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December 2-9, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Rico Love - Can’t Afford Her

“Man said he want to take my girl but he can’t afford her/ put her on game she can’t unlearn all the shit I taught her/ every other week said she want a new car/ I guess new car keys are the keys to my heart/ man said he want to take my girl but he can’t afford her” there’s not enough flame emojis to describe this record, Rico Love needs to be featured a lot more in the Top 40 so the world can appreciate his talent.


Rico Love - God Forgives

“I hope my daughter don't hate me like her mama did, I don't (nah)/ I hope my son wants to be like his daddy one day, when he gets grown” The year is 2020 and for the record Rico Love is the best-kept secret in R&B.


Rico Love ft Scarlett & Bryan Michael-Cox - Faith

“I used to have faith in you, Girl I used to believe everything you said” Personally I remember Bryan Michael-Cox from the Day 26 days, and together with Rico Love they produce yet another surefire heater, more 🔥🔥🔥


Rico Love - Loving You Better

“Maybe I wasn’t/ loving you better, loving you better, loving you better” Some latin/caribbean/dancehall vibes this time around and this record is best played on the first hot summer/spring day of the year.


Rico Love - Hyper

“Got my D'ussé bottle on ice/ Yeah I'm nice but I know I could be nicer/ It's looking like one of those nights/ They was hyped, when I walked in they got hyper” 🔥🔥🔥 This production is crazy and Even Kings Die is arguably the best album of the year for any genre, it’s that good.


Rico Love ft Teedra Moses & Ball Greezy - Whole Lotta Sex

“We should have a whole lotta sex, whole lotta, whole lotta sex, somewhere on an island, somewhere on a plan” As I said before Rico Love really is the best-kept secret in what’s otherwise a dying genre of music, unfortunately, yet in terms of style it should be noted that he’s honestly more like The Dream than anything else.


Ice Cube ft Too Short - Ain’t Got No Haters

"Sorry, y'all, I ain't got no haters/ everybody love black ass Darth Vader” Ice Cube released his 10th studio album in 2018, entitled Everything’s Corrupt which was his first release since 2010’s I Am the West. As for the quality, however, this track with $hort Dog is one of its only notable moments.



"Lookin' like a whole snack (Ooh, yeah)/ I can't wait I can't hold back (Ooh, yeah)/ phone blowin' up back to back/ tell a nigga stop reachin' he can't have you back” Ty Dolla does his numbers over KAYTRANADA production


Lil Nas X - Old Town Road

“Can’t nobody tell me nothing…” The biggest song in billboard history came from an overnight success who named himself Lil Nas X, and for what it’s worth I’m not mad at this at all. This song was celebrated all over the world of course, however, I’ll never forget personally vibing to this in the Caribbean sea with a drink in my hand the following summer… that was a moment.

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