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November 11-18, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Black Thought - Cojiba

“When I was 25, and she was like 20/ a stolen moment in time was paradise for me” Produced by 9th himself along with Jamla’s own Eric G, all I can say is that Black Thought over the Dionne Warwick sample is like a match made from heaven 🙏


Actual Proof - Need to Exist

“Is the existence of life... nothing but a random event? Just running town with that leaf that blows in the wind” Produced by the legendary Kev Brown - that’s super legendary - this one of the many standout cuts off 9th Wonder’s Jamla Is The Squad II.


Pharoah Monch - Crazy

“Deleted scenes of American dreams blurred/ I’m the American dream deferred/ And I do not have any fucks to give/ so get them hands up let’s live” Produced by the legendary Khrysis - also super legendary - this entire tape is reminiscent of the golden era and a breath of fresh air.


Reuben Vincent ft GQ - No False Moves

“Young boy I’m a winner/ give grace for the dinner/ sorry mom I’m a sinner… I was raised as a killer” Speaking of the golden era 🔥🔥🔥 how about one time for the Justus League era 🔥🔥🔥 and this is reminiscent of that.


Jericho Jackson ft Conway - Machine & McQueen

“Tighten your boots, I’m nice in the booth/ more like Jesus Christ in the booth/ over beats my ***** Khrysis produced” 🔥🔥🔥 Conway AND Elzhi over Khrysis production????? Don’t sleep!!!


King Draft ft CJ Fly - I Spy

“Drug the kids up because they too hyper/ everybody think it’s weird when you tryna live righteous/ like a Thriller video these walking bodies is lifeless/ when your mother crying it’s hard to give a fuck about science” A lot of jewelry in this solid album cut and hopefully this replaces mumble rap for 2020 and beyond.


ThHappyHr - Shine

“Cause I’ma just let you shine/ cause I don’t want to waste your time” Hidden at track 17 of this star-studded (or at least heavily respected) compilation of emcees, is this smooth track that lowkey reminds me of what Rico Love has been cooking up the last few years.


Rapsody ft J.I.D. - REDBLUE

“Uh, red blood, red blood drops/ red was a young light skin ***** from the block/ red blood he thug he was a product of his pops/ pop a lock pop a pop-pop-pop a ***** for some guap” J.I.D. over Khrysis production??? More 🔥🔥🔥 and for the record this is the second noteworthy track from the Grammy nominated Rapsody on the album, as also featured is her J. Cole collaboration that was one of the best hip-hop records of the year.


Action Bronson - Mt. Etna

“LeBronson (It's me), my next album’s only for dolphins (Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow), motherfuckers don’t deserve me” Produced by Daringer, this is one of the more entertaining records off Mr. Baklava’s 5th studio album, White Bronco.


Action Bronson - Live From the Moon

“Chilling with Kobes on (God damn)/ Gold Rollie on the phoney arm (Uh)/ Travel stars like I'm Obi-Wan (Uh)/ Fuck Star Wars (uh), Indiana Jones is better, bitch (True)” Produced by Knxwledge, this is notable off the Indiana Jones respect alone.


Action Bronson - Prince Charming

“Enough of that soft shit, me by myself is like the four horsemen/ You're just a poor sportsman, your sports car could be your coffin/ The thought of revenge release endorphins/ That make me feel just like I'm swimming with some dolphins (God damn)” More heat from Knxwledge, as Bronson comfortably raps about everything under the sun, including those aforementioned dolphins.


Action Bronson ft A$AP Rocky - Swerve On Em

"The style icon, ’bout to get the dough like taekwon/ beat the pythons, when I fuck I like to leave the lights on/ I'm just a piece of art" Produced by longtime collaborator Harry Fraud, this is actually the second collaboration between Bronson & A$AP Rocky, who together deliver the most complete record off the project that’s otherwise very eccentric and best for only a rare occasion.


DaBaby - Blank Blank

“Got my bitch making oodles o' noodles (Hah)/ Pulled up with that tool in an Uber (Hah, Hah)/ I'm in the pool with a cougar (Yeah)/ They only cool on computers (Turn up)” Few artists have risen to widespread fame and critical acclaim in as short of time as DaBaby, who in less than 15 months after releasing this title track off his 13th mixtape, he’s Grammy-nominated and one of the most beloved emcees on the planet. Then again, it took 13 mixtapes over 3 years for the Charlotte native to finally break through to the mainstream, yet ever since this tape was released his status has rapidly skyrocketed past most of his peers that came before him. For that reason, DaBaby’s grind has to be respected as he serves a great reminder that ‘your life can change in one year,’ and sure enough, his 2019 success was evidence of that.


DaBaby - Best Friend

“And I just got a DM from your best friend, and you mad, I know, yeah, you mad, I know, yeah” released as a tribute to XXXTENTACION following his unexpected death a few months prior, the song interpolates the late rappers’ hit record SAD! released that same year, while this ‘remix’ of that track would have done major numbers if it hadn’t just preceded DaBaby’s sudden rise to fame.


DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger

“Bitch, it's DaBaby, what you heard about me? (Uh)/ I put that ***** up, now ***** actin' nervous 'round me (Yeah)/ I'm in the rental truck sticked up like Walker Texas Ranger (Bitch)/ I'm on my grind like fuck a bitch, I'll get some pussy later (Huh)” Another standout on DaBaby’s breakthrough mixtape, prior to the success of his debut and sophomore albums Baby on Baby and Kirk, and just thinking of the admiration he holds for the TV legend makes this redeemable by itself.


Mariah Carey ft Ty Dolla $ign - The Distance

Warm days, cold nights, late October/ Separated, people saying what we have is over/ But the hate only made us get closer (Close)/ And closer/ Said we couldn't go the distance…” Mariah released her 15th studio album in 2018, and this second single is smooth and undoubtedly one of the standout tracks, albeit one of the very few.


Mariah Carey - One Mo’ Gen

“Did you like when I put my lips there? 'Cause I like when you're kissing me everywhere” Another nice record off Caution, although it’s not quite the flame that Mariah was good for in the 90s and 2000s.


Berner ft Chevy Woods - Granted

“L-I-F-E, I’m flying on a jet ski and working on my legacy, while all the rest sleep” Produced by Taylor Gang’s own Cozmo, who lowkey produced one of the best Game records since Documentary 2 & 2.5, is this feel good track that stands out on Berner’s otherwise lackluster 12th solo album, 11/11, which of course doesn’t include all of his collaborative tapes over the years as well.


Berner - Drown

“I’m back in Nebraska like break down this/ I’ll be here for a week I got a show on the 5th/ Fresno California I’ma be there soon” Produced again by Cozmo who this time around comes correct with the Keith Sweat sample, this is another example of Berner’s undeniable talent and good ear for music.


Troy Ave - Streets Is a Myth

“****** point in my direction but they don’t make the news/ ****** offer me direction but can’t walk in my shoes/ I pay six figures in lawyers after paying my dues/ Charlamagne pay for the lawyer that that hater gon use/ that explains the bias views/ edits in my interviews…” People can say what they want about Troy Ave, but hip-hop media along with all its contradictions hasn’t told this story correctly. The facts are that Dope Boy Troy has played his hand better than anyone could’ve imagined, as the cool table is so mad and corny you can’t even find lyrics to this song online. Also for the record, double standards are never cool, and regardless it should be noted that Taxstone is a funny guy but he forgot this important lesson… never throw your life away for a rep on the internet.

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