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April 1-8, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Flatbush Zombies ft Portugal. The Man - Crown

“Can't you see that doom's been, gloomin' too long? But I don't doubt we can stick it out, so when you hold me, hold me closer, severed is the head that wears the crown” The second of two collaborations between the Flatbush Zombies and Portugal. The Man is nothing less than a work of art, complete with an incredible chorus sung by lead singer John Gourley that perfectly compliments the tone of the record and all it’s accompanying verses. This almost gives me Pink Floyd vibes and this is easily the standout record off Vacation In Hell.


Flatbush Zombies ft Joey Bada$$ - Vacation

“I just wanna spend 4/20 with Rihanna, throw her over my shoulder then bring her back to my island, then put her legs over my head like a Hurricanrana, I'm prolly the realest ***** to climb out a vagina (too real), now does that sound like a good vacation or am I wildin'?” Meechy Darko clearly has some of the wildest thoughts you ever heard and collectively the Flatbush Zombies have an undeniable appeal that’s growing by the day. Complete with fellow members Erick Arc Elliott and Zombie Juice the three Brooklyn natives just released their sophomore studio album Vacation in Hell, appropriately led by this single in which their accompanied by another Brooklynite who helps deliver one of the standout records on the tape. Notice the eclectic imagery and creative subtitles in the video, the Flatbush Zombies seem prime to make waves in the underground for many years to come.


Flatbush Zombies ft Jadakiss - Facts

“I ain't never heard of it, how you receiving rewards for a song where you ain't write a single word of it?” FACTS!!!!!! Say It Louder!!!! As always Jadakiss comes correct on the featured verse.


Flatbush Zombies - Best American

“Who's the best American? Is it you? And I say never love again, but I do, hole planet under siege boy, that's how we do, and they know we keep a blind eye, to hide the truth” Producer and vocalist Erick Arc Elliott is definitely a force to be reckoned with and should be one of the household names in Hip Hop before long.


Drake - Nice For What

“That's a real one in your reflection, without a follow without a mention. you really pipin up on these ****** you gotta be, nice for what to these ******? I understand” Although the Lauryn Hill sample loop is both repetitive and annoying, Drake and his team definitely do their numbers on this and I’m not mad at this at all, even though upon it’s initial release the Twitter hype oversold it’s appeal like usual. Nonetheless this one is definitely decent yet nothing to be excited about, and that includes the star-studded music video that seems to have absolutely no direction whatsoever. Even still it’s another commercial hit for Drake’s catalogue right before the start of the summer, and this one will be played on every radio station ad nauseum until at least October - which reminds me that October’s Very Own is expected to turn up the heat this year no later than June.


Eric Bellinger ft Dom Kennedy - Main Thing

“I just left the club and I'm tipsy so be on your way, I already know that you miss me (I know) so you might as well stay” Eric Bellinger just released his fourth studio album and while he still seems to be all too focused on emulating the likes of Tory Lanez, he does in fact have some sporadic heat to his name, where now that I think about it he actually is just like Tory Lanez. Nonetheless it’s true that beneath all the try-hard imagery there is still some relative quality to be found in the music, and I’d say this particular record showcases Eric Bellinger for all he’s worth.


Eric Bellinger ft Sammie & Chevy Woods - Y.A.K.

“If I got it then you got that, yeah, yeah, if I don't, ain't a price I drop that, yeah, yeah, always paparazzi where we shop at, yeah, yeah, ain't the police but I'ma cop that, you already know…” The lyrics are not good but the melody is decent, and honestly the legendary Sammie bodies Bellinger on his own record and that’s what really makes this track notable to begin with. Shoutout to Sammie and the sample in this instrumental that’s all too familiar.


Eric Bellinger ft Mila J & Tink - Ain’t Ya Ex

“I got this message for my next love, hope you ain't as messy as my ex was” I think I lowkey got a crush on Mila J and all her sisters and cousins that I don’t even know about, but honestly Tink’s verse is the main highlight on what’s overall one of the more decent records on the tape.


Eric Bellinger - By Now

“Baby you should know by now, by now…” Over a smooth instrumental produced by Blast is one of the best melodies and moments off the Eazy Call lp, where it’s becoming more and more clear that Bellinger needs to retire his TriggaTremaine/ToryLanez impression and focus his talents on straight Soul & R&B.


Cardi B - Be Careful

“I wanna get married, like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha shit, but we more like Belly, Tommy and Keisha shit” Some of the best material off the Invasion of Privacy album are the turn down moments where Cardi showcases some of her best qualities, that is of course being likeable and relatable enough for her audience to emotionally connect with her. Meanwhile it’s also no surprise that the production is top shelf on this album, where this particular cut is co-produced by Frank Dukes, Boi-1da, & Vinylz whom are only some of the most coveted producers in the game. It’s also worth noting that similar to Drake’s latest record this one also interpolates Lauryn Hill’s classic Ex Factor, and overall this was done pretty well.


Cardi B ft Kehlani - Ring

“You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh, you don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring” In between all the generic all too predictable radio records this one provides a nice balance to the album, where once again the most flamboyant artist shows her most vulnerable side and for the most part it really works. Let’s be clear that Cardi B is not going to fuck up your rewind button, ever, but records like this do suggest that she might be more than just a novelty act, and if she plays her cards correctly than perhaps she’ll be around for a couple more summers.


Tyga - U Cry

“And you do it like you like to hurt me, is this what you need to feel better? Is this how you act when you know we're forever? Yeah and you can come back whenever” It would be too easy to say this is Drake-lite and yet considering the machine behind Drake I’m not sure if that comparison is even fair. Either way this melody is pretty lukewarm and somehow it finds its way as one of the highlights off his sixth studio album.


Tyga - King of the Jungle

“I been unfaithful, I been lyin (lion) like the king of the jungle, but I ain't lyin when I say I love you” Tyga been using that lion/lying wordplay since the first Fan of a Fan mixtape, yet this time the Feelin On Yo Booty sample makes this record a relatively decent listen.


Tyga - Ja Rule & Ashanti

“Lil mami, lil mami, I'm down for you, I'm down for you, Ja Rule, Ashanti, where you want me, you got me” If you told me Tyga doesn’t have an original bone in his body I’d say you’re probably right, yet at the same time he’s actually not nearly as trash as so many other artists who for some reason garner more respect. With that said I understand why he gets put in that category and for the most part it’s self inflicted, as even in terms of just music this Kyoto album is uninspired from start to finish.


Ne-Yo ft Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don - PUSH BACK

“Baby push back when I jump behind it, when I jump behind it, so when I jump behind it, push back on me” Produced by StarGate this is another potential single off Ne-Yo upcoming album Good Man (not to be confused with Leon Bridges recently released Good Thing), and overall this plays like a fun dance record and I’m not mad at this at all.


Belly ft Nav - Maintain

“Bust down, Rollie, Audemars, plain jane, blow dank, pour drank, everyday same thing, cause we just out here tryna maintain, cause we just out here tryna maintain” After last year’s Mumble Rap lp the Palestinian-Jordanian-Canadian artist known as Belly officially became one my new favorite artists, and with that said I’ve been anticipating the follow-up and this new record certainly does not disappoint, even though I can do without the Nav feature that like every Nav feature is just unnecessary.


A$AP Rocky ft Moby - A$AP Forever

“Gang! Gang! Gang! They talkin down on my name, don't let em run off with the name, man I just run with the gang, A$AP boys came with the flame” This is supposedly the first single off A$AP’s upcoming album Testing, but please believe that this right here is all about the visuals 🔥🔥🔥 fire visuals 🔥🔥🔥 and for that reason alone you should all press play.

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