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December 23-30, 2018

Legacy Track of the Week: Cormega ft Havoc - Live Your Best Life

“When you’ve been through the worst/ learn from it, every lesson is a blessing and a curse/ everyday a step closer to the essence/ live your best life put yourself first” Cormega released this Mega mixtape a day after Christmas and it was a very nice stocking stuffer indeed.


Cormega - Genuine Article

“Food for thought, I put work in/ my word is bond to my culture/ is proud that I wrote this” Mega… could never sleep on his run in the early 2000s and this is more where that came from.


Nipsey Hussle - Perfect Timing

“I know perfect timing feels like I’m too late/ and I know I’m still great in spite of my mistakes” Likely recorded during the Victory Lap sessions, this miscellaneous record was leaked and then officially released right before the new year.


Skillz 2018 Rap Up

“The Oscars told Kev to go that way/ weird flex but Kev was like hmm okay” The originator of the annual rap-up still going strong even though Uncle Murda has easily surpassed him.


Uncle Murda 2018 Rap Up

“Dipset reunited, they sound good together/ I don’t think Stevie J and Faith look good together (they don’t)/ I’m like ‘Psh, what would Biggie say?’ nothin,’ probably just smack the shit out of Stevie J” Over a few very familiar samples Uncle Murda delivers on his annual rap-up as he does every year.

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