth if you ask me (Halal Guys, Texas Roadhouse, & Chik-Fil-A all in a row just to name a few)... as for the record, not mad at this at all…


Tyga - Move to LA

“Hey mama, won't you come to T dada?, keep you in Chanel cause the devil wear Prada, in the Maybach, then I smoke the cigara, you should move to L.A., I think I see your baby father, here go the number to mi casa, crib like Pablo, I got the whole enchilada” On this one T Raw rather predictably plays off the classic Mase record and although it’s unoriginal and rather generic… I still got some respect for it.


Meek Mill - Heavy Heart

“I'm startin' to hate this fame shit look what it done to me, seen half these ***** turn they back when rappers tried to come for me” Meek is spittin on this fire production by Tarik Azzouz & StreetRunner, and although it’s the same flow he’s already used ad nauseum, it’s a still tough record either way.


Meek Mill - 1942 Flows

“Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bentley, ain't doing no interviews, I'm busy ***** we litty, so when you see me out don't ask me about no Nicki, fuck I look like tellin' my business on Wendy, ****** gossip like queens, we was servin' fiends, .40 bust your windows out, Jazmine Sullivan, they told 'em pop Mollys, I told 'em to be kings, sipping 1942 like it's lean” Meek comes with the Safaree jabs and I’m sleep but even still it’s one of the standouts off the tape.


Eric Roberson - Sky As Green

“If there are people that see the sky is green… maybe there’s a girl out there for me… who can look past my darkside and find the goodness in me…” Incredible record off Roberson’s new project WIND, the second installment of his Earth-Wind-Fire trilogy that continues to be one of the best kept secrets in all of music let alone R&B.


Eric Roberson - God In You

“III… see God in you girl…” Sometimes simplicity is all you need in music, and Roberson can deliver those infectious melodies as good as anyone. Press play on the New Jersey native and get familiar with his incredible catalogue that spawns back two decades of classic contemporary R&B.


Budgie ft Emmavie & Chris O’Bannon - In-N-Out

“It was her first time in Hollywood, I took her to Bossa Nova, she never had Roscoes, never had In-N-Out…” This is a real nice record off the second disc off The Good Book, Vol 2… where not only are the melodies right but there’s a level of comedic value layered underneath, reminiscent to what Phonte’s alter ego’s do so well.


Tyga - Playboy

“You know how many pretty bitches drove me to liquor stores, for condoms and sour liquor straws, I get em hot Cheetos just to see her lick her fingers” This one was featured on the site a few weeks ago but off the strength of the Cheetos line and the fact that Tyga completely washed Vince Staples… good enough to post a second time around.


Tyga - 1 of 1

“You, you my only one, you my number one, you a one of one, I wanna go one on one with you” Tyga with his best Drake impression and I got no issues with it at all. Not necessarily a heater but I’ll let em cook all the same.


Meek Mill ft Teyana Taylor & Rick Ross - Made It From Nothing

“Bought my mom and sister a new crib when that cash came, put some respect up on my last name” Very few quotables in this but the production once again provided by Tarik Azzouz & StreetRunner is on point and the feature from Teyana Taylor is the gamechanger.


Meek Mill - Price

“A ***** said I owe 'em, how? that shit the sound ridiculous, tell a ***** no, and they gon show you who they really is” On the outro Meek Mill speaks about the price of fame, and beyond it being good closure to the album it’s also one of the highlights of Wins & Losses altogether.


Paloma Ford ft Dave East - Waves

“I just wanna touch you, please you, show I miss you babe, kiss you, fuck you, surf you, ride your waves” Nice commercial R&B record that’s good enough for some recognition and some airtime.

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