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January 21-28, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Evidence ft Styles P, Rapsody, & Khrysis - Love Is A Funny Thing

“Told my ***** Evidence, I don't leave no evidence, not a trace but they gon know the Wraith was in their residence, the revenant, comes for the settlement, ****** is so irrelevant, they gon try to use you, they gon’ want your watch and your chain and your shoes too, ****** will straight abuse you, they gon’ stand there and act like they paid dues too” One of the best surprises of the new year is this solo album from the Dilated Peoples own Evidence, who just released his third solo lp that’s complete with all the best ingredients of underground Hip Hop, including this record that’s amplified by guest verses from Styles & Rapsody who definitely do their numbers all over this Alchemist production. Also, one time for the Khrysis vocals on the hook, those Justus League veterans have always been multi-talented 💯🔥


Evidence - Throw It All Away

“I got some money, I'mma blow it all today, they say 'Michael, don't throw it all away', and my reply was 'there's more on the way,’ when I said it, I was walking in the rain…” Another cut produced by The Alchemist and this is Hip Hop in its purest form 🔥🔥🔥


Evidence ft Krondon - Bad Publicity

“I'm from the coast yeah here's a toast, toward a step of what I want to become, shed so much skin the old Michael is done, and everything I stood for is waging it's war, I miss the road when I'm at home and miss home on tour, lying to myself to say that I ain't changed, I ain't trying to play stupid saying I ain't aged” Introspective bars over Nottz production, this is another one of the standouts off Weather or Not.


Evidence - Rain Drops

“The memories fall, cats and dogs—memories, y’all…” The weatherman is at his finest on this album cut and I need more music just like this… less turn up… more real life…


Evidence - What I Need

“My neighborhood be home and place for actors and athletes, used to be where art met crime, now it’s where the rich keep apartments and stay part time, I ain’t trippin, but another misfortune of the ghetto, lost touch with my homies and the feeling never settled” Evidence bars and they're a lot better than most, this is a real emcee in a maze of drug addicts and mumble rappers, it’s artists like this that deserve more recognition.


Ghostface Killah, Apollo Brown - Beware of the Stare

“Beware, son, I got the stare of Medusa” Tony Starks is still doing his numbers almost thirty years in the game, and with almost thirty projects under his belt, Ghostface is back with a revamped edition to a 2013 album entitled Twelve Reasons To Die, this time fully produced by frequent collaborator Apollo Brown. The tracklisting is almost identical separate from the new instrumentals, and if you’re a fan of the Wu-Tang sound then this is another one to add to the catalogue.


Ghostface Killah, Apollo Brown ft Cappadonna - The Center of Attraction

“She was amazing Carmela, caramel complexion, and God brought it into my life as a suggestion, we clicked, I liked mink, she liked iced out rings, the finer things in life, together we shared drinks” At times this almost reminds me of the classic Ice Cream record, yet ultimately this is Ghost & Cappadonna trading verses over d’evils of a femme fatale, and with that description how could you not press play.


Ghostface Killah, Apollo Brown ft Masta Killa, RZA, & Killa Sin - Revenge Is Sweet

“I keep having flashbacks of blasting at you bastards, cutting outside the benches, got convicted of the gun charge and laughed at my sentence” This is a wild and reckless yet well crafted verse from Killa Sin, and ultimately for its style and production this is one of the standouts on The Brown Tape.


Ghostface Killah, Apollo Brown ft Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, & Killa Sin - Murder Spree

“Yeah, yo, there's a dozen ways to die, six million ways to do it, let's go through it, my mind flow like fluid” This is an Alfred Hitchcock anthology on wax and I can’t think of any better way to describe it 🔪🔪⚔️⚔️🔫🔫 💀💀 The Wu-Tang Clan at it’s finest.


Migos - Auto Pilot (Huncho on the Beat)

“Flyin autopilot (woo), don't need no stylist (no), trappin while I'm driving (trappin), park it on the island (skrrt), stiff arm, Heisman (stiff), singing birds, Isleys (brrrt), I didn't graduate but I know chemistry and science (whip it up)” On this record Quavo tries his hand at production and this one is actually one of the few highlights off Culture II, which altogether is by no surprise is a lackluster album that doesn’t embody the finer aspects of the culture at all.


Migos ft Drake - Walk It, Talk It

“Heard you livin in a mansion in all your raps though, but your shit look like the trap on this Google Maps though, we been brothers since Versace bando, whoa, name ringin like a Migo trap phone, whoa” Produced by Deko & OG Parker this is another one of the highlights off Culture II, even though Drake is on cruise control and is hardly snappin on this at all.


Migos - Stir Fry

“Dance with my dogs in the nighttime, in the kitchen, wrist twistin like it's stir fry (whip it)” This one deservedly got the video treatment and produced by Pharrell this plays like one of the few legitimate records on the album, as opposed to those other mp3’s that supposedly only took 45 minutes to make smh.


Migos - Crown The Kings

“Drown the ice with medicine, drown your bitch with the skeleton, I'm on the stove cooking elements, the sky's the limit I'm heaven-sent, dripping the flies, a pelican, buy me a zoo, I got elephants, they saucy, these ***** not relevant, they copy the bros and it's evident” Migos bars and apparently this is another Quavo assisted production.


Migos - Made Men

“All my ****** made for it (all em), all my ****** made for it (everyone), not Toby, but we slave for it (not Toby), no Kunta Kinte, but we slave for it (no Kunta Kinte)” Lyrics are absurd and hardly poetic, but the instrumental provided by Nonstop Da Hitman quite easily makes it the standout record on the album.


Fabolous, Jadakiss - F vs J Intro

“Be my guest, go ahead and hide, I can’t miss you, you already know I reside at Camp Crystal, Lake, dismantle your face, revamp tissue, Power from the hockey mask, James St. Patrick, three bodies in one night, that’s a hat trick” Visuals are finally being released for the Friday on Elm Street project that came out a few months ago, and while I’m unsure why Jason and one of his victims is wearing the exact same red flannel, the music video overall compliments the record well. [Meanwhile, I think I’m ready to call this duel another respectable draw, as opposed to my previous thoughts that Jason decidedly edged it]


Fabolous, Jadakiss - Soul Food

“More passport stamps, less trips to Miami, yeah bro, we all need a little culture, a little time away from bird ass ***** and vultures, I tell you what you need to hear and not try to insult you, I'm too old to kid you I gotta adult you” Another visual off the Freddy vs Jason tape, and while this record (and production from C-Sick) is definitely a surefire heater, the video to be honest needs a lot of work…


French Montana - Famous

“Even though the world was meant for you… I hope you don’t get famous…” A great record that deservedly got the video treatment, and although I can tell French likes to travel I’m not sure why this was the direction for this particular song.

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