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October 1-8

Legacy Track of the Week: Belly - The Come Down Is Real Too

“But look, tryna find a jam in this lil room, you know you never pick a rose when it's fully bloomed, walkin out the house like who you runnin to?,’ fuckin with dude that's young enough to be a son to you, crazy how you lookin shorty, you pushin 40, like baby, now you lookin for me, you lookin sorry, no cure for the insecure, but you can share my soul with me since you're missin yours” Smh Belly coasting on this… and for the record nobody that mumble raps can flow like this…


Belly - Make A Toast

“Been a week I've been coming down, Maybachs just to run around, they mad I'm stylin’ when I come around, shoutout to Pun I'm trying to live I lost a hundred pounds” Behind the scenes there has been a Palestinian - Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who has been cookin up 🔥🔥🔥for years now, having most recently collaborated with The Weeknd and Beyonce while scoring record contracts with both XO (The Weeknd) and Roc Nation (Jay Z). On his resume he has one studio album from a decade ago titled The Revolution, and three subsequent mixtapes that I need to go back to off the strength off his latest release alone, none other than the mixtape Mumble Rap that’s easily some of the best Hip Hop to be released this year. Does that sound like a contradiction? Perhaps deliberately so, as despite the misleading title this is Hip Hop in it’s purest form.


Belly - Lullaby

“Wonder if God heard me pray when I was trying to repent, if he didn’t I know he heard my mother cry over the rent, then you wonder why the mood inside this room is so tense, no offense, but I don’t really got nowhere to go vent, oh yeah success is like a drug and I been high on the scent, feel like I wasted all the money, and the time that I spent, maybe the tears inside my eyes had me blind with revenge, I told her even if we crash imma ride till the end” I rarely post 8 bars but when they cookin what else am I supposed to do? Belly got the lyrics, flow, and the ear for good production, thus I’m about to go through his back catalogue and get a lot more familiar.


Dvsn - Nuh Time / Tek Time

“Baby you always say, ‘I hate when it feels like, you don't have time for me, nuh time, nuh time,’ no, no” By now everyone should be familiar with the mysterious OVO group known as dvsn (pronounce division) made up of Drake producer Nineteen85 and Canadian singer Daniel Daley, who released their debut last year and now have released their sophomore project titled Morning After, which from start to finish is nothing less than some of the purest R&B to come out in a long time. For the record I prefer the first side of this track more than the second but it’s 🔥🔥🔥 all around.


Dvsn - Keep Calm

“I shouldn't be thinkin about, what I would do if I was beside you, in a king-sized suite, layin in those sheets, you know we work it out and I keep my eyes on you, you know I figured out the secrets to your body, baby” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 One of the best records off Morning After this time produced by both Nineteen85 and Noah ‘40’ Shebib, once again reaffirming how insanely talented the OVO brand is as a whole.


Krayzie Bone & Young Noble - About That Murder

“I had a crazy conversation and I coulda swore it was Satan, but I can’t remember, I woke up and all of a sudden I was the maaaan” For those not paying attention Krayzie Bone & Young Noble have been collaborating A LOT in 2017, having just released Thug Brothers 2 back in July and now they’re back for the third installment only a few months later, and over 11 tracks it’s for the most part an inspired effort and an enjoyable listen. It should be noted that the original Thug Brothers project was released back in 2006 between Young Noble and Layzie Bone, and it’s good to see that the legendary crews are carrying on the tradition.


Krayzie Bone & Young Noble - Makaveli & Eazy

“Know the pain run deep, you ain’t even gotta ask, I’m the last Outlaw but the first shall be last, I spit it for cell blocks, and the ***** on the ave, who ain’t got no hope, like every day can be your last, voice of the voiceless I speak on their behalf, it’s deeper than it seems you ain’t even know the half” Noble spitting flames on this and they both destroy this very familiar instrumental.


Liam Gallagher - Wall of Glass

“And the stone you throw, will turn back in its path, one day you'll shatter like a wall of glass” This is apparently the first released single of Liam Gallagher’s career? That doesn’t sound right but apparently As You Were is indeed his first solo album after a two decade run with Oasis that was nothing short of legendary. Nonetheless off the significance of the moment alone this deserves some acknowledgement.


Liam Gallagher - Bold

“Gonna sing my soul, shake off these blues, cause it's alright, it's alright now…” The talent is still there and this sounds like it could have been an album cut off Morning Glory.


Liam Gallagher - Paper Crown

“Cause you've never been alone before, oh, and the wolf is at the door, oh, now it's better if you hold your breath and don't look down, at the pages of your paper crown” One of the strongest records off As You Were, which Gallagher himself likens to a David Bowie record that he’s also bold enough to claim as an undeniable classic.


Dvsn - Think About Me

“Now who gonna fuck like I do? Yeah, nobody, and who knows your touch like I do? Yeah, nobody, and who's gonna make sure that you come first in everything they do? Everything you do, I want you tell the fuckin' truth, I know you still think about me...” More 🔥🔥🔥


Dvsn - Don’t Choose

“Don't choose a club over this tonight, don't choose your friends over this tonight, don't you forget the way I make it feel, don't say you won't when I know you will” Co-written by more OVO talent in PARTYNEXTDOOR and sampling Isaac Hayes the single off the album definitely doesn’t disappoint.


Dvsn - P.O.V.

"I wanna change your life, I just wanna change your mood, make you need to change your clothes, still I never changed on you, you know I'm there when it's somethin new, little bit of me on you, and I just wanna change your point of view” More 🔥🔥🔥 that samples another Maxwell classic, that was originally featured on the soundtrack for an actual timeless film in the name of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence’s 'Life', which is honestly one of the best films of all time and that can’t be said enough

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