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October 8-15

Legacy Track of the Week: Marc E Bassy - Let Me Rock

“I can be bad all by myself, if I want to live forever I don't need no one's help... let me rock… we got Xans, got percs, got rocks… let me rock...” While I don’t condone the percocet culture that’s taken over high school and college campuses worldwide, this melody is super tough all the same… so I’ll let em rock with no hesitation - in fact this is probably my favorite record off the new album entitled Gossip Columns, which is quietly right between 24K Magic and Funk Wav Bounce Vol 1 in terms of undeniable quality.


Marc E Bassy - Black Jeep

“We got a black Jeep, to get us over, we got a black Jeep for starting over, we got a black Jeep, it's four wheel drive, we got a black Jeep, we'll still survive” Marc E Bassy is a San Francisco native who is a budding superstar in the making, demonstrated clearly on his debut album Gossip Columns that in it’s best moments is better than The Weeknd and just short of The Dream - which as a result puts him in some very impressive company.


Wu-Tang Clan ft Inspectah Deck & Redman - Lesson Learn’d

“Painting the truth, here's proof, ain't it the truth, so ill a nigga spit with a containment suit, slayin' the booth, aim, shoot, bang! cave in the roof, hater, wouldn't last a day in my shoes” Wu-Tang Clan is back with their latest compilation album titled The Saga Continues, and this one produced by Mathematics (whose quality production alongside RZA helped inspire the tape) is the perfect recipe for Redman and Inspectah Deck to cook on, the latter who absolutely annihilates his verse and the former who’s been an honorary Wu member from the very beginning. Long live the Rap Gods who are still droppin jewels 25 years into the game.


Wu-Tang Clan ft Hue Hef & Raekwon - Fast and Furious

“I said I'm fast and I'm furious, headed on the I-95, ready to ride when I'm blastin, I'm killin shit” More fire production from Mathematics (who along with great production is also known for creating the original Wu-Tang symbol back in 1991) where Rae & Hue Hef (who sounds somewhat similar to Uncle Murda but that’s good with me) get into storytelling mode in a reckless adventure down I-95.


Marc E Bassy - Til I Get Found

“If you love me, baby, cut me off, leave me high and dry, that's my bridge across, if you love me, baby, break me down, leave me lost and all alone, until I get found” Smh this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 complete with great lyrics, a great melody, and a perfect instrumental provided by Rami Dawod & Jacob Olofsson that likely couldn’t be any better. A damn near perfect record on a very impressive debut album.


Marc E Bassy ft KYLE - Plot Twist

“Plot twist, I never thought it would end up like this, I always thought it would only be one kiss, one became a hundred, oh, all of a sudden, I'm saying, ‘I love you’" Said to be one of the few records that Bassy didn’t write on the album himself, this is a relatively conventional radio single that’s actually more fire and catchy than most, therefore making it another damn good record and I’m not mad at it at all.


Wu-Tang Clan ft Method Man - If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation)

“This my Cohiba, cigar blow, even Tony Stark knows the tension is thick as Wallabee Clark soles, but did I mention I'm sick and gotta be hardcore, hard-boiled, taking your base, that's what we ball for, money over bimbos, that's what the Mob for, rappers stuck in limbo 'cause they were settin the bar low, every time I rhyme on a track, it's like a convo, King, we put the nine to your back, it's like you Rondo, when it come to John, though, I'ma slaughter a John Doe, drag him through a drive-thru like he ordered the combo” Mathematics & Method Man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Wu-Tang Clan ft Method Man, Raekwon, Redman, Inspectah Deck, & Masta Killah - People Say

“Until my heart turns cold, I'm a product of the block, we used to cook the product in the pot, add soda, turn the product into rock, it's in my DNA, you see it started with my pops, in his heyday he probably put your father in a box, in my heyday, I probably put the product in my sock, ain't no vacay, the props become a problem when it's hot” All the verses are potent and the Mathematics production is once again the star of the show, where ultimately he inspired the best of Wu Tang that we’ve heard in a minute.


Marc E Bassy - New Ting

“Baby, don't be shy, you don't ever need a reason why, if you give me that reaction, I'ma give you satisfaction” More 🔥🔥🔥


Marc E Bassy ft YG - Westside Love

“Say, LA, you took my love, you made me feel it's never enough, yeah, Hollywood, you took my heart, you made me tear that shit apart, that Westside love, yeah, Westside, ain't no love over here, yeah, that Westside love, yeah…yeah that Westside… but it's all love over here, baby” Produced by Sounwave and featuring YG this is a very appropriate Westside anthem that’s from the heart and made for the soul


Marc E Bassy ft G Eazy - You & Me

“If we bump into each other, on a crowded street, it’s not us no more, it’s just you and me” Phenomenal radio single that could literally be played on every station other than perhaps opera and heavy metal, this is pop meets reggae meets r&b meets hip hop… and honestly it sounds too good to be mad at this at all…. Cultural appropriation??? Nah this is just good music…


Wu-Tang Clan ft Method Man, R-Mean, and Mzee Jones - G’d up

“A go-getter, I go get it, now go figure, without no figures, no gold cards, no gold diggers, to quote Jigga, I goes hard, I blow Swishers, I blow that trigger, your whole squad can go wit'cha” More Method Man 🔥🔥🔥 and while we talking shaolin’s finest let’s talk about this legendary cypher while we’re at it [notice the ill will - yaktown reference - MEANNN].


Wu-Tang Clan ft Ghostface Killah, RZA, Capadonna, and Stephen Latorre - My Only One

‘Floor seats row five at the Barclays, my girl's physical she wanna see Beyoncé, lipstick from hugging me close, it's on the collar, tomorrow night dear, we gonna crash the Oscars, shout-out to my L.A. jeweler for the chandelier round her neck, yeah, my baby's the best” Smh this some of the best Mathematics production on the tape and this hook from Stephen Latorre puts this track together seamlessly making it an instant classic. Play this in the whip immediately and enjoy.

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