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September 3-10

Legacy Track of the Week: EARTHGANG - Legendari

“Okay, now I know, what it take, to make the best of my situation, and I admit, that for a minute, I, I couldn't tell you what, what I was chasing” Produced by Atlanta’s own Childish Major this is a timeless record that’s certainly true to it’s name, as it’s heartfelt lyrics and general uplifting message makes it one of the most significant records to come out this year. Amongst a very impressive catalogue this is perhaps a prime example of what makes EarthGang so special, as the record flows together seamlessly in such a way that this writer will forever be inspired, a familiar feeling that seems to come with the Dreamville brand altogether.


EARTHGANG ft J.I.D. - Meditate

“You know I'm here for the ***** shit, whole life been ***** rich, since my momma let a project ***** hit, set it up so when I meet the reaper, let my son reap the benefits” Produced by longtime Dreamville member Elite, the opening track of EarthGang’s Rags EP is definitely one that hits hard and doesn’t pull any punches, where from start to finish J.I.D., Doctur Dot, & Johnny Venus tear this one to shreds.



“Red light, green light, headlights, speed by, made by, design, child of the city, oh, they knocking with me, oh, they rocking with me, no, they fucking with me, no, they fucking with me” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Produced by AnonXmousOne this is one of the best hooks and overall vibes of the year… this one is a riiiiiiiidddde and should have definitely got the video treatment. Truth be told this should have been their debut single on Dreamville that they really pushed.


EARTHGANG ft Childish Major - Nowhere Fast

“Hey, ain't this a damn shame? I look down and see my phone ring, it's my pops and I ain't even tryna answer...” Another one produced by Childish Major (who’s quietly flexing all over this EP), this is nothing less than another thoughtful, introspective record that’s certain to hit home for many.


EARTHGANG ft Mick Jenkins - House

“I pray someday you'll, find what you need in this lifetime, I know the way, so hard to see through the pipeline” Produced by Hollywood JB this is the perfect outro to an overall incredible debut Dreamville EP from EarthGang, which sets the tone for their follow up EP Robots that was released a month later, the predecessor to their third EP titled Royalty to be released at some point later this year. It’s also been reported that their debut Dreamville album will be titled Mirrorland and will also be released in the near future, therefore ensuring that EarthGang has a lot more heat on the stove for all of us still hungry for more.


Syd - Moving Mountains

“Used to take you on the road with me, backstage, all of the shows with me, hotel, top floor with me, seashell, seashore with me” Produced by Anonymous this is best track of Syd’s latest release the Always Never Home EP


Eric Bellinger - Drive By

“In the morning (Thinkin about you, thinkin about you), late at night (thinkin about you, thinkin about you) on the job (Thinkin about you, thinkin about you) baby, you stay on my mind” One of the best records off the rather anticipated and controversial Eric B. For President (apparently the original Eric B. isn’t feeling it) is this record in it’s infectious vibe that - by my count is really the only redeemable record off the first disc (first term) alone.


Eric Bellinger - Naked in the White House

“To walking round naked in my house, naked in the white house, naked in the white house, walking round naked in my house, we be getting naked in the white house” Produced by DJ Camper the intro to disc two (term 2) is a nice tone setter for what’s overall a better project than it’s predecessor.


Eric Bellinger - Make You Mine

“Tell me, does your mother know? you're a bad, bad, bad gyal, tell me, does your father know? you're a bad, bad, bad gyal” A smooth uptempo dance record produced by John Souley & SRNO and I can vibe to this


Eric Bellinger - Know / Vibes

"They say nothing lasts forever, yeahSo I know time is of the essence, yeah" This two part record is definitely good for the vibe as it’s true to it’s name and one of the best moments on the tape - which as a two part installment in itself is definitely better the second time around.


Eric Bellinger ft Victoria Monet - Malibu Nights

“Malibu nights, nights in Malibu, Malibu nights, Malibu nights, crashing waves, waves crashing” A fire duet featuring none other than the up and coming singer from Sacramento named Victoria Monet, who if her name sounds familiar you might remember her from the Nas classic You Wouldn’t Understand, along with this heater from TI that came out last year.


The Dream ft Fabolous - Summer Body

“So shoutout to summer baby, you knew it was coming baby, that ass was always stupid, but now it look dumber baby” More video treatment for one of the best records of this past summer.


Joey Bada$$ - Temptation

“And I really can’t take it no more, I be fighting temptations, my Lord, I'm making them restless (And I really can't help it), I never felt selfish before, I've been living so reckless, I know, tell me Lord can you help me? (I said Lord can you help me?)” Produced by Adam Pallin along with Pro Era’s Kirk Knight one of the best records off All Amerikkkan Bada$$ finally got the video treatment.

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