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May 13-20, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: DJDS ft Khalid & Empress Of - Why Don't You Come On

“Deep in your arms (Deep in your arms), where I belong (where I belong), I'm safe from harm (I'm safe from harm), keep holding on” For those like myself just getting familiar DJDS is short for DJ Dodger Stadium, a production duo from Los Angeles who had previously produced some of Kanye’s most popular records off his infamous Life of Pablo (Ultralight Beam & Father Stretch Pt.1 in particular), and they’ve just released their debut album Big Wave More Fire that in the same vein as Calvin Harris is nothing short of a musical experience.


DJDS ft Amber Mark & Marco McKinnes - Trees on Fire

Trees on fire, flame went higher, and I don't ever want it to change” Released last July this is another feel good uptempo record that demonstrates why DJDS are soon to be popular requests at all your neighborhood house parties.


DJDS ft Khalid, Charlie Wilson, & Charlotte Day Wilson - No Pain

“I'm feeling no pain (keep me up), feeling no pain (keep me high) feeling no pain (lift it up), got me feeling no pain (to the sky)” Yes that’s the legendary Charlie Wilson and no Charlotte Day Wilson is of no affiliation but on this record she does bring the pain, and much respect to Khalid whose talent is all over this project, DJ Dodger Stadium has found the formula that is a sure recipe for success.


DJDS ft Empress Of - Love

“It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy, I know” On the outro LA based singer Empress Of covers Lana Del Rey’s hit record of last year, and overall this is one of the highlights on the tape.


KYLE - Zoom

“And I zoom, right on past my problems, Henny in my hand I ain't got no time to solve em, listen please approach your early twenties with some caution, GPS my way back to myself I thought I lost it” By now most of us should be familiar with the Ventura, California prodigy known as KYLE, the eccentric and painfully goofy artist that all the middle school kids are sure to love, yet likely nobody over the age of thirty has any interest at all. That is until you really delve into the music to find out this kid is really talented, and despite the cringeworthy appeal there’s definitely some redeeming values in the overall product. This right here is one of the best cuts off his debut studio album Light of Mine.


KYLE - Games

“I wanna play real games, not no CPU, I wanna rhyme like Busta (what?), sing like Usher too (true), I need a million things (cars, clothes, whips, cribs, chains ding!), they all wanna be like me, play a little RPG” For a supposed video game guru these references leave a lot to be desired, where even in the verses the lyrics hardly complement the creative tone of the record. Even still the instrumental provided by Naz & Bossman carry the record by itself, and despite KYLE’s lazy writing this is still one of the highlights of the album.


KYLE ft Alessia Cara - Babies

“And maybe, we're still babies, we got time to grow, we got time to grow” One of the rising stars out of Canada is vocalist Alessia Cara who previously performed at the Grammys with Logic, and here she shines once again as the sound of her voice makes the record complete.


KYLE ft Avery Wilson - OpenDoors

“Call her first, call her back, hold her phone, hold her hand, kiss her more, listen more, open doors, open doors” On this record KYLE teaches the new millennium how to appropriately court a woman like a gentleman, and off the strength of that wisdom alone I’ll co-sign it and hope that the troll generation hears it. Otherwise the concept works and Avery Wilson’s vocals (previously seen on The Voice) takes the record home.


Anderson .Paak - Bubblin

“Yeah, one in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin, look at the cash, look at the cash comin in” One of the rising stars in all of music is officially back in album mode, his first one since the certified classic in Malibu that was released almost three years ago. Since that time, however, he did release the NxWorries project with producer Knxwledge, and even hit the road with J Cole for the 4 Your Eyez Only tour, where one could only wonder what any potential studio sessions might have sounded like. And now with his third studio album on the horizon we might be closer to getting those answers, but first we get this promo single that seems to be more about the cinematic instrumental (provided by AntMan Wonder & Jahlil Beats) and the equally as electrifying visuals (provided by Calmatic), than Anderson Paak and what he’s most admired for. Nonetheless, this will hold over fans for now, and hopefully we get Oxnard Ventura before the end of the summer.


Lenny Kravitz - It’s Enough

“It's enough, it's enough, it's enough, in the system you cannot trust, it's enough, it's enough, when the whole wide world is corrupt” Almost thirty years in the game Lenny Kravitz is back with new music in 2018, and this revolutionary record is both musically and lyrically a better record than you might expect. In fact, we all might have forgot just how talented he is, considering that in addition to his vocals he’s always been known to play all the instruments himself, which goes without saying puts him in an entire different category.


Lenny Kravitz - Low

“If you bought the fantasy, it's murder in the first degree, yeah is my sexuality, creating such a tragedy” Another single off Raise Vibration, Lenny Kravitz’s 11th studio album set to be released this Fall.


Ziggy Marley - See Dem Fake Leaders

“See dem fake leaders, in the place of power they sit, from religion to politics, riding a wave of fear, starting fires, they don't care, making enemies out of friends, killing thousands, hundreds, and tens, if only they could lead, the world to peace and prosperity” All facts and this is nothing but truth off Ziggy Marley’s seventh solo album The Rebellion Continues.


Ziggy Marley ft Gideon Marley - The Storm Is Coming

“How it look down there? The storm is coming are you ready?” Another strong record from one of the descendants of Bob and Rita Marley, and thus carrying on tradition Ziggy Marley puts his young son Gideon on the record, and for his performance I’m sure he’s made his Grandfather proud.


The Black Eyed Peas - RING THE ALARM pt.1, pt.2, pt. 3

“But they don't teach kids nothing, all they know is iPad, sugar in their muffin, they don't know division, don't add to nothing, send them off to prison when you know they did nothing” The Black Eyed Peas have always left something to be desired in terms of Hip Hop, yet for the pop genre they’re decent enough and always deliver the right message, seen again here with this revolutionary type record (where from them it’s overkill but relative quality nonetheless) that was apparently written over four years ago after the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson. Of course, it could just as easily been inspired by the police brutality cases that come out every day, which in that case gives credence to why another revolutionary record is all the more necessary (even if it doesn’t garner any tangible results). One plus is that there seems to be no Fergie on this record, and otherwise this is a solid effort from a talented group that continues to add to their legacy.


Nick Grant - Father Figure

“When I was a young ***** you were like my idol, still you left me for pussy this shit just goes in cycles, it's a shame gotta watch your path when they the ones that guide you, wish I could be more two-faced cause shit I look just like you” South Carolina’s own just released his latest mixtape Dreamin Out Loud, and this record showcases a talent and perspective that should not be ignored. Three verses that takes the father-son relationship through the vicious cycle of betrayal and resentment that for too many is inevitable, yet Nick Grant seems to recognize the importance of the artist to turn that pain into poetry. A well-executed concept record from start to finish.


Nick Grant - Lincoln Apts.

“I love you like a fiend loves his addiction, love is worth living, love is commitment, love is making her your mrs, loves a gift, love is when she cook and you do the dishes, love is having love when ****** feel different... Hate is vicious, hate is relentless, hate is the bridge to hell's entrance, hate is the cousin of being malicious, hate is the feeling you get around certain family members” This one could also be called Love/Hate inspired by the legendary Radio Raheem, yet nonetheless this is everything it should be and one of the standout tracks on Dreamin Out Loud.


Nav ft Quavo - Faith

“My nephew started smoking gas and I'm the one to blame (I'm the one to blame), I'm off the percies and I'm cryin' in the rain (skrt)” Lyrically and conceptually this is trash but musically it’s the best record off RECKLESS and that’s the only bar I got for this novelty act.


Lil Baby - Leaked

“Diamonds on Fiji, I'm running with QC, and Reebok endorse me, went up a new level” Either I need a late pass or it’s perfectly ok that I just found out about Lil Baby from this album, regardless it seems as if he sold (or streamed) better than decent units and had a lot of people tuned in to the release, with additional interest perhaps due to notable features in Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, & Young Thug - the latter of whom he supposedly grew up with in Atlanta. Sure enough Lil Baby is the latest artist to blow from Quality Control Music, the record label responsible for Migos, Lil Yachty, & Rich The Kid.


Lil Baby ft Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert - Life Goes On

“Who is Lil Baby? He goin' in” That’s probably an overstatement but the Uzi feature is one of the best moments on Harder Than Ever.


Dave East - Prosper

“I can't even add up all the clothing stores we ripped off, I gotta get fresh, it was so hard to get them zips off” Produced by Joe Joe Beats this was a solid album cut off P2 that recently got some visual treatment.

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