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April 8-15, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Jim Jones - Never Did Three Quarters

“Did the 5 Series, never did the 3 quarters, coke price up and down, they tryna see-saw us (I'm dizzy) they treating Meek like he the Unabomber (Meek, what up?) abusing your power, that's how you do your Honor? (fuck that bitch)” Jimmy came back 🔥🔥🔥on this Wasted Talent lp, and I’m glad because for a minute those Roc Nation meetings looked like nothing more than bad promotion. For the record a Jay Z co-sign hasn’t meant much since Tee Grizzley, yet considering their history I suppose it was cool enough to see Jimmy make that transition. In fact Jim Jones has been on his grind in & out of the studio for a few years now, and it’s clear that he’s been working with a new focus and new energy, evident in his latest project that hits from about 85% from the field. This one right here produced by The Heatmakerz is a nice tone-setter, and for all the rest of the highlights press play on the links below.


Jim Jones ft Jadakiss - Dust & Powder

“You talking to a ***** that only sold dust and powder (we got it), fuck a bitch, use her for her crib just to shower (dirty), was just in Diddy crib, and I partied with Puff for hours (Puff, what up?) til the light came up, who said this life ain't us (facts)” More 🔥🔥🔥 from The Heatmakerz and Jimmy even holds his own with Jada on the track


Jim Jones ft Alexza - Got to B Real

“This is not material love, I will kill for you girl this is serial love” Some of the best moments off the Wasted Talent lp are thanks to general production that includes some good R&B medleys that are scattered throughout, and ultimately Jim Jones has always been a caliber of artist who can carry these summer-in-miami type records.


Jim Jones - Epitome

“They said I couldn't do it, but I proved 'em didn't I? (didn't I?), the epitome, do I epitomize? (scrutiny) for all the great kings that didn't get to rise (name 'em), that got caught up in this thing trying to solicit pies (woo!)” With those bars I thought Jimmy was about to snap and then he honestly snapped right back to reality, even still this record is still super tough carried by adrenaline-fueled production provided by Smitty Beats & 808-Ray.


Jim Jones ft Eric Bellinger - Living My Best Life

“From all the bad times, now I'm living my best life, few ****** that I wanna see in my next life, talk about that white girl 'cause she was my ex wife, I was cooking up the coke like I was scrambling egg whites” Classic Jones bars over more Heatmakerz production and overall it’s another decent album cut off Wasted Talent, thus far one of the surprise releases of this year.


Jim Jones ft Cam'Ron - Diplomatic Immunity

“Diplomatic immunity (yes!), after I fuck all these girls wanna score with me, come get in tune with me, I'm shining like the sun and girl you looking like the moon to me” The instrumental is 🔥🔥🔥 and The Heatmakerz once again came correct with their patented sound, yet while both Jim & Cam do their numbers I can’t say the record lives up to it’s honorary title.


Bobby Feeno - peace

“Back in them hiding-the-weed-baggie-from-momma days, you know them drama-filled-every-day-there's-a-problem days, when we was ditchin' the class to make a dollar, days, but then you blow up now every day is a holiday” 🔥🔥🔥 from none other than Arian Foster aka Bobby Feeno who honestly floats all over Flamingo & Koval, his debut album that rather inconspicuously is named after the intersection in Vegas where 2Pac was murdered under the lights amongst thousands of people, in which it always seems appropriate to mention that somehow someway there was never any arrest or conviction. Nonetheless, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself and in many respects Foster aka Feeno delivers, where more than anything this project embodies nothing less than the essence of Hip Hop. Should be noted that this particular record is nothing less than a vibe, and I’d like to see those production credits to see who was providing the heat.


Bobby Feeno - amen

“They’re taking my brothers, raping our mothers, God’s gonna save us, have patience, my brother” One of the most intriguing aspects of Arian Foster’s football career was his public endorsement of Atheism, in which playing down in the bible belt garnered him all types of criticism though that didn’t detract him from speaking his truth regardless. At that moment I knew Foster was not your average, and now he’s put that gospel on wax and I believe in its sentiments completely. Otherwise, on a technical level the precision and execution around this record is something to marvel at, as I would never have expected a novice to pen a record so thoughtful and so complete. Then again Feeno says he’s been working on this album for over five years, and therefore considering the subject matter I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been working on this record his entire life.


Bobby Feeno ft Jack Freeman - watermelon sunrise

“I grab my watermelon sunrise… take another drink of you…” Officially resigned and retired from playing football is the former NFL Running Back Arian Foster, yet reborn is whom he calls his true identity in the name of artist Bobby Feeno, and upon listening to his debut album I can verify that this is not your classic case of athlete turned rapper. Instead this is the culmination of a major transition from a multi-dimensional artist, one whose skill and versatility supersedes perhaps any other individual whose pursued this path before, and therefore makes this New Mexico product a talent unlike any other. Sure enough Arian Foster aka Bobby Feeno does more than impress on his introductory project Flamingo & Koval, highlighted by this particular track that features Houston artist Jack Freeman, a connection that was likely made during his football days.


Bobby Feeno ft Jack Freeman - lips

“This is deep as addiction, consistent inside my vision, I'm sitting inside your prison, wishing I get convicted” The second collaboration with singer Jack Freeman is a confession of either lust or love and both artists capture the vibe and hit their notes effortlessly, providing evidence that Bobby Feeno can deliver on various types of records.


Bobby Feeno - joy

“Love let me overdose, you can be my medicine, drinking this adrenaline, thinking it’s forever then it never is… so you can let it live, I’ve never been romantic but I love walking with you on this canvas” A perfect record from start to finish and that’s enough said, but one question, who’s singing on the hook? Could be an uncredited Jack Freeman feature but either way it’s done to perfection.


Kamasi Washington - Fists Of Fury

“I use hands, to help my fellow man, I use hands, to do just what I can, and when I face with unjust injury, then I change my hand, to fist of fury” California’s own is back with his saxophone and he’s doing his numbers on this latest track scheduled to be on next studio album Heaven and Earth.


Kali Uchis - Your Teeth In My Neck

“You know better, you know, you know, it's your teeth in my neck, your teeth in my neck” Produced by Wlderness this one is all about the blood sucking leeches in the music industry, and Kali Uchis hits every note on a very catchy tune that demands some radio love.


Kali Uchis ft Jorja Smith - Tyrant

“All I hear is sirens, in a world so violent, would you be a tyrant, if I gave you power, would you take it out, look me in my iris, I can read your silence, when everything is a riot, you're my peace and quiet” Normally an infectious pop record doesn’t have fire lyrics in the verses, yet this cut delivers on both fronts and after about a hundred listens I must agree this one is a certified banger. Produced by Larrance Dopson, Jairus ‘J Mo’ Mozee, & Sounwave, this also features British sensation Jorja Smith, making this a notable collaboration from two young artists that are sure to soon be household names.


Kali Uchis ft Reykon - Nuestro Planeta

“Que seamos sólo tú y yo (aquí en nuestro planeta, aquí en nuestro planeta), sólo tú y yo (aquí en nuestro planeta, aquí en nuestro planeta)” 🔥🔥🔥 from the Colombian-American singer who was raised in both Alexandria, Virginia and Pereira, Colombia, I understand very little but the melody is fire and the words are beautiful.


Kali Uchis - Feel Like A Fool

“It's no fun to feel like a fool, when you learn your baby don't belong to you, somewhere else might call it cruel, when you learn your baby don't belong to you” Perhaps one of the most complete records on Isolation is one of it’s last, where produced by Josh Crocker this captures Kali Uchis appeal at it’s best, where I wouldn’t be surprised if many listeners would get an Amy Winehouse/Snoh Aalegra type of vibe.


Tinashe - He Don’t Want It

“Cyanide, he don't, he don't want it, suicide, he don't, he don't want it, a little dose of me, one taste will make you tremble, feel the tide, he don't, he don't want it” Produced by T-Minus this is Tinashe in super sultry mode and I’m all the way here for it. Overall Joyride was underwhelming but this record doesn’t disappoint.


Tinashe - Ooh La La

“You know you belong right here (Ooh la la la la la la) Ooh la la la la la la, you know you belong right here inside my arms (Ooh la la la la la la)” Another highlight off the long-anticipated Joyride album, Tinashe still has all the potential to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world.


Tinashe - No Contest

“Why you all on my conscience? Swear you don't know what you do, got me thinkin that I'm just, maybe, I'm in love with you” 🔥🔥🔥 see above


Nicki Minaj - Barbie Tingz

“Want to see what bitches do when they lose the blue-print, I mean the pinkprint, ho, let it sink in, I spoke to Jay the other day, he's still the kingpin, he's still the only nigga that I woulda signed to, if I ain't sign to Wayne's perfectly designed crew” Idk who writes for her but regardless Nicki Minaj is still the best female MC in the game amongst good competition, and if I’m wrong and she does write all her bars than I’m even more impressed, even though she known for plenty of 🚮 as well - see her other new record for confirmation.


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