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December 16-23, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: The Dream - Back in Love

"Back in love, back in love, back in love with you/ and now we're making love, making love like we used to do/ I took some time out, I took some time off, just to think things through/ Oh, now I'm back in love, back in love, back in love with you” The Dream released his sixth official studio album right before Christmas in 2018, and although the three-disc album, Menage a Trois: Sextape Vol. 1,2,3, is about 30 records too long and with plenty of filler, this one right here should one day be added to his Greatest Hits.


The Dream - Change You

"Don't give 100 to a wack ass ***** in your past/ that show up with half of that, tryna make it last/ and what makes us good is that I always saw that bad in you (always saw that bad in you)/ see, 'cause it's easy to forget about the lovers in my past/ cause I put your love on top and give you everything I have/ whatever love I gave them, I give you more than that ohh, uh” As per usual with his style, the chorus that follows is graphic enough that it leaves little to imagination and somewhat squanders its overall potential, yet all the same it's the melody that always delivers.


The Dream - You

"You got the wrong ***** starin' at you (you got that)/ you, you, you, you, you, you, you” Throughout the credits it appears that Los Da Mystro handled a great deal of the production on the album, and together they could’ve been made a stellar 8-10 track album. This one is best played at sundown when driving on the highway 100 mph outside the city.


The Dream - U Got a Fan

"Girl, you got a fan/ with that drip game on you/ you so motherfuckin’ fancy/ tryna do ya 'til them legs go Bambi/ call me Michael Myers, come through lookin' for the candy” Not to be confused with his longtime collaborator in Tricky Stewart, but the man who actually found The Dream was Tricky’s brother and longtime producer Laney Stewart, who assists on production for one of the highlights on the tape.


The Dream - Body Fall

"Turn the lights off/ let's paint our pictures on the bedroom walls/ again and again and again and again/ and we won’t stop until your body falls” Interestingly enough, the last two songs on the 40-track album are two of it’s best, including this outro that culminates this sexcapade appropriately.


Jhene Aiko - Wasted Love Freestyle

"How did we get away from love? How did love get away from us? Not my time, I should wait for love/ waste of time, what a waste of love” I co-sign Jhene Aiko and am always thankful when the lyrics aren’t unnecessarily vulgar, which for some reason has become all too in style recently.


9th Wonder ft King Draft & Swank - Lonely Nights

“Spinning in circles, lived my life without rehearsal/ if I died today my ***** was it business was it personal?” In 2018 the 9th Wonder of the world released his 8th official solo instrumental album, where scattered throughout our vocals provided from the Jamla family, including track 25 (of 42) where raps are laid and homage is paid to one of the greatest Cole verses from the Born Sinner era.


A Boogie ft Offset & Tyga - Startender

"Mmh, ain’t fuckin' with no off-brand bitch (Yeah)/ Ooh, don't think these ****** understand me (Yeah)/ Ooh, she let me touch it in Miami (Yeah)/ Ooh, I’m feelin' like I'm Biggaveli, uh, ooh, yeah” Produced by frequent Cole collaborator in T-Minus, this was actually one of the best radio records of the year.


A Boogie ft Queen Naija - Come Closer

"Need to cry you a river/ if you lie, won't forgive you/ and I won't ever, ever trust you/ and I won't ever, ever miss you” Although I’m somewhat perplexed behind A Boogie’s supposed stranglehold on hip-hop’s mainstream, to his credit his second album Hoodie SZN was put together well.


A Boogie - Odee

"I was gonna go and try to fall asleep, but,I got too much energy, yeah/ I was gonna go to Canada deep, but/ all my ****** said they got felonies, yeah” Not mad at these A Boogie flows.


A Boogie ft Nav - Pull Up

"Ooh, I pulled up in a Benz truck, ooh/ you pulled up in your friend's truck, mmh/ better watch out for the scammers, ooh/ boy, you better get your bands up” Originally released on A Boogie’s EP International Artist, this is another one of his signature flows that was included for the album.

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