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December 24-31

Legacy Track of the Week: Dru Hill - This Christmas

“I wanna wrap you up… this christmas… I wanna show you off… this christmas… I wanna take you home with me… this christmas… to meet the family… this christmas” No not the Donny Hathaway classic but instead a new original record of the same name, and this one is nothing but 🔥🔥🔥


Dru Hill - Favorite Time of Year

“Lets dim the lights, let’s set the mood… let me lay you by the fireside, I’m about to warm you up just how you like” On the lowest of keys the Baltimore legends released a Christmas album this past year and it’s 1000000x better than you’d think it would be, complete with original records that Sisqo and company laces with relative ease, if only the industry endorsed and promoted good music you might’ve heard this somewhere…


Dru Hill - No Holiday

“It’s still the 4th of July, if you ain’t there for the fireworks…” A nice album cut off the Christmas in Baltimore album that you’d be ill advised to ignore during the holiday season.


Dru Hill - Silent Night

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…” A nice rendition of the Holiday classic.


Lil Wayne ft Drake - Family Feud

“Super Bowl goals, I'm at the crib with Puff, he got Kaepernick on the phone, he in a whole different mode” To close the year Wayne recruited Drake to cover Jay’s Family Feud record, and while the internet is collectively rejoicing on Drake’s notable verse, I have to say that honestly Wayne comes correct on this as well. This is very close to classic Dedication Wayne and I’m glad that he can still go there when he wants to.


Lil Wayne - Fly Away

“I already got the Ganja, I already got the Fanta, all black like Uganda, hair back like E. Honda, wait, hardhat like a condom, your skull crack then we crowned you, shark bite to a flounder, bar fight to a bouncer, wait…” More classic Dedication Wayne over Kendrick’s Lamar’s DNA. instrumental (produced by Mike Will Made-It). Everything you’d expect no more no less.


Lil Wayne - Everyday We Sick

“Dedication 6, and everyday we sick, treatin medication scrips like some Revelation scripts, I thought yesterday we quit, but you know, every day we spent, then we celebrate the win like we'll never play again” One of the standouts on the latest Wayne tape (and one of the only few that I’ll cosign) is a remix of a YFN Lucci record… and if you love you some Wayne then press play on this record.


Ty Dolla $ign ft YG - Ex

“I just text my main chick (main), I told her I ain't coming home (home)...” Produced by one of the best kept secrets in music by way of Bongo By The Way (and apparently this time with an assist from… smh Yung Berg aka Hitmaka…) this standout off Ty Dolla $ign’s Beach House 3 just got the video treatment, and honestly that entire tape is better than most in it’s genre.

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