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August 6-13

Legacy Track of the Week: Khalil - Distance

“Maybe it’s the distance, maybe that’s the reason that I need you more, baby I just need some more to say, baby you should tell me what you want” For those unfamiliar, Khalil is a 22 year old singer from Sacramento who’s actually been signed to a label since his early teen years, working under the Def Jam Teen Island imprint that was looking to cash in on the phenomenon known as Justin Bieber. In fact Khalil has been paired with Bieber throughout the creative process, even joining the golden child during his infamous late night escapades that on one occasion involved racing Lamborghinis around Miami Beach, leaving them both arrested and charged with DUI. Nonetheless that’s just the trials and tribulations of the life of a rock star, yet in addition to having Young Money Cash Money affiliations thus far we haven’t heard much from Khalil as an artist at all - yet that’s now changed with the release of his latest studio album titled Prove It All, where based on this song alone it sounds like he could be a legitimate star in the making.


Khalil - Deserves It

“Oh this ain’t just physical, and you swear there’s no one different no” Another strong cut off Prove It All, a solid R&B project that’s definitely worth the listen.


A$AP Twelvyy - Strapped

“Yeah, this shit fell up in my lap, I was sellin packs, I wouldn't really worry bout no raps, I was movin straps, this is all facts, me and Dame tried it to the max, got these monkeys on our backs, anything bling? gettin snatched” Produced by A$AP P on the boards this one was inspired by the classic HBO film Strapped starring Bokeem Woodbine & Fredro Starr, the latter who appears in the skit that bleeds into the record, and off the strength of that inspiration alone it’s by no surprise that they got a great result. It’s good to know that the A$AP Mob actually has a frame a reference outside of the latest fashion trends, and I hope they’re inspired by material more like this moving forward.


A$AP Twelvyy ft A$AP Rocky - Diamonds

“Appreciate the late rappers, paved the way rappers, I think back to backpackers and the wave cappers, cause now I hate rappers, hate today's rappers, hate these fake rappers, lame fashion closet gangsta rappers” Rocky laces this record that’s overall one of the standouts off 12, the first solo project from Twelvyy who’s been on his grind behind the scenes for many years now… and at this point he just might be the most talented out of the crew.


A$AP Twelvyy - Periodic Table

"I was grown up by them Glock boys, them heat-makers and them hot boys, them every night make a knot boys, yhem rock boys and them Glock boys" Produced by Ill Wayno using a familiar sample Twelvyy smokes this instrumental with two flameworthy verses as well as a hook that seems to pay homage to the Cash Money Hot Boy era… truth be told there’s a lot to like with this one… put this on your saturday playlists immediately.


A$AP Twelvyy ft Smooky MarGielaa - Brothers

“Drop tears for my ***** Steve, why my ***** had to leave?” An ode to the late A$AP Yams this tribute is well done and worth more attention than it’s received thus far, as is the case with the entire 12 project that’s better than likely anyone expected.


Logic - 1800 - 273 - 8255

"Ain't nobody calling my phone, where you been, where you at, what's on your mind, they say every life precious but nobody care about mine" Strong visuals for what’s likely Logic’s biggest crossover hit to date, this is another great effort from one of the genre’s most talented and rising stars. [Also make sure you check for the MTV Awards performance as well, as it’s simply another groundbreaking moment that deserves our attention}


TY Dolla $ign ft Lil Wayne & The Dream - Love U Better

“Turn this D into a D+ and I'm her tutor, turn a B into a D cup, hallelujah, got her clappin, yeah she booby-trappin out at Hooter's, treat the little lollipop like Lollapalooza, I'm the one to introduce her, kama to sutra, say she a cougar when it comes to Young Mula, 12 gauge, girl, Tunechi bout to one-two ya” Somewhat of an uninspired single but decent enough I suppose to get the video treatment.


Jay Z - Moonlight

“We stuck in La La Land, even when we win, we gon lose, y'all got the same fuckin' flows, I don't know who is who” Cool visuals although truth be told this was my least favorite record off the project.

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