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November 18-25, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: 21 Savage ft J Cole - a lot

“I been playing it back from a lack of promotions, I never was one for the bragging and boasting, I guess I was hoping the music would speak for itself but the people want everything else” 🔥🔥🔥 there’s not enough I could ever say about this verse so I’ll keep it simple. This right here was timeless Cole, as he absolutely floated on this DJ Dahi production with NBA bars and the perspective and flow of a god emcee.


21 Savage ft Post Malone - all my friends

"Lost a few friends chasin' hand money (On God)/ Had the same friends when I was bummy (Straight up)/ They should've went and did stand-up/ 'Cause when the money come, ****** act funny (True)/ Crocodile wristband 21 Dundee/ Yo' bitch skate so fast to the dick/ That she'd even go and get a job at Sonic (On God)” Produced by Louis Bell of “Rockstar” fame, which is actually 21 Savage and Post Malone’s first collaboration, this is one of the many good records off 21’s second studio album i am > i was.


21 Savage - ball w/o you

“You crossed me once, it's fuck you forever (Straight up)/ Middle school got my heart broke, stop writin' love letters (21)/ Heart cold, yeah, so cold had to buy the Moncler sweater (On God), Valentines Day, she ripped the card and urinated on the rose petals (Damn)” 21, 21, 21, 21...


21 Savage - letter 2 my mama

“My mama taught me how to tie my shoes (On God)/ My mama taught me how to cook my noodles (Straight up)/ Mama told me don't spend all my money with a jeweler/ I bought some real estate plus I'm investin' in my shooters (21, 21)” Produced by Kid Hazel this is one of many good records off the follow up to his debut, proving that this was no sophomore slump for the Atl - UK native… although the new year was soon to reveal surprising new details about the celebrated artist and all that he left out of his story.


Paul Wall - God Flow

“That’s why I work hard and praise God and always smile/ cause I’ve been too blessed no matter where I’m at right now” The Houston veteran has recently added to his growing discography and longevity in the game, having just released two new mixtapes for his Frozen Face series, the first installment being rather unnoteworthy however aside from this outro track.


Anderson .Paak ft Pusha T - Brother’s Keeper

“Am I my brother’s keeper, they still asking about the duo/ applaud his finding salvation/ but I’m still rhyming about the you know” Anderson .Paak released his third official album in 2018 (his debut dating back to 2014 with Venice), and although it doesn’t quite hit a level of unprecedented greatness that was seen on 2016’s Malibu, there are a few great moments including this Pusha T-assisted track.


Anderson .Paak ft Q Tip - Cheers

“I got some new neighbors, they don’t really say shit/ but when they see the spaceship, they just think I rap or some form of entertainment/ but they don’t know I’m black, young, gifted, and amazing” Produced by the likes of Andre Brissett and Focus, with help from none other than Dr. Dre & Q. Tip, this right here is an incredible tribute to lost friends and timeless moments - this right here is Anderson. Paak at his best.


Anderson .Paak ft BJ The Chicago Kid - Sweet Chick

“I got me a freak bitch/ and she nasty, she wild, she a free spirit/ after me, she gon let the whole team hit it/ goddamn, why can’t you be more discreet with it?” Produced by Melvin Henderson this track is a vibe and easily the best “Girls, Girls, Girls” rendition since Hov did it.


Tyler, The Creator ft Ryan Beatty & Santigold - Lights On

“I’ll be there in the morning, I’ll be there before you know it/ going fast as I can, I’m coming home” Although it’s not the official Grinch soundtrack, of which Tyler, the Creator is also heavily a part of, the Grammy-award winning artist additionally released a six-track EP inspired by the movie alongside it - and this record that features Santigold and BROCKHAMPTON’s Ryan Beatty is the one worth mentioning.


Mike WiLL Made It ft Nas & Rick Ross - Check

“Fought every fight, what's left is the fight of death out here/ Try to take my last breath, my air, had to check my fear (Hmm)/ That's why they respect Nasir, feel me/ Y'all witnessing what you never seen/ Needing nothing attracts everything, the resurrection of a king” One of the highlights off the Creed II soundtrack, and another fire collaboration between Nas & Rozay.


Mike WiLL Made It ft Tessa Thompson & Gunna - Midnight

“But I know it won’t be long, ‘til we touch the sun, it’s gone/ bonded, I need a feeling/ bonded, I need it” Also on the Creed II soundtrack, this right here is a surefire heater where Tessa Thompson herself sings this lullaby effortlessly (it sounds like a Tinashe record done better than Tinashe, at least recently) and honestly this might be the best Gunna contribution I’ve heard to date.


The Diplomats - Dipset Forever

“Played ball, sold drugs under the circumstances (well, I did)/ NBA, Navarro College, I hurt them chances (true)/ I was Lenny Cooke (what else?), nah, hoop dreams, now my only problem is keeping the coupe clean (woo!)” With the Dipset Gang once again reunited, the Harlem supergroup recruits their longtime collaborators in Tha Heatmakerz for production, and for the most part what they cook up is a familiar result.


The Diplomats - Sauce Boyz

“How we walk, how we talk/ you could see it drippin’, spilling off/ them boyz got the sauce, got the sauce, got the sauce” More 🔥🔥🔥 off The Diplomats third official collaborative album, Diplomatic Ties.


Benny the Butcher - Rubber Bands & Weight

“My man calling home sick, said he stressing over trial/ I said ‘you get a hundred years, you still a legend in the town’” Over the last few years Benny the Butcher has grown to be one of the most respected names on Griselda, alongside Conway and Westside Gunn who continue to deliver the most grimy east-coast rap heard since the mid-90’s. Produced by The Alchemist this right here is one of the standout tracks on Tana Talk 3, credited as Benny’s only official studio album.


Benny the Butcher - Joe Pesci 38

“And when they talk about the streets it ain’t that specific/ so I’m a tad suspicious, if it’s fact or fiction” Produced by Daringer this is another highlight off Tana Talk 3, although even though I’m a fan, it’s fair to say that most of these records (on Griselda as a whole) are somewhat monotonous and all sound the same.

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