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July 8-15, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Wiz Khalifa ft Swae Lee - Hopeless Romantic

“My night runs into morning, all the time” Swae Lee is officially one of the best hitmakers in the game, and that’s honestly been official ever since the Sremmurd Bros arrived on the scene in ‘15. I’ve had this hook running through my head continuously for days, and for that reason I can’t help but consider it one of the Top 5 songs of the summer (thus far). This record is super 🔥🔥🔥 and mainstream radio needs to start playing this immediately.


Wiz Khalifa - Very Special

“I treat you special cause you very special, you bring your friends for me like ohh that's extra, I treat you special cause you very special” So Wiz Khalifa just released his 6th studio album in Rolling Papers 2 (not including his magnum opus Kush & Orange Juice and all the rest of his mixtapes) and for some reason it’s 25 records long and plays at about 15 records too many, whereas this particular record is about the only decent song through tracks 1-10. All the same it’s vintage Khalifa and when he comes correct it’s worth a listen.


Wiz Khalifa - B Ok

“And that's fucked up, but as long as I got my family and my ****** everything'll be okay, (be okay, be okay, be okay, be okay)” A heartfelt record that touches on everything from his divorce from his wife (Amber Rose) and the recent loss of his sister, this is one of the most complete Wiz Khalifa songs of the last decade and definitely a record he should put out as a single - if for no other reason than it’s not a shameless duplicate of everything else on the radio.


Wiz Khalifa - Bootsy Bellows

“We courtside, chillin smokin out the building, regardless if authorities give us permission” Produced by longtime collaborator and Taylor Gang representative Sledgren, this is straight Khalifa in his pinky ring boss mode and the vision is clear.


Wiz Khalifa - Late Night Messages

“Ridin round thinkin bout youuu, thinkin bout what I might dooo, don't know what got into me, probably cause you keep sending me them late night messages…” Produced by ID Labs this is one of smoothest cuts off Rolling Papers 2 that’s most definitely a vibe.


Wiz Khalifa - 420 Freestyle

“I was posted on the block with a big ass joint, police everywhere so we stay on point, money in my hand, pockets stay on swole, and if you ever ask a question ***** we don't know” Produced by 30 Roc & Mike WiLL Made-It this is Wiz in straight spitter mode and it’s one of the highlights on the tape. [For the record due to lackluster releases in years past I no longer consider Wiz a surefire spitter as seen in the Kush & OJ era, but it’s clear that he can still take it there when he wants to].


Wiz Khalifa ft THMXXNLIGHT - All of a Sudden

“Call me, reach me, only when you wanna see me, oh then we go dancing, I can feel us romancing” 🚨🚨🚨 New Talent Alert!!! So THMXXNLIGHT are an R&B duo out of the Bay Area who were discovered by Sledgren and are all over Rolling Papers 2, and after the quality of their appearances you can expect them to be a household name before long.


Fabolous ft Ty Dolla $ign - Ooh Yea

“Penthouse in Miami just to take you down, yeah, yeah, I Patek your wrist and I Philippe your chow, yeah, yeah” The first single off the upcoming Summertime Shootout 3 is not exactly a surefire heater but it’s decent enough, and even though I’d rather hear a new Soul Tape or There Is No Competition I’m still somewhat looking forward to this release.


DJ Premier ft Casanova - WUT U SAID?

“What you said *****? With this gun to your head *****? You dead *****, hope that ain’t go over your head *****” Casanova drops his famous tagline over this DJ Premier instrumental and honestly this is better than most of what was released on his album last month.


Chance The Rapper - Work Out

“Today I missed my workout, but it worked out, now I'm missing work now, but it worked out, had to buy a crib ‘fore I bought my first house, had my first kid I love how she turned out” I’ve been on record calling Chance The Rapper’s appeal cringeworthy especially after he was misguided enough to have his fans scream “Fuck Spike Lee” because he didn’t understand the nuance of real artistry, yet in spite of underserved critical acclaim I do find him to be a marginal talent with an ear for good production, and off his latest 4 track EP he delivers and fulfills the most of his potential. Feel good records with a positive message and as long as he’s not exposing himself as a false prophet I take no issue with this at all.


Chance The Rapper - I Might Need Security

“I mean I'm only 25 but I'm Motown 25, bet I get a statue in my hometown when I die” I don’t consider Chance to be a real spitter but he does have some ability, and that Motown 25 reference is a bar for sure.


Mario - Drowning

“Please stop me from drowning, drowning, drowning, her tears won't stop falling, and your body keeps calling” Teaneck, New Jersey’s own is back with a new single set to be released on his 5th studio album Dancing Shadows - his first in almost a full decade - and although it doesn’t have the magic of Just A Friend or choreography of Let Me Love You this is still cut from the cloth of contemporary R&B, and at the moment we need this style of music more than anything.


Ari Lennox - Whipped Cream

“You've been everywhere, and I wish I didn't care” Dreamville’s First Lady is back with more 🔥🔥🔥 and I’m ready for that sophomore album.

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