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October 14-21, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Khalid ft Empress Of - Suncity

“Llévame ciudad de sol, llévame, llévame, donde dejé mi corazón, llévame, llévame, llévamelo” Fresh off their previous collaboration with DJDS earlier this year, Khalid and Empress Of team up to record more fire and it’s scorching hot. This one also has production from DJDS along with producers DiGi & Charlie Handsome, this is some of the best new talent the mainstream has to offer.


Khalid - Saturday Nights

“All the things that I know, that your parents don't, they don't care like I do, nowhere like I do” Khalid has been singing for the lonelyhearts for a minute now and I’m here for it.


Khalid - Better

“Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are” I must be late to the party but Charlie Handsome is apparently one of the most influential producers in the game at the moment, and this right here could easily be considered a Top 10 Pop/R&B record of the year.


Empress Of - Everything To Me

“I don't know what else I would do, than me sitting right next you” Empress Of has just released her second official studio album entitled Us, riding high off the waves of her earlier collaborations this year with the previously mentioned Khalid and DJDS, and make no mistake about it the LA singer/songwriter certainly is here to make a name for herself. The entire album is groovy and this one is a nice tone setter, where overall as an artist she could perhaps best be described as SZA meets Alanis Morissette or M.I.A. meets Fiona Apple, thus she could easily fill a void that the music industry can’t get enough of.


Empress Of - Just The Same

“Say you see me, like I see you, if you believe me, I'll believe you” With more production from DJDS and Cole M.G.M., Empress Of continues to deliver quality music.


Empress Of - I Don’t Even Smoke Weed

“I'm in the palm of your hand, eating out the palm of your hand, I don't always know what to say, but you always understand” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 <<<< this right here is a vibe that can not be ignored.


Trina - Bad Bitch Anthem

“Saw a bitch that owe me money, and I put that on my moms, put a clip to that bitch head 'cause she was out of mind, nothin' but big bills, look around me I'm paid, 305 muhfucka from the county of Dade” Miami’s finest is still providing the heat!!! This one is off her Blue Magic EP, and, honestly, it’s not bad at all.


Trina ft Da Brat - Tf U Think

“They say I fell off, what the fuck you think? (What the fuck you think?), last time I checked I had it in the bank! (Had it in the bank!) addicted to the money it's a habit! (it's a habit!), trill bitch livin' so savage!” This is a nice collaboration as both come correct with no diminished skills at all, this record surprised me.


Greta Van Fleet - Age Of Man

“In an age of darkness light appears, and it wards away the ancient fears, march to the anthem of the heart, to a brand new day, a brand new start” Three brothers from Frankenmuth, Michigan [Josh Kiszka (vocalist), Jake Kiszka (guitarist), Sam Kiszka (bassist)], and drummer Danny Wagner make up the rock band Greta Van Fleet, and together they are the most compelling case for the hopeful return of a long abandoned genre. This is some of the best new Rock music to be released in years.


Greta Van Fleet - The Cold Wind

“The snow is coming, all the village folk know, this wicked shiver chills me down to my soul” Honestly Greta Van Fleet reminds me of ACDC meets Guns N Roses meets Led Zeppelin meets… well let’s just say that’s good company to begin with. I’m officially tuned in to their sound and I imagine they’ll be a huge act in the United States no later than 2020.


Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls

“Camera lights and action, yeah the words you know so well, you're in and out of fashion, in Hollywood of Hell” The first single of their debut studio album Anthem of the Peaceful Army, an impressive debut to say the least. Check out the visuals above.


Portugal. The Man - Tidal Wave

“Hit me like a tidal wave (ooh), triggered by the aftershock” I recently became aware of this Portland, Oregon band for an earlier feature they had with the Flatbush Zombies, and these creative visuals right here are for their latest album Woodstock that was released back in 2017. Along with a few other notable acts it seems as if Rock&Roll is quietly making a slow return.


Jamila Woods - Giovanni

“Tell it like I see it, speak it so I be it, my ancestors watch me, fairytale walking, black Goldilocks, yeah my naps just right, you got questions, I know that’s right, there must be a reason why…” The singer/songwriter/poet from Chicago takes some inspiration from famed poet Nikki Giovanni and delivers some of her best work to date. This one is the sheer definition of poetry meets soul.


Mozzy & Yhung T.O. ft Dcmbr & Too $hort - Excuse Me

“Excuse me, excuse me, I don't do this usually but I know what you need, you need a ***** like me” Fun visuals for one of the singles off Mozzy & Yhung T.O.’s collaborative project Legendary Gangland.


Travis Scott ft Drake - SICKO MODE

“She's in love with who I am, back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance” Visuals for one of the most impactful records of the year.

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