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March 4-11, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Tory Lanez - Hate To Say

“And I'm not amazed I think the tables turning, I think you learn from the bridge you burn when you see it burning, I think you learn from the world when you see it turning, I went from being a server to being this platinum deserver” Off top I hate to say this but I’m not a Tory Lanez fan, meaning I respect his wide range of talent but I still question the artistry. Yet even still an objective critic must give credit where it’s due, therefore for the second time in two years (in two slow weeks) Lanez finds himself with the track-of-the-week and I’m not mad at that at all. On this particular record Lanez is in his So Far Gone Drake bag (one of his many Drake bags but that’s neither here nor there) and to be honest, he flows like water on this… the delivery is there even if the content is insignificant, most of which is dedicated to his industry drama with Travis Scott, Sean Kingston, & Eric Bellinger… yet to his credit he tells his story well and when he comes correct he’s still a force to be reckoned with.


Sade - Flower of the Universe

“They hear you when you cry, this love is far and wide, when you smile the stars align, flower of the universe, and child of mine” New Sade New Sade New Sade New Sade for the new Disney release A Wrinkle In Time, her unparalleled sound is still undefeated to this day.


Beach House - Dive

“Empires lost in confusion, golden hearts left of illusion, you said my big imagination, shattered, flickered creation” For those who need a late pass such as myself, Beach House is a duo from Baltimore, Maryland who released their debut to critical acclaim back in 2006, and over a decade later they’re still cooking up fire which is evident in their latest single, set to be released on their upcoming seventh studio album appropriately entitled 7. Ultimately if there’s more where this came from then I clearly have a lot of homework to do.


Tory Lanez - B.I.D.

“I just wanna take you to the back while you let a…” Produced by Smash David & OG Parker this is a typical yet effective club record and easily one of the standouts off Memories Don’t Die.


Tory Lanez ft Fabolous, Davo, Palamo Ford - Connection

“Ayy, I be the Puffy in your videos, dancin' in the back of you, then take that out put it back in you I'm Craig Mackin you, whisper flavor in your ear, you my baby, baby, know I think big but just have faith if you my lady” RIP Craig Mack and Fab comes correct on this record per usual, and while I didn’t enjoy most of Memories Don’t Die this particular track is worth a listen.


Jeremih - Cards Right

“You play your cards right, baby I'll be ready to go (I'm ready to)” Call me a hater but I’m skeptical that Hitmaka aka Young Berg produces anything, better yet somebody tell Berg to post a video of him producing a record, we know the jig and need to see receipts (and this goes for A LOT of you high profile producers)… nonetheless this instrumental is 🔥🔥🔥 only for it’s Bobby Brown Rock Wit’cha sample which is a timeless classic, and compared to the original it’s important to note that Jeremih and company do not do it justice… just do yourself a favor and play the original.


Jeremih - Forever I’m Ready

“Dirty cup of H-Town, take a sip, baby, only you that I'm thinkin on the day-to-day, all my life, yeah it's always been fuckin pay me, diamonds dancin on my wrist like LisaRaye” Young Berg taking credit for this too??? Ahhh mannn he got another one… and truth be told this is a cool H-Town record and the best moment off The Chocolate Box EP.


Wale - Effortless

“You got me shook up, shook up, shook up, shook down of your loving, so effortless, so effortless” Produced by Keyzbaby & Ayo The Producer this one samples Mary Jane Girls classic All Night Long, most notably re-sampled by Mary J Blige, and for that reason alone this is perhaps the lone highlight off the It’s Complicated EP, which along with Shine makes his last two releases less than lukewarm.

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