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September 10-17

Legacy Track of the Week: Musiq Soulchild - Start Over

“Too busy playing with your heart, and yeah I know I ain't no saint baby but, I ain't gone get but so far, in this life if you're not in it now so how…” Not exactly Who Knows / Love Don’t Change level but this is still reminiscent of Musiq at his very best, and one of the best records off the new double disc album entitled Feel The Real.


Musiq Soulchild - Benefits

“Baby girl listen, I don’t want you thinking I’m just playing with you, I’m just tryna keep it real, what’s the deal? can we be friends…with benefits, huh?” This track is the embodiment of Musiq Soulchild in every way, as it’s reminiscent of so many classics that made him the underground legend he remains to this day.


Musiq Soulchild ft Willie Hyn - Serendipity

“Where you been? What took you so long? (Cause I've been here waitin on you), other ones I've been with were so wrong (they ain't got nothin' on you)” One of a handful of strong cuts off Musiq’s latest release entitled Feel The Real, which for the most part is quality yet is misguidedly a double disc - which in retrospect seems to be a terrible decision that did nothing to help the reception of the album at all.


Musiq Soulchild - Shudawudacuda

“All that shoulda woulda coulda don’t mean nothin, yeah I know I was trippin when I should have been lovin…you, cause if that shoulda woulda coulda did mean somethin, then I wouldn’t be missing what could’ve been” One of Musiq Soulchild’s most underrated qualities is his songwriting, which for my money is some of the very best the genre has ever seen.


Wyclef Jean - Turn Me Good

“What we gonna do when we get to Zion, Imma love you all night, we gonna be alright” Wyclef just released the third installment of his Carnival series titled The Fall and Rise of a Refugee, and the standout is this record that’s nothing short of perfect in every way.


Wyclef Jean ft Hannah Eggen & Izolan - Concrete Rose

“What's good, sa kap fet, merci bonjoir I ain't in the faith, back in the days under my tongue, I kept the switch blade, school face on the ground like subways, but like the King, I had a dream, now my name on fire everywhere like hot wings” For Wyclef this is bars and if you press play on it you’ll understand… he coast on this if nothing else.


Musiq Soulchild ft The Husel & Willie Hyn - One More Time

“Think we need each other more than we know, think we need each other more than we hope, let’s just be honest, cards on the table, skeletons in the closet, a full house” Up and coming Atlanta artist Willie Hyn is all over this double disc album and he annihilates his verse on this record, with at least 32 bars of fire complete with even a Murda Mook reference - which when done right is always a good look and this time it doesn’t disappoint. Major respect to Willie Hyn for his performance on the album and I now need to get familiar with his own music.


Musiq Soulchild - Like the Weather

“Your love is rain, your love is sun, your love is snow, your weather forecast I may never know, some days you’re hot, some days you’re cold or in between, but that don’t change the love I have for you and me” More 🔥🔥🔥 from the legendary Musiq Soulchild himself, along with great production from Chris Theory who provides one of the best arrangements on the new album.


Musiq Soulchild - Fact of Love

“Just like birds fly, and fish swim, I need your love, like the sun shines, and the world spins, I need your love, yeah” Another one of the stronger cuts off Feel The Real


Musiq Soulchild ft BLAQGxLD & Chris Theory - Sunrise Serenade

“Sunrise serenade, yeah, girl, you take me from the pressure, yeah, sunrise serenade, oh oh, you keep my heart in the warmest weather” See above


Musiq Soulchild - Simple Things

“I don't need no fortune, you can keep the fame, just give me a real good woman, that is enough for me, cause it’s all about the simple things” The final record off the 22 track double disc is one of it’s very best, where produced by J Troy this is Musiq Soulchild at his finest.


A$AP Ferg - Nandos

“Hundred bottles in the club when I land though, we was in the PJ flying high fucking up Nandos, landed in Cannes for a couple bands, that was the plan though, we gotta get a couple model bitches we gon' fuck on the damn boat” Produced by Pro Era’s Kirk Knight this is another one of the standouts on Ferg’s Still Striving lp, that recently just got the video treatment.

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