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Nov 25 - Dec 2, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: JID - Off Da Zoinkys

"Tell my little ****** lay off the stuff/ Ronald Reagan, I can't thank him enough/ Nah, I'm playin', ***** racist as fuck/ Told my ***** if he leave a pack of ports around me, I'ma take em' and throw em' away/ He smoke em' around me I'ma break em’ and we almost had got into fightin, 'I'm talkin' 'bout dead that, finna fade it, but shit, but maybe I did too much/ but fuck it, I love my *****, I'ma save him/ and he prolly thinkin' I'm a player-hater, I don't hate a player, I just need all my ****** to wake up/ and take a real good look, we a long way from Decatur” Produced by Christo this is easily the standout track on J.I.D.’s sophomore album DiCaprio 2, as he floated on this and cemented himself as one of the most notable artists on the Dreamville roster.


JID - Workin Out

“Heard you doing pretty good, yeah, people talk, word of mouth/ Wasn't 'round when you had the dirty house/ Now they won't leave when you kick 'em out” Produced by 2thirty5 J.I.D. simply floats on this.


Black Thought - Long Liveth

“Since the second grade I been gainfully employed/ Hustlin' for change everyday from three to four/ When other kids was into playin' games and bein' bored/ Goin' against the grain's what I painfully enjoyed” Produced by Salaam Remi this is one of the highlights off what’s officially Black Thought’s second solo release, the second installment of the Streams of Thought EP series that per usual is lyrical warfare.


Black Thought - Conception

“Look, I am no fashion model but I got fresh for photographers/ The camo coat had the collar up/ 'cause my emotions was bottled up/ And though the ocean did not erupt, it turned up ’til it's loud enough/ To just make somethin' out of us, pass the shadow of a doubt in us/ Godly, geometry and calculus that I can move any mountain with/ A ***** gotta be an alchemist” The year is 2020 and Black Thought is still Top 10 in the game without question, and that’s even further supported by all his commercial success in recent years with the Jimmy Fallon show, a good look for the greatest hip-hop band in history.


Meek Mill - Intro

“Your favorite rapper a mumble rapper/ Walk up in this bitch, a bunch of killers and humble trappers/ I can't go to Hollywood, to cool in this jungle action/ With ****** that'll smoke you go and murder your brother after” Produced by Papamitrou this is a surefire heater, as Meek Mill comes through with another strong introduction for his latest album, Championships, months after he was released from prison after violating probation. Due to his star power and reputation, his case and subsequent release were well-publicized and only made him more famous, where to his credit the Philly native definitely came correct when the whole world was tuned in.


Meek Mill - Trauma

“Watching a black woman take my freedom, almost made me hate my people/ when they label you felon, it's like they telling you they not equal” Produced by Don Cannon this one uses the legendary “Take Me Higher” sample sung by Barclay James in 1977, that was later used by Mobb Deep for the classic track “Get Away” off their Infamy album in 2001, and the music itself effectively keeps the momentum going on what’s arguably Meek Mill’s best body of work to date.


Meek Mill ft Fabolous & Anuel AA - Uptown Vibes

“Heard they tryna steal the wave, cut it out, cut it out/ Spicy mamis on the way, bust it down, bust it down/ Saw my watch, she love the way I flood it out, ayy/ Talk to me nice, show you what these Bentleys 'bout, whoa” With cover art that features the legendary Dyckman Park, this one is all about summertime in New York City with the latin flavor that Washington Heights is known for.


Meek Mill ft Rick Ross & Jay Z - What’s Free

“Sucker free, no shuckin' me, I don't jive turkey/ say "Happy Thanksgiving," shit sound like a murder to me” Produced by STREETRUNNER & Tarik Azzouz this one is built behind another legendary sample from hip-hop’s yesterday, this time using the hook and theme behind the Notorious B.I.G.’s “What’s Beef?,” and this time around all parties involved come correct on the star-studded track.


Meek Mill - Championships

“Tryna smoke the pain away, they lock us up for smoking/ Put 'em on probation, lock 'em up if you ain't perfect/ Victim to the system like a rain drop in the ocean/ They closing all the schools and all the prisons getting open” Produced by Larrance Dopson & Dario Productions the title track uses yet another classic sample, this time provided by Toney Fontaine’s “I Found The Girl.


Meek Mill - Oodles O’ Noodles Babies

“When I went to court, the judge said, "Meek, you a menace to society"/ Huh, you said, you would give me a chance, your honor, why would you lie to me? 16 more years of probation, you know you gon' get some more time on me” Produced by Kendxll & Butter Beats who flip the sample from Mother’s Finest’s “Love Changes” (released in 1978), this is another heater that proves Meek Mill is living up to his newfound status in the game.


6ix9ine ft Kanye West & Nicki Minaj - MAMA

“I was out in Spain rockin' a Medusa head, I ain't never have to give a rap producer head/ If I do, though, I'ma write a book like Supahead/ This ain't wonder that I'm makin' this that super bread” Produced by Sool Got Hits and Murda Beatz this is one of the highlights of what’s overall a decent debut album from the most controversial hip-hop star in recent memory.


Trey Songz ft Teddy Riley - Keep It Right There

“Ooh, she say keep it right there (That's what she said to me)/ You know, I'll keep it right there (Keep it right there)” Produced by Zaytoven and Teddy Riley the legend, this is easily the standout record on Trey Songz double-disc ‘mixtape’ 11/28, of which overall is not Trigga Tremaine’s best body of work.


Trey Songz ft Jacquees - Spark

“What she got on got her looking like a star (yeah, yeah, yeah)/ Make me wonder what it look like when it’s off (yeah, yeah, yeah)/ got me looking at your body, bet it’s soft (yeah, yeah, yeah)/ baby, I just wanna know who you are” Mr. Steal Your Girl and the self-proclaimed King of R&B both come correct on this one.


Trey Songz - Lay Yo Head

“Lay your head down, lay your head down/ anybody that calls, they can hit you tomorrow/ don’t pick up” A solid album cut off the stronger of the two releases, that is the 11 ep is more consistent overall than 28.


Trey Songz ft Ty Dolla $ign & Tory Lanez - Shootin Shots

“I'm going non stop, my spot/ You caught a vibe shootin' shots, why not? Tell me the things you want to do (Tell me)/ Baby, I'ma do 'em to you (You)” Produced by the one and only Hitmaka, for as long as he’s continued this run I’m starting to believe it really is Young Berg behind the boards.


Earl Sweatshirt - Nowhere2go

“Tryna refine this shit, I redefined myself/ First I had to find it (uh), I couldn’t find a friend” More words from one of Odd Future’s largest oddities, who along with Tyler, the Creator continues to have a supportive fanbase and by all accounts has maintained a successful career. This was the lead single off his third studio album, Some Rap Songs, produced by Booliemane & Ade Hakim.


Mila J - Chemistry

“It all came from an atom you see/ the teacher told me atoms you need/ for anything to matter but nothing even matters to me” Jhene Aiko’s sister also has some talent to her name and I appreciate this record.

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