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Aug 27 - Sept 3

Legacy Track of the Week: Action Bronson - Let Me Breathe

“Hundred Latins in your lobby (What?), that's what happens when you fuck around with Body (Body), uh, and I put that on my mami (It's on my mami), I would never give my heart to a thotty (Never!)” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Truth be told this one was the song of the summer… absolutely… this Harry Fraud production and Bronson delivery is an absolute match made in heaven and the concept of this one really should have took off. I agree with Bronson that they somewhat misfired on the overly cinematic video (sometimes less is more tbh) yet as a song itself this one should be played in all whips on full volume indefinitely.


Action Bronson - Bonzai

“Mommy needs a kitchen set, she off the boat, she don't even know The Simpsons yet (that's crazy), told her, ‘baby, you ain't livin' yet,’ (that's crazy!), nah, you ain't livin' yet, I might hang off the side of the mountain to trim a bonsai, perfect 10 on the swan dive, I could never do no wrong in my mom's eyes, damn, time flies” Classic Bronson bars over classic Harry Fraud production… another solid album cut off Blue Chips 7000, complete with the Karate Kid III reference that only Bronson could deliver so effortlessly.


Action Bronson - Let It Rain

“Your pockets' slim pickings, lay 'em out like grilled chicken, It's been an hour but that blunt still hittin' like a champion, eatin scampi with Batali, 50 feet from the Pantheon, and that's my life” #FuckThatsDelicious 🔥🔥🔥


Action Bronson - My Right Lung

“I'd give my right lung if I could dunk a basketball one time” Some of the best production on the tape is provided by long time collaborator Party Supplies, and this right here might be the most iconic Action Bronson record to date.


Action Bronson - Chairmen’s Intent

“I started clapping when the chef brought the duck to the table (Phenomenal!), uh, that shit was shining like an angel (Whoo!), I never trust a dude named Angel (Nah)” From my estimation this seems to be Bronson’s favorite cut off the album, which thanks to the cinematic Harry Fraud production I could see why this could be a fan favorite as well. On a personal note despite the bars this one’s not really for me… yet all the same I respect the craftsmanship like never before.


Action Bronson ft Big Body Bes - TANK

“I do it for the glamour, I do it for my mama, I do it for my people, I do it for myself because there should've been a sequel, but there was complications during birth given, damn, man, another night the Moon's shinin, the Earth twistin, boo, listen, Daddy swerved the coupe with conviction” Solid Alchemist production and Bronson laces this as well as a guest verse from Big Body Bes who continues to be living legend in his own right


Action Bronson ft Rick Ross - 9-24-7000

“Yo, if I didn't say it's me, you would probably think it's Sting, my fish go bling, what, this old thing?” 🔥🔥🔥 one of the best opening lines in recent memory, and the Ross collaboration over Harry Fraud production doesn’t disappoint.


Action Bronson ft Big Body Bes - Durag vs Headband

“I'm sick like feedin squirrels in the summer in a bubble jacket, if this was 96, I def had The Tunnel packed in (It's true), big beard like I'm lumberjackin (Uh), mash the pedal of the 850, sound like the thunder crackin, I'm in a club with a condom on (Hahaha), all Under Armour on (Yeah)” Solid outro to an otherwise very enjoyable Blue Chips 7000


A$AP Mob ft Gucci Mane & Key! - Please Shut Up

“Living room, full of way too many valuables, old miss bad and boujee attitude like she from Baton Rouge, after school, made some revenue off that avenue, not a morning person, can I hit it in the afternoon? (In the morning)” I like the J Cole reference is this is one of the more enjoyable records off the Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy.


A$AP Mob ft Playboi Carti - Walk On Water

“I just robbed a lil ***** and took that ***** bitch, I just robbed a lil ***** and took that ***** bitch” 👀 One of the standouts on the latest edition of the Cozy Tapes and all I can say is that I feel for our youth… our society has likely never been more reckless but let’s have some fun with it while we can.


A$AP Mob - Coziest

“I'm the coziest staying Coogi down to the socks, where your homies went niggas probably buying back the block, bring a hundred in talking 'bout we buying up the stocks, call the homies up, count it up we load it to the dock” The smoothest and best record off the Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2 by far. This is another one that should be played in the whip at full volume.


XXXtentacion ft Shiloh Dynasty - Jocelyn Flores

“I'm in pain, wanna put 10 shots in my brain, I've been trippin bout some things, can't change, suicidal, same time I'm tame, picture this, in bed, get a phone call, girl that you fucked with killed herself, that was this summer and nobody helped” A tribute to his friend of the same name who took her life in May of 2017 (less than 3 months since the release of the album), and this is indeed one of the most impactful records off XXXtentacion’s debut album 17.


XXXtentacion - Depression & Obsession

“Depression and obsession doesn't mix well, I'm poisoned and my body doesn't feel well, I ate her, inside and out I feel my stomach turnin, make out hill, where we met, we let our lips do all the talkin and now I'm hooked and…” Another strong record that compliments the theme of 17, and on this one XXX even get’s production credits as he’s supposedly playing the acoustic guitar.


XXXtentacion ft Shiloh Dynasty - Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares

“Tired of feeling like I'm trapped in my damn mind, tired of feeling like I'm wrapped in a damn lie, tired of feeling like my life is a damn game, ***** really wanna die in the night time” Produced by Potsu this is another standout on the 21 minute album… which truth be told seemed to be the appropriate length to make the maximum impact.


XXXtentacion - Orlando

“The pain in my heart just won't end, the words that I find just don't seem to compare, awaiting my death in the end, alone, I must seek out the end to begin, so nobody wants death, cause nobody wants life to end, I'm the only one stressed, I'm the only one tired of having fake friends, put the noose on my neck and the hole in my back, again, I've been waiting on death with a smile on my face, this is the end” Decent and like Kendrick said it's from the heart but I still wouldn't have co signed the kid at all considering the allegations along with his general try-hard demeanor.


Buddy ft Wiz Khalifa - Type of Shit

“Start with the right cheek, go to the left cheek, back to the right cheek, all of them ass cheeks, how in the hell did you fit 'em in them damn jeans? Wait, how did you do that? Give da girl room, everybody better move back, tryna dance wit ya boo, get a chance wit ya boo, gon hit a little two-step” Buddy is back with his new EP Magnolia and truth be told his distinctive flow is starting to become more recognizable along with his penchant for good song-making in general… With that being said Buddy seems to have all the qualities of becoming a legitimate star by 2018.


Buddy ft Kent Jamz - Last Time

“Last time I saw you, you was workin' out at the Rio Equinox… last time I saw you, you was tellin' me how you couldn't get enough” Another smooth record off Magnolia, complimented by another California artist on the rise who makes the song and deservedly gets his credited feature.


Madeintyo - True’s World

“Yo, sittin in the studio, whole bunch of bands out (skrt), XXL chose a real *****, can’t let my fans down” The Hawaiian born MC by way of Atlanta just released a new EP of the same name, and through 6 records he makes it clear that he’s got legitimate talent (better than most), and therefore the Uber Everywhere smash will likely not be his one hit wonder


Madeintyo - Depends

“Can I whip the lamb it depends, post you on the gram, it depends, Gucci or the Louis, it depends, came up on some top, it depends” decent record off the True’s World EP.


Madeintyo - Eating

“They say you are what you eat, girl, I'm eating you, I'm getting off, that's just me, girl, I'm fucking you, biting on your neck, girl, I'm touching you, house on the hills, girl, she love the view” Indisputably the best record off the project thanks to this infectious hook that I’m sure Drake could only wish was wrote for him. This is a vibe and a debatable smash yet if nothing else I’m definitely tuned into whatever’s next for Madeintyo.


Chris Brown - Pills & Automobiles

“Wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, oh baby” This is all about the 🔥🔥🔥 production and the even more 🔥🔥🔥 video treatment… I could enjoy this one overall


J.I.D. ft EarthGang - D/vision

“****** ain't seein' you Venus, and I ain't seeing me, so many nights at the bottom, swore I was ET, my mama beat me, mu'fuck a degree, I chose both pills, my thoughts 3D” Produced by Cole himself and featuring the brand new official Dreamville recruits this is the video treatment for one of the standouts off J.I.D.’s The Never Story , released earlier this year.

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