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December 17-24

Legacy Track of the Week: Big Sean, Metro Boomin - No Hearts, No Love

“I'm less focused on props and more on property, done put so much back in my hood that I changed the economy, I'm 'bout to build a movie theatre downtown properly, and help revive the heart of the city, just keep on watching me” The outro is one of the best vibes on the Double or Nothing tape where both Metro and Sean showcase some of their best work to date. Good thing Metro deleted all that J Cole slander from back in the day because that was more #CoolTableLunchRoomTime talk and that’s never the look from someone with actual talent (in other words he played himself but we move forward). Nonetheless Metro has certainly proven himself as an elite producer over the years and I look forward to more collaborative projects in the future.


Big Sean, Metro Boomin ft Kash Doll - So Good

“You got such a pretty mind (oh my God), I be damned if I didn't 69, I can hit this shit until I'm 69, nah, fuck it I can hit this shit until I'm six feet down, deep in that dirt (dirt), whatchu gonna snooker just to leave in that skirt (skirt), got everybody watchin while you leavin from work (work), got the preacher watching while you leaving from church, baby you know what you worth” Honestly as rudimentary as it may be this may be some of the best artistry of Sean’s career, and I’m talking all the way up and down this tape. Despite it’s lackluster reception in terms of twitter hype and Charlamagne / Joe Buddens co-signs (all of which means less and less by the day), this very debatably plays like the best project of Sean’s career, and before you disagree please don’t oversell the Finally Famous era or highlight his singular hit records (of which he has many). Yet similar to his Hall of Fame album which for whatever reason was written off on social media platforms by the first week, the quality of this project as a whole has gone largely unnoticed and as a fan of the artform it’s only right to correct the record. Meanwhile this particular record definitely pushes the envelope as far as explicit content goes, and while I’m just getting familiar with fellow Detroit artist Kash Doll, she ultimately compliments this record perfectly and as an album cut makes everything complete.


Big Sean, Metro Boomin ft 2 Chainz - Big Bidness

“Bout to get my girl some kids just to start a family business, cause it's all about business, yeah, big digit business” Although he’s an elite MC it truly can be difficult at times to highlight lyrics from Sean (and believe me he’s better said then written), yet just as often it’s the effortless delivery that gives his records that redeeming value. This record is certainly no different, where amplified by a 🔥🔥🔥 2 Chainz verse this is definitely good for the whip on maximum volume.


Big Sean, Metro Boomin - Who’s Stopping Me

“Big dawg, autobiography, make moves with the bros, no choreographies, she told me I'm the one, I looked over, said obviously, then looked up in the mirror like, who the fuck stopping me, huh?” Sampling Brazilian artist Nazare Pereira for her record Clarão de Lua, Metro Boomin is able to capture an unorthodox sound that Big Sean coasts on with relative ease… this record right here is why both artists are top tier in their lanes… meanwhile it should be noted that this record is also produced by Earily Mac, yet is complete with a bridge that plays off one of Metro Boomin’s famous tag lines “if Lil Metro don’t trust you then you’re shot… bah! bah! bah!"


Big Sean, Metro Boomin ft 21 Savage - Pull Up N Wreck

“And motherfuck the camera time, I need family time (yeah), I need ‘go see Uncle John in Atlanta’ time (John), I'd probably never get it, but it's cool to fantasize (it´s cool), just like I do by old girl and these hands of mine (whoa), gripping on the titties, ass, and her thighs (oh yeah), honestly, I'm over her and her lies, cartier over my eyes while I analyze, ok, me and Lil Metro, rockin new retros, take off your dress ho, that's the new dress code (yeah), too blessed to stress, that's my manifesto (bless), fuck the professor, I'm too professional” Sean does his numbers on this and I can’t be mad at this at all… this is flames even with the 21 Savage verse… and regardless Metro Boomin (with help this time from Southside) is definitely in his trick bag all over this Double or Nothing tape, where truth be told this was one of the best records to close out 2017.


Big Sean, Metro Boomin - Savage Time

“Look, I'm taking out anyone in my way (way), I'm not playing with you, bitch, this not the WNBA (no)” Another strong album cut and Big Sean flexes on this yet not without providing some of the most introspective lyrics on the tape, talking bout “just like them boys in cells who had dreams of NFL (yeah), how they s'posed to pray to God if they keep waking up in hell? been there so long, they got pictures with the fucking devil himself, everybody need direction, even if it's to find they self” smh it’s moments like this that really solidifies Sean as one of the elites.


Big Sean, Metro Boomin ft Young Thug - Even The Odds

“Hoe, this ain't no Ford this a Maserati, this is not a movie, baby, this a real dead body” Even with a Thugger verse the Twitter A&R’s not rocking with the Big Sean & Metro??? *Snoop Dogg at the Source Awards voice* for what it’s worth the internet sensation actually laces this record yet not without some suspect lyrics in terms of “You do anything for this lil' bitch you might be a Cosby, Speaking of Bill Cosby, I spike my drink with molly, you better not tell nobody, zip it, just zips and addy” and while I don’t condone it I don’t cry about it all the same… [side note - spare me on all the DJBooth tears when they hear something… “problematic” smh]


Big Sean, Metro Boomin ft Swae Lee - Reason

“You know I change with the seasons (yeah I change, change), the same way I'm coming, bitch, I'm leaving (yeah I'm out), and when I'm gone you won't see me (gone), unless you give me a reason” Swae Lee does his best Jeremih impression and this is another decent album cut off the Double or Nothing tape.


Taylor Swift ft Future - End Game

“I wanna be your endgame, I wanna be your first string, I wanna be your A-Team (whoa, whoa, whoa), I wanna be your endgame, endgame” This is somewhat of a cringeworthy compilation but it does in fact have a decent vibe to it so I’ll let em have this one…


Cassie - Don’t Play It Safe

“Don't wait, baby, don't play it safe, go take the reins, show me some things” Produced by KAYTRANADA this is decent record accompanied by nice visuals from none other than Bad Boy’s first lady.

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