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October 22-29

Legacy Track of the Week - Big K.R.I.T. - Get Away

“I put the piece on chain, I did that shit for the haters, made in the image of greatness, I got that there from my maker, skipped over the minor leagues and took that shit to the majors, fuck all that salt they was tossing, sauce got plenty of flavor” Produced by K.R.I.T. himself this right here is one of a dozen great records off the two disc 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time album, K.R.I.T.’s 3rd studio album (not including his legendary mixtape catalogue) that at the moment feels like his best work to date.


Big K.R.I.T. ft TI - Big Bank

“Got seven kids, and I gotta make sure all of em fed, by any means, can't be no excuses, my children can't eat no excuses, my daughter can't sleep in excuses, my son he see me with no paper like keep your excuses, if you ain't producing, you're useless, that's why I'm out here getting to it, fresh out the booth I go straight to the stage, then I go straight to get paid, hunnid I earned, fifty I saved, my bitch don't be cleaning up, I need a maid, she don't be cooking so I need a chef, ain't giving me nothin I get it myself, I'm doing my thing and I did it to death” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Maaannnnn it’s TIP Pimpin slapped this Big K.R.I.T. instrumental and honestly his verse is one of the best of the year bar none - talking from any artist period - TIP went into his trick bag and went honey baked ham from Bar 1 to 16, and honestly it would be criminal to overlook K.R.I.T.’s talent as an artist/producer moving forward.


Big K.R.I.T. - Layup

“Lookin like a layup, layup, layup (that's a layup, that's a layup), layup, layup (that's a layup, that's a layup), sunshine on my window, let's go float, pass me that pick and roll, off backboard, lookin like a layup, layup, layup…” K.R.I.T. himself calls this a smoke record and it’s definitely as good as advertised. Once again he comes through with his own production and this is definitely cool for the vibe


Big K.R.I.T. - Price of Fame

“Lifestyles of the rich and famous, that lifestyle left a lot of rich folk brainless, to the temple, yeah we were broke but that life was simple, besides, food is food, water is water, air is air, the rest is mental, I did without until I did within, I said on beat what I wrote in pen, I gave my all without giving in, but it's a thin line between heavenly divine and a living a life of sin” Some of the best lyrics of the tape come on top of this Will Power production where K.R.I.T. eloquently illustrates the cost of fame and fortune.


Big K.R.I.T. - Big K.R.I.T.

“And the world full of temptations can make you feel so incomplete, grow up to better than me, go farther than I can go, see farther than I can see, when my days draw to a close, breathe longer than I can breathe, and I'm fine with that, in the event that I decide to move forward what you've done, they can rewind it back, and I'm a proud parent now as I was a proud parent then, I saw you grow up to become the kind of king that I knew you'd always been” On the intro to Volume 1 K.R.I.T. delivers his patented spoken word delivery that he’s mastered throughout his career, followed by his equally signature rapid pace delivery that over his own production makes him one of the most versatile artists in the game.


Big K.R.I.T. - Justin Scott

“Forever is a mighty long time… yes, it is” Track 1 of Volume 2 on the 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time album sets the tone with a smooth jazz instrumental provided by DJ Khalil, and even though I’m partial to Volume 1 on the project - Volume 2 still comes through with the same energy.


Big K.R.I.T. ft Jill Scott - Higher Calling

“It's like, I treasure each night, to know that you exist, in the midst of all this shit, you are my higher calling” Jill Scott comes through and laces the hook for another memorable album cut off a very cohesive album.


Big K.R.I.T. ft Lloyd - 1999

“I be in the streets with my woes, and I be on the creep all the time with these hoes, can't help that I'm a freak and it shows, see I be eating pussy, kissing titties, sucking toes, million dollar ***** since a youngin, and if the police coming then I'm runnin, and if I go to jail then my baby post the bail, *****, *****, I ain't worried bout nothing” Lloyd lowkey snaps on this and the fact that the production is provided by Mannie Fresh makes this all the more appropriate, overall a decent album cut that’s not as bubblegum pop as it may sound on first listen.


Big K.R.I.T. ft UGK - Ride With Me

“Say, R.I.P. to Pimp C, he was the King of The South, if you hating on that, you need to shut your fucking mouth” Both Bun B and Pimp C on the record and produced by Organized Noize (let’s not forget about the 🔥 ep they dropped earlier this year) and Cory Mo this is another solid album cut that makes volume 1 damn near flawless from start to finish.


Big K.R.I.T. ft CeeLo Green & Sleepy Brown - Get Up 2 Come Down

“Trying to get up to come down, got that playa shit by the pound, the gold with the lacs and the crown, make it where them hoes come around” More K.R.I.T. production and Dungeon Family collaborations with the legendary Sleepy Brown on the hook and CeeLo unexpectedly on the 3rd verse where he spits a highly memorable 16 that’s worth the listen.


Ty Dolla $ign ft YG - Ex

“Mixing Henny with the Bombay (Bomb), fuck it, I done had a long day (oh), I done linked up with my old thing, right time, but the wrong place” Produced by Ty Dolla himself along with Bongo the Drum GAHD and Yung Berg aka Hitmaka (who if he’s actually producing has far more skills behind the boards then he had on the mic), this is a nice record that simply does what it’s supposed to.


Ty Dolla $ign ft Pharrell Williams & Wiz Khalifa - Stare

“Saint Laurent my denim, reckless how I'm livin, brand new diamond chain, gang, gang, gang, gang” Produced and featuring Pharrell with an additional third verse provided by Wiz Khalifa, this is everything you’d expect it to be and I’m not mad at this.


Ty Dolla $ign ft Damian Marley & Skrillex - So Am I

“And if you’re searching for the truth, but you're so smart that you obvious know a lie, baby so am I, you're sick and tired of a lover who do wrong, even though they know the right, baby so am I” Perhaps the singular best record off the Beach House 3 mixtape is surprisingly a collaboration between Ty Dolla $ign & Damian Marley, where over Poo Bear & Skrillex production this one is definitely a ride 🔥🔥🔥


Ty Dolla $ign ft MadeinTYO - Lil Favorite

“I've been stressin', I've been up all night, had to leave them hoes alone, had to focus on my life” Another heater off Ty Dolla’s latest project titled Beach House 3, that honestly is appropriately titled considering the laid back vibes that it’s good for. Also for the record the featured artist MadeinTYO has proven himself to be a legitimate talent and if you haven’t heard his latest mixtape you should not sleep on that kid any longer.


Ty Dolla $ign ft Lauren Jauregui - In Your Phone

“You always in your phone (phone), I feel like you do me wrong (wrong), you always in your phone (phone), I feel like you do me wrong” The hook is flames and the concept is far too relatable for most… this track could honestly blow up if the radio program directors had an ear for good music smh


The Lox ft L-Biz - Re-Up

“I was just pursuing it everybody was doing it, it was like a tradition and who was I to ruin it” Jada coasting on one of the four tracks they released off their #4NoReAsOn EP, which is appropriately titled yet still showcases their undeniable talent all the same.


The Lox ft Derez Deshon - Gangsta Party

“My presences is enough then what’s up then, honeys just as foreign as the cars we pulled up in, cognac, champagne bottles just erupting, we’re never reluctant to throw on the Tom Ford tuxes, Bowties, pocket squares, hard bottoms, they never gon be able to touch him Allah got em” Jada’s flow is impeccable and always will be


Snoop Dogg - Good Foot

“Back with the Wonder Dog, not the underdog, can't you understand? Please believe me, I'm with Stevie, mental wonderland, or maybe Michael Jackson, pure satisfaction, rest in pussy Hugh Hef, Playboy Mansion” Produced by Kid Capri this is one of the few highlights off Snoop’s Make America Crip Again project (which I highly doubt anyone put a lot of thought into)


Snoop Dogg ft October London - My Last Name

“Girl what you tripping for, I don't care bout these hoes, I ain't still living in the fast lane baby, I've changed a lot, I still deserve a shot, I still want you to have my last name” Produced by King Los and featuring October London (the singer who had perhaps the most memorable moment off Snoop’s Neva Left album released earlier this year), this is the only other record off his latest release that I would say is worth the recommendation.


Yo Gotti - Back Gate

"If I ain't know God I would've lost faith, ****** couldn't eat while they lost weight, ***** ain't going on no diet, ****** kill a nigga by they pride, ****** gon slide, ****** gon do 25 in a cell for a ***** switch sides, you can see it in my eyes, that's pain, lost ****** to the game and ain't the same” Produced by DJ Khaled (I don’t believe it) and Ben Billions (XO records) Gotti snaps on this and it’s 🔥🔥🔥


Yo Gotti -2908

“I wanna apologize homie, I ain't realize homie, I had that hustler instinct everything we monetize, homie, your little brother like my brother it left him traumatized homie, and you my ***** you were down to do a homicide for me” Again produced by Khaled (I really don’t believe it) and Ben Billions (I think Khaled puts his name on Billions work, just a feeling) this is another one of the strongest cuts off Gotti’s latest release titled I Still Am


Yo Gotti - Around The World

“Been 'round the world, reppin where I'm from (where I'm from), right back to my hood, right back to the slums” Yet again produced by Khaled and Billions 😃 the outro to I Still Am has the children of the neighborhood caroling about Gotti’s exploits in a feel good track that you could never dismiss.


Gucci Mane ft Slim Jxmmi & Young Dolph - Stuntin Ain’t Nuthin

“Came out my momma like a boss, got these hoes singing Diana Ross (huh), making big moves constantly, EA need to sponsor me (2K)” Nevermind that EA & 2K are two different companies (still 🔥🔥🔥) salute to the Rae Sremmurd bros this is one of the more decent cuts off Gucci’s latest album entitled Mr. Davis


Gucci Mane ft Chris Brown - Tone It Down

“Gucci Mane and CB, jewelry lookin' 3D, tryna be like me ain’t easy (wow), ***** hate me, women wanna date me, cause I got all these VVS pieces (yah), in that grey thing, 2018 Rolls Royce truck, no reason (huh), water on my time piece wetter than a Fiji parked in front of the St. Regis (burr), artists wanna meet me, ballin like an athlete, but I ball all four seasons (ooh), diamonds dancing just like Breezy (Breezy), take it easy Breezy, go easy (ha)” Gucci actually smokes this instrumental provided A1, Cardiak, & Yung Berg (do I believe that Berg really producing??? Smh I could believe it) and this serves as a reminder that Gucci is actually lowkey nice and always has been… at least in comparison to the Yachty’s & them…


Gucci Mane ft Rico Love - Miss My Woe

“Took a shot of Dusse now I'm missin' my woe, always stay on 10 like the 6 and the 4, I still can't believe you won't be hitting my phone, took a shot of Dusse now I'm missing my woe” smh this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Gucci & Rico got a certified classic with this one and this might be the most significant Brick Squad record to date 💪💪💪 a complete record from start to finish produced by Rico Love himself along with Danja and Chris Bosh? The retired All Star Power Forward Chris Bosh? Do I believe it? Yeaaa this time I’ll ride with it… hopefully the video treatment coming soon


Gucci Mane - Made It (Outro)

“I act like I forgot but I was once a mental patient, sittin still in a cell while my career deteriorated, now everyday I wake up I feel invigorated, got Rihanna on IG talking about Gucci's transformation, minor setback for a major compilation, meant to say comeback but I might drop a compilation” Gucci! ❄️❄️❄️ produced by Zaytoven the outro is one of the standouts from Mr. Davis.

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