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January 7-14, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Dave East ft Matt Patterson - Never Been

“If you my ***** you ain't ever gotta question it, I give you my last I think my heart too big to measure it, step on the gas I'm standin up cause I could never sit, tryna take my ***** to all the places they never been” Perhaps the singular best record off Dave East’s latest release is this introspective crew-love type of record produced by Joe Joe Beats along with Buda & Grandz who together capture the best sounds heard from East in a minute - or maybe ever for that matter - as it’s records like this that are indisputably in his lane and he should follow this direction more often as he moves forward to his “official” debut.


Dave East - Corey

“Corey homie had had a daughter, I think it start with a K, Corey ain't bought a gift for baby girl until this day, his homie on TV now and Corey can see the crowds, his fans know every word plus they repeating it loud, homie nice with the fashion, he see him kill 'em with style, Corey starting to feel it cause they ain't chilled in a while” East is in his patented storytelling mode and although it’s not necessarily an instant classic, it’s still very relatable and some of the best Hip Hop to be released since the new year.


Dave East - What Made Me

“Hov made me want to throw the diamond up, Nas made me want a QB chain, Noreaga made me want to do Pharell beats, It's Dark and Hell is Hot dropped and my mood changed” One of the best records off the P2 tape is produced by Cito on the Beat and Buda & Grandz that ultimately pays homage to all the great moments in Hip Hop that inspired East along the way.


Dave East - Talk To Big

“Back to Bentleys, back to the trenches *****, my digits bigger I smoke with Nas and I build with Jigga, a true artist, you could never paint a realer picture, convinced your sister to twist her just had to spill some liquor” East is back with another project (no not the official debut album, but yet another project) and to be honest this P2 tape may be the best body of work in his career. Here he is talking that talk and for an intro record I’m not mad at this at all.


Dave East ft Tory Lanez - Woke Up

“I said doctor (doctor), I need a CAT scan (me too), doctor, I need a CAT scan (me too), woke up with some money on my mind (run it up, run it up), woke up with some money on my mind (run it up, run it up)” A typical Tory Lanez feature and overall this is a decent album cut nothing more nothing less.


Dave East - I Can Not

“I had a dream I was talkin to Pun, I told him I just had a talk with his son, I told him his father was part of the sum, my man just called me, he got caught with a gun, pray to God, ain't no bodies on it, tried to sell it, ain't nobody want it, see a corner, ain't nobody on it, I can make it mine by the mornin” If nothing else East is bar heavy and in sporadic four-bar intervals he can certainly deliver the heat, although with that being said it’s probably rare to hear a flawless 16.


Remy Ma ft Chris Brown - Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)

“You're my pretty brown eyes, they all on ya and they want you, I know they need you in they life, but you my vibe tonight and I love you” Produced by legendary producer Dallas Austin this is quintessential Remy Ma and for that reason I’m not mad at this at all. This is her lane and reminiscent of a sound that’s worked well for her in the past, where meanwhile it’s really all about C Breezy doin his numbers over the Mint Condition classic… this is everything it’s supposed to be.


Jhene Aiko ft Rae Sremmurd - Sativa

“It's me and you and we makin' arrangements… it's you and me and we makin arrangements” Video treatment for one of the best records off Trip, the latest offering from riding star Jhene Aiko released late last year. This one was produced by The Fisticuffs and features the hitmakers from Rae Sremmurd, making it definitely something to vibe to… Swae Lee has done it once again 💯💯💯 🔥🔥


Vic Mensa - We Could Be Free

“We could be free, if we only knew we were slaves to the pains of each other, one thing I believe, I could learn, to see my enemy as my brother” Although it would be ill-advised to praise Vic Mensa and not remind everyone that his disrespect for Spike Lee was embarrassing and disgraceful [lead by the equally as foolish Chance The Rapper - and therefore by no surprise we’ve been the only source of media to tell the truth on the matter] this song for what it’s worth is damn near perfect in every way. The music video has a few good moments but the record itself… this is a 🔥🔥🔥 record and I give credit where it’s due. A great record by a false prophet and we move along…

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