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January 20-27, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: DJ Kay Slay ft The Lox & The Outlawz - Against All Opps

“I was down with Biggie but you know I'm an outlaw/ shot a *****, rode out to Pac, playing Outlawz/ this ain't a rhyme, it's a fact, or an outpour/ pour out some liquor for the homies I can't account for” The Lox & The Outlawz on the same track????? That’s crazy...


J. Cole - Middle Child `

“I'm dead in the middle of two generations/ I'm little bro and big bro all at once/ Just left the lab with young 21 Savage/ I'm 'bout to go and meet Jigga for lunch” A promotional track off Revenge of the Dreamers III, this by no means should be Cole’s “highest-charting single to date,” but for what it’s worth he smoked this performance at the NBA All-Star Game. - For more backstory, check out this article I wrote at VladTV when this song was released.


Boogie ft Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Whose Fault

“Don't put your hands on me, uh/ fuck out my phone, I already told you she my damn homie, uh/ you know the buttons still hurtin', and then you gon' stand on em', uh/ and have the nerve to say you'll call another man on me, whoa” Shady Records latest recruit is Compton’s own Boogie (not the Bronx’s A Boogie) and this is his best offering off his debut album, Everything’s For Sale.


183rd, Smoke DZA - Ntro

“I done came back for extras (right)/ all the plays well perfected/ couple Ks on the necklace/ I make a movie she might stay for breakfast (really)” Smoke DZA was very active in 2019 and this was the first of many EPs that he released that year, of course per usual it’s all flame


183rd, Smoke DZA ft Vado & Bodega Bamz - Uptown

“Enough raw to make the dog sick/ fuck a Uhaul truck I need a fork lift/ fuck a five-star suite I need a fortress/ and whenever I swipe I use the corporate” Harlem!


YNW Melly - City Girls

“Ayy, where all of my City Girls at? North Miami, where it all goes down/ heard it ain't no pity where you're at/ and your dad don't know that your soul is lost and found” YNW Melly had his best and worst year in 2019, yet before he was charged with the first-degree murder of his two close friends, he became one of the most popular new names out of the South.


YNW Melly ft Kanye West - Mixed Personalities

“I think I got mixed personalities/this bitch switched up my whole mentality/this girl, she got mixed personalities/one day she's happy, then she mad at me” The controversial Florida artist was able to recruit the polarizing Kanye West for the lead single off the We All Shine mixtape, which in this case the concept appropriately plays off his Melly vs Melvin split personality.


Joyner Lucas, Chris Brown - Just Let Go

“Baby, hit me up and call me any time/ don't be restless, let your problems be my problems, I don't mind it” For what seems like years Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown have teased a collaborative project together, yet for now we’ll have to settle with one more promotional single.


DJ Kay Slay ft Ninoman, Vado, Mysonne, Fred the Godson, Locksmith, Jon Connor & Joell Ortiz- Back to the Bars

“Shooter's anonymous, uh/ I tell 'em use a machine gun (Why?)/ in case a nine'll miss (Woo)/ problem is Fred dominant/ bed with a dime in it, leg got Lebron in it (What?)/ I shoot for the Cavs and then a headshot/ barrel on your neck longer than Hogan leg drop” Not including his 25+ other mixtapes and releases, DJ Kay Slay released his fifth official studio album in 2019 entitled Hip Hop Frontline, and on this collaborative track it’s hard to say who got the best verse.


DJ Kay Slay ft Young Buck, Uncle Murda, Don Q., Trick Trick & Tony Yayo - Danger

“It's been a while since niggas been stabbed on TV/ now BET and MTV happy to see me” Buck had a crazy 2019…


DJ Kay Slay ft Maino, Jim Jones & Styles P - Forgive Them Father

“Murders, hustlers, little ****** set trip (set trip)/ don't be the next meal that's ate by breakfast (don't be the meal)” Ghost…

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