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June 24-July 1, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Drake - Emotionless

“They always ask, ‘why let the story run if it's false?,’ you know a wise man once said nothing at all” smh that’s a 💎 right there and a 🔥🔥🔥 bar if I ever heard one, honestly that’s borderline genius there and I really would like to know who wrote it. Nonetheless, this is easily one of the standouts on Drake’s 7th studio album Scorpion (including If You’re Reading This Too Late and More Life because I don’t see why not - and excluding So Far Gone and What A Time To Be Alive which seems fair enough), that samples Mariah Carey and is produced by 40, No I.D., and fellow Toronto native The 25th Hour who together bring the most out of Drake’s ‘penmanship.’ This is one of those records that would cement the 6 God as one of the best writers in the game if we never heard those reference tracks, yet what can’t be disputed is that he’s still a great emcee and one of our best entertainers.


Drake - Sandra’s Rose

“Two girls that I rope like Indiana Jones, I make them hoes walk together like I'm Amber Rose” That’s another dart and Drake is talking spicy on here and I co-sign all of it, mainly the more introspective lyrics in terms of his relationship and bond with his mother, that put altogether is easily some of the best material on the tape. This one was produced by Toronto native Maneesh and the legendary DJ Premier, and by many has been considered to be the most notable highlight on the tape.


Drake - 8 Out Of 10

“Miss making em pay, helipad from Will Smith crib straight to the stage” Drake puts all his chips to the table and looks for his competition to fold, where all Joe Budden nonsense aside there are certainly jabs at BOTH Pusha & Kanye and it’s not that serious at all. The “all sevens no sixes luck is on your side” is probably the most impressive penmanship but ultimately the rest is more mid than anything else.


Drake - In My Feelings

“Keke, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me, cause I want ya, and I need ya, and I'm down for you always” The viral dance record of the moment is this smooth infectious tune that’s actually hidden at track 21 and is behind a handful of records that mostly blend in together (separate from Ratchet Happy Birthday that is a special type of intolerable), and even though it’s thus far the 'social media song of the summer' let’s not pretend that Drake doesn’t have dozens of records just like this that are actually better. All the same this is definitely one of the highlights off Scorpion and easily the best record off Side B, that as stated prior was certainly not his best work.


Drake - I’m Upset

“Thankful for the women that I know, can't go fifty-fifty with no ho” Released some time before Drake’s official baby mama drama was revealed to the world, as mid as this happens to be it also was somewhat underappreciated considering the context, as Drake directly references the former porn star (recent mother of his child) throughout the record and he’s not talking politely. In a lot of ways this is vindictive, hilarious, and pathetic all in one, yet what’s also true is these new uncovered developments actually gives this song some significance it never had before. On a separate note, however, this Degrassi reunion video is seemingly tone-deaf where it matters most, as causing chaos and destruction in schools is hardly a good look right now in any respect.


Drake - Can’t Take A Joke

“I'm still in the studio at 6:45, and my haters either on they way to work or they arrived, and I gotta own the things I rap about just for my pride, you know when it comes to pride I can't put that shit aside” The best pure delivery on the tape is undoubtedly found on this record where Drake mocks his haters and leaves no room for any critiques on his flow, which all writing credits aside is something you could never take from him. Sure enough this ModMaxx & Noah Cadastre produced record is pretty much all about the delivery and nothing more, yet for it’s tempo and efficiency this one you can’t ignore.


Drake ft Jay Z - Talk Up

“I'm what Meech shoulda been, I'm what Supreme didn't become, if Alpo didn't snitch, ****** be like Young, I got your President tweeting, I won't even meet with him, y'all killed X and let Zimmerman live, shhh, streets is done” Apparently Jay’s verse was added at the very last minute and Drake had actually planned on releasing this record without him?!?!?!? Well unless he took off some kind of immaculate verse of his own then this record would have been entirely forgettable. Instead Hov does his numbers on a DJ Paul produced beat that seems like it was made for him, and ultimately Drake & Jay’s 5th collaboration is still worthy of consideration. [meanwhile that’s 5 collaborations for Drake yet only 2 for Cole who’s signed to Roc Nation… just for the record in case the people lost count]


Drake - Jaded

“You wanna hit me up when you make it, you'll try and come back when you famous, (back around, back around), I always want the truth but it's dangerous” A record that’s supposedly about his relationship with 21 year old British sensation Jorja Smith (whose debut album was released three weeks prior and was profiled on the site here), and to be honest this has to be one of the most disingenuous love stories I’ve ever heard. All I know is that the life of music star must be incredible 👀


Drake - That’s How You Feel

“Rule number one, to be a boss-ass bitch (uh-huh), never let a clown ***** try to play you (okay), if he play you then rule number two (okay), is fuck his best friends and make em yes men (okay), and– (Wow, that's how you feel?)” <<< Those are Nicki Minaj lyrics from a live performance at Power 106’s Powerhouse in 2014, and somehow someway it makes for one of the more memorable moments on this tape. I suppose credit is due to Drake and producer Noel Cadastre for using the excerpt for all it’s worth, but otherwise I’ll refrain from any unwarranted praise. Truth be told this record is basically mid like the rest of them.


Drake ft Michael Jackson - Don’t Matter To Me

“It don't matter to me… it don't matter to me what you say” So apparently these were unused and archived Michael Jackson vocals from a recording session with Paul Anka in 1983, and that’s worth some recognition by itself. Overall however the song in its entirety is nothing really worth writing home about, and I can only wonder how much money was paid to use the vocals, considering that despite his angelic voice the melody leaves some to be desired.


Drake ft Static Major, Ty Dolla $ign - After Dark

“In a whip so low, no one's gotta know, (no one's gotta know) after dark” RIP Static Major his talent and legacy still lives on to this day. This one is smooth and I’m not mad at this at all.


Drake - March 14

“She not my lover like ‘Billie Jean’, but the kid is mine, Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time, and all it took was one time, shit, we only met two times, two times” Part disclaimer to his audience and part letter to his newborn child, this introspective record actually provides perfect closure to an otherwise very convoluted body of work that ultimately falls short. Even with the reference tracks I still consider Drake to be a top 5 artist, but for the next album I need the OVO team to live up to their reputation.


Trae The Truth - Friends

“I ain't got no mothafuckin friends, I'm coming down real slow in the Benz, looking at these suckers through these Cartier lens, reaching out to God hope he overlook my sins” According to Wikipedia Trae the Truth has dropped about 50 projects throughout his career, and though they say to only believe half of what you read I’m sure the streets of Houston would verify that fact. Regardless after just releasing his 10th studio album Hometown Hero just a few months ago in March, King Truth is back with yet another mixtape in his 48 Hours series this time entitled 48 Hours Later, and produced by 20K this record perfectly embodies that classic H Town feel.


Trae The Truth - Jammin That Screw

“Used to be with Screw bangin Screw, Moe, (Twin?), & Hawk to name a few” Trae the Truth pays homage to the fallen Houston artists that influenced an entire sub-genre of music, and honestly Trae The Truth is a legend himself for how he’s carried on tradition.


Trae The Truth - Fo I Die

“Fo I die, for my son and daughter…” Not only is Trae The Truth a Houston legend but he’s also one of the best emcees from the South period, and from start to finish 48 Hours Later is one of the best mixtapes to come out this year


Casanova ft Chris Brown & Fabolous - Left, Right

“Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, what's the code for the night? I'm on the road for the night, even a good girl could be a hoe for the night, come blow on the mic that's the flow that I like, yeah” Loso smokes this record and this is easily the best record off Commissary, which aside maybe from the Set Trippin single has nothing else worth mentioning.


Jedi Mind Tricks - Freshco & Miz

“The best record ever made it take a nation to me, and this microphone it was always faithful to me” Longtime Philadelphia native Vinnie Paz and company just released their 9th studio album The Bridge & The Abyss, and for its genre it definitely serves its purpose.


Jedi Mind Tricks - God Forsaken

“They put a price on you, roll the dice on you…” This is all about the production from Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and he murders this 💀💀💀


Sean Price - Legacy of the Prophet

“Up in the voter's booth I'm voting for black ******, I slump your resident slap ****** who want Trump for president, P” Before he passed Sean Price gave a verse to Jedi Mind Tricks and you can find it on their new album, RIP to another Hip Hop legend.


A Tribe Called Quest - A Space Program

“Leave us where we are so they can play among the stars, they taking off to Mars got the space vessels overflowing, what you think they want us there? All us ****** not going” said to be the last music video from a legendary group known for their classic visuals, this one right here effectively provides closure to one of the most influential groups in history.

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