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May 6-13, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Rae Sremmurd ft Young Thug - Offshore

“So in love, I can buy the bitch a ring every day, stop this rap shit turn to a mob any day, bossman I could get homie dropped any day, I'll slap the shit out Donald Trump any day, brand new assistant I like any day, better get it right if you don't want gunplay, I'ma do it right and fill up the driveway, Bentley on the side and it's sittin on LeBron James” SMH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 only because the flow is amazing and honestly I’ve tried to refrain from writing about this artist for years for a few different reasons (mainly because it feels ridiculous to type his name), yet nonetheless he’s always been a unique talent with the potential for moments of brilliance and this is definitely one of those occasions, as this verse right here is undeniable. Sure enough the Sremmurd brothers set up Young Thug with the perfect record that he honestly only makes better, and overall this is so far the best record of the summer that for some reason no one is talking about. Play in this in the whip on a sunny day with maximum volume.


Rae Sremmurd ft The Weeknd - Bedtime Stories

“I'm not tryna tell you bedtime stories, I'm not like those other ****** talkin to you, I'm not lookin at you I'm lookin right through you, said I'm not like those other ****** that pursue you, you know, tell me you know (tell me you know), tell me you know, tell me you know (tell me you know)” 🔥🔥🔥 This is all about the Marz & Mike WiLL Made It production and the signature sound of The Weeknd’s vocals, and overall this is most definitely another hitter off Rae Sremmurd’s latest Triple-Disc album SR3MM (SremmLife 3).


Rae Sremmurd - Touchscreen Navigation

“Let the top down for some ventilation (yeah), touchscreen navigation, get me to my destination, if you can't get over me, it's because the good vibrations, 50 large in my pants like, what? (hey) like what's the occasion?” More 🔥🔥🔥off SR3MM where most of the flames can be found on the Swae Lee solo disc, evident with this tone setter that embodies why he’s quickly become one of the most respected names in all of music.


Rae Sremmurd - Hurt To Look

“It shouldn't hurt to look your way (your way, ah-ah, ah) I shouldn't have to catch a case (ah-ah, ah yeah), cause I'm the one that can't stand to feel any more pain (ah-ah)” The first single off Swaecation is definitely a vibe I can relate to all too much.


Rae Sremmurd - Changed Up

“Oh, you sayin I done changed on ya, how I changed on ya? You were never one of my ******, you were never one of my homies, tell me how? I said, "damn, everybody want a piece when you're up,’ when you're down ain't nobody 'round tell me what the fuck?” Now this one right here is nothing less than an ANTHEM, the best record off Jxmtro (the Slim Jxmmi solo disc off SR3MM) and I’ll have this one on repeat in the whip all summer.


Childish Gambino - This Is America

“This is America, don't catch you slippin now, don't catch you slippin now, look what I'm whippin now” During the same month Stars Wars hit the screens Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has also released his most significant record to date, and that includes Redbone that along with the rest of Awaken, My Love transitioned the artist into an entire different category altogether. Sure enough, Gambino is now officially thought to be one of the most conscious emcees of the new millennium, particularly in terms of social justice within a world of systemic racism, which in all honesty is as important as a cause or message that anyone could have. Thus if Kanye’s in the ‘Sunken Place’ (which he is undoubtedly) then in contrast Gambino is woke af and ready for all the reactionary critical acclaim, yet objectively there’s also as many redeeming values within the music as there is with all the imagery and nuance, which overall makes this rightfully one of the most significant records of the year. Major respect to longtime collaborator Ludwig Göransson, his writing and production has continued to allow Glover to be a force to be reckoned with.


Jacquees - This Time I’m Serious

“I swear to god I was owed this… they still rocking with the old shit…” Need another late pass for this album but this is nothing but heat and some of the best R&B to be released this year, Jacquees is an undeniable talent in a genre that needs him to finally have his breakthrough.

Jacquees ft Wale - It’s On The Way

“We not taking phone calls, I don't need your friends involved, don't be tense the Lord gon cover our sins” More quality music off the This Time I’m Serious project and Wale comes through with one of his best features in recent memory.

Jacquees - Back To Me

“Really I don't need no baby mama, lately I don't need no referee, by myself I found the bigger issue, Issue is you got no love for me” Major respect to Nash B whose production carries the project from start to finish, complemented by impressive vocals from Jacquees and this is indeed one of the best surprises of 2018.


Wale ft DJ Money - Cassius (Excellency)

“Pro-black isn't anti-white, but how we act like we don't see no Tiki Torches at night? Pro-black isn't anti-white, but if a Nazi try me catch these Ali hands on sight” Easily the best moment off Wale’s 4 track Self Promotion EP is this final track that takes on the racial turmoil that continues to be a part of our existence, and to his credit, Wale takes on the important subject and delivers.


Post Malone ft Swae Lee - Spoil My Night

“Spoil my night, spoil my night, spoil my night” Swae Lee definitely had a good week complete with this feature that stands out as one of the best moments off Post Malone’s latest release. Produced by Teddy Walton and Frank Dukes this one is smooth and could have easily been included on the Sremmurds own album released in the same week.


Post Malone - Better Now

“You probably think that you are better now, better now, you only say that cause I'm not around, not around, you know I never meant to let you down, let you down, woulda gave you anything, woulda gave you everything” Now for the record, I’ve refrained from being a Post Malone fan for a few different reasons (starting with his novelty image, his bromance with Beiber, as well as his latest comments on the meaning of Hip Hop), nonetheless I always give credit where it’s due and this right here is nothing but 🔥🔥🔥 one that should likely heat up before long.


Post Malone - Otherside

"Say my prayers, but I lost faith a long time ago (a long time ago), dream nightmares, I guess we're getting used to losing hope (guess we're losing hope)” Keeping in line with giving due credit this record right here is way better than I expected it to be, with the chorus reminiscent of that 90’s alternative/grunge sound that’s been basically endangered since the turn of the century. Nonetheless, Post Malone himself along with Louis Bell produced a tremendous record that will be sure to satisfy the Texas-raised singer’s legion of fans.


Post Malone - Stay

"Tell me that it's all okay (tell me that it's all okay), I've been waitin' on this all damn day (waitin' on this all damn day), call me in the morning, tell me how last night went, I'm here, but don't count on me to - Stay” Said to have been inspired by George Harrison of the Beatles and ultimately described by producer watt as a cross between Oasis and David Bowie, this one indeed transcends genres and cements Post Malone as a legitimate talent that can’t be ignored.


Travis Scott ft Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West - Watch

“I could tell Larry David was the mind behind Seinfeld, wanna know how I feel? Step into my minefield” MAGA Kanye steals the show on this absurd record that may satisfy the intended audience but is definitely not finding any room on my own personal playlists, complete with Kylie Jenner on the outro who might as well make multiple appearances on the highly anticipated AstroWorld.


Future ft PARTYNEXTDOOR - No Shame (from the Superfly sdtrk)

“There's no shame in my game, there's no shame in my pain” Produced by the previously mentioned producer watt as well as the critically acclaimed Happy Perez this is a decent collaboration that’s featured off the Superfly soundtrack, a remake of the 1972 classic that’s best remembered for it’s own soundtrack that was provided by Curtis Mayfield.


BJ The Chicago Kid - Rather Be With You

“If I woke up and I was Superman, and the whole world's fate was laying in my hands, oh baby I swear that I still would rather be with you” BJ The Chicago Kid just released a 3 track EP titled The Opening Ceremony, and this is the best track out of the three.


Mustard ft Nick Jonas - Anywhere

“You could be anywhere right now, it ain't hard to see, I'll be your light if you say the words for me” Produced by Salva and Mustard (formally known as DJ Mustard) New Jersey’s own most famous Jonas brother is back with another heater right on time for the summer.


John Mayer - New Light

“We talk and then you walk away every day, oh you don't think twice bout me, and maybe you're right to doubt me, but, but if you give me just one night, you're gonna see me in a new light, yeah, if you give me just one night, to meet you underneath the moonlight” John Mayer is back with his first release of 2018 produced none other than No I.D., and as far as I’m concerned this is one of his best releases in recent memory.

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