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August 13-20

Legacy Track of the Week: Wiz Khalifa ft Ty Dolla $ign - Something New

“'Cause I can't stop loving you (Oh yeah), since I got a taste of your love (Oh yeah), baby, come give me something new” Produced by Yung Berg (I was skeptical at first but at this point I believe it) and laced by Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa debatably had the song of the summer… this one deserved a lot more attention.


Sean Price - Imperius Rex

“You wanna see me get rude? P! BCC, most definite effortless when spittin' these degrees, Ruckus rule shit, get down when the tool click, tool spit back, impact is like a mule kick” Produced by Alchemist this is great tone setter for the late Sean Price’s posthumous album of the same name, that all the loyal fans of the Sean P/HeltahSkeltah/BootCampClik family will be sure to cherish as the timeless work of art that it is.


Sean Price ft Buckshot & General Steele - Apartheid

“If Ruck don't like you, Buck don't like you, Ruck down, buck down, what a ***** might do, black moonwalk on 'em, rest in peace to Michael, R.I.P. Phife from Tribe, he in the light too, Hip-hop heaven, you see seven, that's the god, all praises due to Allah, sun, moon, star” Just hearing Buckshot’s voice with Ruck (Sean P) is always a plus, and this track is certainly no exception.


Sean Price ft Prodigy & Styles P - The 3 Lyrical P’s

“Andre Iguodala, I smack shit out of you, make your padre give me dollars, I'm not just a rapper I'm a painter by trade, abstract art, just throw a grenade to your brains” Produced by Harry Fraud this has all the legendary P’s on the record (separate from Percy Miller) and once you take a look at the credits do you really need an explanation? RIP Sean Price RIP Prodigy the real will always live forever.


Sean Price ft Freeway - Prisoner

“It's very rarely that we prefer to boast, my rap songs got me plush homes and motor boats, new Rothschild got it locked, we control the books, hold it down for Sean P, he control the crooks, you my muslim brother, and my other brother, like my mother's son, see you in heaven brother” Over 🔥🔥🔥 Marco Polo production Sean spits two legendary verses with moments like “Lime for a lemon and a lemon for lime rhyme, nine to your melon and swell up your mind time, P! I'm prime time, Deon Sanders, School of Hard Knocks, see P on campus” and Freeway laces his guest appearance to make this a very notable album cut.


Sean Price ft Bernadette Price - Price Family

“Get off my man dick, understand that man spit shit that you can't bitch, Boot Camp champion don, can't get along, with every rapper that's out, wack for shouting on song, shut the fuck up” Bars from Sean P’s widow Bernadette Price, where she weaves in and out the verse with her late husband complete with an Archie Bunker / All In The Family outro that helps put his career and legacy all in perspective.


Fashawn - Manna

“No congratulations, send my condolences, your career is over kid, too much baking soda in it, he noticed, Ima name brand figure, game plan, bigger, who iller? Bet you couldn't name that *****” Fashawn spits over decent production from Hecktik for the intro to his latest project of the same name, which in the Bible & Quran stands for the food that was miraculously supplied by God to the Isrealites during the 40 year period that they walked through the desert following Exodus.


Fashawn - Celebration

“So leave your drama at the door, Vamanos, it's a rendezvous so I gotta roast, lotta jokes, lotta smoke, pop bottles in every borough and barrio, Champagne made the block feel like the Bellagio, case of Dom and some dominos, Dinero, Sucio and designer clothes” One of the best records off Manna is this feel good track that exemplifies why the 2010 XXL Freshman is still relevant to this day.


Fashawn - Clouds Above

“Like sunshine when the clouds open, feeling free off of that loud floatin, a thousand feet in the sky, undeniably high, high enough to look the Lord in his eyes, I took a second to lie” Perhaps the singular best record off Manna is this introspective track that showcases the California MC at the very height of his talent, which by estimation places him above many in both the mainstream and underground.


Fat Joe ft Dre - So Excited

“Pulled up in the big boy drop to the big boy yacht, too many Patek Phillipes, I make the big boys watch” Produced by Streetrunner - Joey got another one…

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