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August 20-27

Legacy Track of the Week: A$AP Ferg - Tango

“Speak to Yams mom on the daily, beautiful lady, feelin of her losing her baby drivin her crazy, she say that I remind her of her son, she make arroz con pollo and cook every time I come I get the 'itus, she tell me to go sleep in his bed, and maybe some of Yams' visions come to your head” The best record off Ferg’s latest album is the last record, one of the only one’s that’s not a club record and it’s what makes the album a legitimate success.


Dave East ft Nas - The Hated

“They hated Jesus, hated Malcolm, hated Martin (they gon hate), eight ****** living in a two-bedroom apartment, no lights up in the crib, I guess I came up out the darkness, mood change when I spark it, new Range, now I park it” No disrespect intended but here’s the cold hard truth, when you open the album with storytellin raps and the hook is the most quotable lyrics of the song… that’s a problem… on top of the fact that Nas is in the credits and he doesn’t amplify the record at all… even still it’s a decent record but ultimately more of the same for the Harlem MC who has still yet to make any legitimate impact with his music whatsoever.


Dave East - Jazzy (Interlude)

“Fucking you is all that I've been thinking bout… fucking you is all, all…” For better or worse the interlude is one of the best records off the project and East is nowhere to be found on it, nonetheless the sample and rendition of the Total classic is a good one and I’ll co-sign it.


Dave East ft Chris Brown - Perfect

“Nothin' feel better than knowin that pussy for me (mine), I've been a wolf in these streets, I hold my own in it, ain't nobody took it from me (nobody), I get women you wouldn't believe” Now East is really spittin and this one has some quotables, even tho it’s on the generic radio single that’s overall a dime a dozen… all the same CB is on typical CB time and as far as radio placement is concerned this one definitely serves it’s purpose.


Dave East - Found A Way

“20-thousand in my back pocket, sorry nigga, I ain't got the change (I ain't got it), ***** that I grew up with, hate me more than ever, charge it to the game, I just play the back seat, gettin top, while the driver switch lanes” One of the best records off East’s latest project Paranoia : A True Story is over this CashMoneyAP production that’s nothing but motivation.


Dave East ft French Montana - Maneuver

“VVSes on me, keep my weapon on me, Patek Philippe (yeah), my bitch a freak (yeah), now tell me how you want it, them bad bitches on it (on it). a hundred freaks (yeah), a hunnid Vs (yeah)” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Harry Fraud production this is the perfect Saturday morning anthem until further notice.


Dave East - My Dirty Little Secret

“She said she never heard my music but her brother on it, she got me thinkin' 'bout it if I'ma put a rubber on it, if I ain't wakin up to her message it's just another mornin, she really my type because she think love is boring” Decent album cut but one too many IG references tbh


Dave East - Have You Ever

“Know my paps did dirt for that in life I'm probably cursed, me and my daughter mother realized it never worked, I got sick of the same jeans, I just wanted a better shirt, wanted some better shoes, can't tell me I never worked” Decent outro over decent production but as stated before East is still looking for his first real moment… and while Paranoia : A True Story is overall an enjoyable listen, it’s still the same level as Kairi Chanel which ultimately makes him elite yet still out of the top tier.


No Malice - Fake News

“You should of been there when I told em' to keep that lil deal money, look upon they face was like is he for real?” One of the best records off No Malice’s latest project Let The Dead Bury The Dead


No Malice - Shame On Me

“I'm in a race against time my mama dying, I pray she get to see me make it, cause she love to see the smiles on her babies faces, my younger brother kept her in Mercedes latest, but it was the Holy Ghost that drove her to the Son of David” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 introspective record from ½ of the Clipse who as an MC is certainly second to no one.


Fred The Godson - Obama

“Farewell to Obama and Michelle, I'm headed to the crib, leather bomber and a scale, still considered the best rhymer in the jails, still eatin ******, Jeffery Dahmer, all is well” One of the best records off Fred The Godson’s latest offering Gordo is hidden towards the end at track 22 (of 23), and thanks to fire production from Rain (not to be confused with the Fayetteville/URL/NWX Rain) and that impeccable Godson flow this one will forever be relevant.


Fred The Godson ft Product G&B - Stay Awhile

“In the physical you know your nephew, still lyrical, your sister, you know with her everything biblical, I tried to work out and tore my calf on elliptical, you always said to break a leg, ha typical” Nice outro record that features Wyclef’s old duo the legendary Product G&B! Who remembers this one right here?


Fred The Godson - Intro

“Think Donald Trump's the new Hitler, and I think Bush pussy like that Amber Rose picture” Bars over Heatmakerz production this is a better than decent intro to an otherwise solid effort that’s simply 10 records too long smh.


Fred The Godson ft Jaquae - Another Brick Please

“Gordo writin again, why I wasn't on the cypher again? I don't know, I just know not many rappers is nicer than him, I bring that metaphor life to the pen” Facts only and even with this lackluster hook the flow is still as immaculate as ever.


A$AP Ferg ft Cam’ron - Rubber Band Man

"Yo, in front of the Waldorf, valet said that he's sick of us, I mean he just can't get wit us, ‘What's the problem playboy? It's only six of us,’ ‘Yeah, with twenty-five cars, this shit's just ridiculous,’ thought we was inconspicuous, he said, "yeah right *****, y'all meticulous’" Classic Cam over Frankie P production… not mad at this


A$AP Ferg ft Famous Dex - Coach Cartier

“Call me Coach Cartier, call me Coach Cartier, rainbow shot my wrist, rainbow shot my wrist” Incredible production by Frankie P and this one is a clever concept and a certified banger 🔥🔥🔥 (even with the lackluster verse from Dex who doesn’t add to the song at all) <<< all the same tho this is nothing but flames 🔥🔥🔥


A$AP Ferg ft Madeintyo - One Night Savage

“When you get the money, all your bitches be the baddest, Finna hit the dealership and pick me up a gadget, I love to hit it, but she always soaking up the mattress, Yeah, I'm a one night savage” It’s safe to say that Frankie P has the best production on the Still Striving lp front to back, and this is another one that I’d say is cool for it’s purpose.


A$AP Ferg ft Busta Rhymes, A$AP Rocky, Dave East, French Montana, Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg - East Coast Remix

“Only thing that I'm missing is Hov verse (JAY-Z), I get a feeling, they want the old Ferg, "Cocaine Castle", "Hood Pope" Ferg, got a question to ask, do you know Ferg?” Decent EastCoast MegaMix that gets good enough verses from all parties involved… although the Snoop Dogg feature is unnecessary.


A$AP Ferg - Nandos

“Hundred bottles in the club when I land though, we was in the PJ flying high fucking up Nandos, landed in Cannes for a couple bands, that was the plan though, we gotta get a couple model bitches we gon' fuck on the damn boat” Produced by Pro Era’s Kirk Knight this is another one of the standouts on Still Striving


Ace Hood - To Whom It May Concern

“If I give you all of me, would I get all of you? If I told you I'm anointed, could you see the proof? Give my heart and soul for you when I'm inside the booth, feel my love, feel my pain when I'm inside the booth” 🔥🔥🔥 introduction to the Florida MC’s latest offering titled Trust The Process


Ace Hood - Blessed

“Wake up in the morning to a new day (thank you Lord), gotta thank the man up above me, I might fuck around and drop a mixtape, I meditate and turn into a sensei” After a few forgettable turn up records this is a better than decent turn down record and I can vibe to this


Ace Hood - Get To Me

“I won't let you get to me… I won't let them… I won't let you get to me….I won't let you, too much blessings over me…” One of the best hooks and overall records on Trust The Process, this one is definitely worth the listen.


Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor

"Take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl, Versace on the floor..." Finally the current #1 popstar in the world dropped the visuals to the most iconic love ballad in maybe over a decade… and after a long unprecedented delay… it honestly leaves a lot to be desired. Basically the song by itself is much more impactful than what the video has to offer, unless you’re really really into the Zendaya actress (who btw performs zero dance moves and seemingly has no rhythm) or perhaps the Versace outfits themselves, that in the fashion world were said to be top of the line exclusives. Overall this was somewhat disappointing and I hope they make up for it with the Finesse or Callin All My Lovelies videos <<< which we’ve also had to wait far too long for.


Chris Brown - Questions

“Girl, I got a question for ya (I got), can I get an answer?” New C Breezy although this one is only relative heat


Foo Fighters - The Sky is a Neighborhood

“Mind is a battlefield, all hope is gone, trouble to the right and left, whose side you're on?” Salute to these Rock & Roll legends one time…


Miguel ft Travis Scott - Skywalker

“I'm outstandin' so I stand out (stand out), I'm more bathed than a bathhouse, Top Gun, on my Tom Cruise, I play for keeps and I don't lose” The first single off Miguel’s upcoming album War & Leisure is a good one and Travis Scott actually sounds somewhat decent on this… Meanwhile these visuals are nothing but 🔥🔥🔥


GOLDLINK ft KAYTRANADA & Jazmine Sullivan - Meditation

“I wanna be more than homies, I wanna feel your body on me, I wanna be your lover, your lady, just wanna be your baby” Visuals for one of the many standouts off GOLDLINK’s At What Cost project that’s been one of the best of 2017.

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