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Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Tsu Surf ft Beanie Sigel - Reflections

“Matter of fact, this shit sickening/ demasculating men, masculating these women/ the same sex of anything can't produce children/ man who approved these new rules of livin'? Who's catchin'? Who's pitchin'? You choose the villain/ shit, do you boo, just don't confuse the children” After a myriad of health problems Beans doesn’t nearly sound the same as he once did, which is the all the more unfortunate as truth be told this is something they needed to hear. For what it’s worth, it’s a different perspective, and not the same pandering rhetoric you’ll hear in the mainstream.


Tsu Surf - Here’s Whatever

“Product of my own place/ sirens cryin', cold case/ every time I see an opp I see my own face, is that my own hate? Or God tryna set my soul straight?” Surf makes some of the best music in battle rap and that’s a fact #Jersey


Tsu Surf - What If

“What if the bullet that hit my arm hit my neck? What if she'll fake like she love you for a check?” Using a familiar cadence and theme, Surf does his numbers as he wonders how life could be different.


AZ - We Movin

“Still afloat, still a mil' in the vault/ still appeal to the real when it's wrote, proper approach/I play, check the resume, fuck what a record say/ only a few certified can really rep this way” Although AZ hasn’t officially released an album since 2009, he put out two mixtapes in 2013 and now his latest offering, Legacy, includes one of the highlights off those tapes in case you missed it, produced by Statik Selektah this is nothing but heat.


AZ - Red Magic

“Years before Nas verse released and his tape leaked/ I was right there in Chesapeake like 8 deep for 80 weeks” Produced by Beatfanatiks who flips the familiar Brothers Johnson’ “Strawberry Letter 23” sample, this is the perfect instrumental for AZ and his legendary cadence.


AZ ft Vado - Da Jux

"As the sun rise I wake in my apartment/ think how many banks I could take out a 100 large in/ ‘fore my day is started I walk in the closet/ pop a tag, grab a garbage bag to split my cigars in/ F's in the carpet go with my Fendi garment/ watching Game Time, who had 50, that was Harden/ throwing gang signs, getting busy at the garden” This is a dope collaboration.


Stalley ft Pregnant Boy fka Go Dreamer & J. Black - Options

“Which car I'ma drive today? Either the cut dog or the Chevrolet/ I got all these options like I'm at a buffet/ no matter the cost, I gotta get paid” Produced by Black Champagne this is a cool vibe for the summer.


Stalley ft Pregnant Boy fka Go Dreamer - Human

“It's kinda hard to explain because the love comes with the pain/ you can’t predict the weather, it's like the sunshine with the rain/ and sometimes it hurts but that's to let you know you’re human/ and sometimes it hurts... but that's the fall of grain” Stalley released this EP with an artist I’m unfamiliar with, yet to their credit this was a good well-rounded project highlighted by this hook that is nothing less than the gospel truth.

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