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Feb 24 - March 3, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Smoke DZA - Legend Has It

“Legend has it, I snuck 5 up on the plane/ legend has it, across the border, did the same/ hella weed, allegedly, legend has it (legend has it)/ The Kush God title ain't just a name/ fuck it, it’s self-proclaimed” DZA 🔥🔥🔥


Smoke DZA ft Wallo - Harsh Reality

“Ugh, I seen the same shit happen to 'Bron/ sometimes them endings be beginnings, you just gotta be strong” DZA is always consistent and Prime Location, Vol. 1 was one of many EP’s that he released in 2019.


Solange - Things I Imagined

“Things I imagined, saw things I imagined” Solange released her fourth studio album, When I Get Home, in 2019, which at its best can be described as an ‘abstract work-of-art,’ and at its worst is a poor excuse for any real music. Nonetheless, what can’t be debated is that it’s a far cry from her last effort, A Seat at the Table (2016), that was some of the best music to be released that year.


Smif-n-Wessun - The Education of Smif-n-Wessun

“Now slumlord's owning properties/ even a homeless man knows it's currency over policy (that's right)/ but they jealous of the comradery/ we had to downsize, quality over quantity” Tek & Steele of Smif-n-Wessun released their fifth studio album, The All, in 2019, and from start to finish the Boot Camp Clik veterans do not disappoint.


Smif-n-Wessun - Letter 4 U

“Dear mama, I wrote you a letter, did you get it? I hope you read it, love is the message” hip-hop in its purest form.


Smif-n-Wessun ft Heather Victoria & GQ - We Good

“I wake up in the morning, give thanks for light/ chant a song meditate on life/ each day, different challenge we endure these fights/ elevate to different levels, we enjoy these heights” Duck Down meets Jamla, it’s nice to hear Smif-n-Wessun over 9th Wonder and The Soul Council production.


Smif-n-Wessun - One Time

“When-when you're talking about rap on the East Coast/ how you leave our clique out of the convos? Other than Chris and Sean, who kept Brooklyn live? my Wave Gang ruled in '95 (Warm 'em up)” 25 years later the Duck Down label still going strong 💪


Deante’ Hitchcock - 7:45

“That's why you got me in a drop top slidin' through the city/ music blastin', thinkin' bout' ya, it's like 7:45, 45/ look, I done did every lil' thang I could think of, snd I'm still tryna keep you off my mind” Hailing from Atlanta this young emcee made a name for himself in 2019 and landed himself on Revenge of the Dreamers III.


DaBaby - Suge

“Hah/ pack in the mail, it's gone (uh)/ she like how I smell, cologne (yeah)/ I just signed a deal, I'm on/ yeah, yeah” Not sure why this was a big record in 2019 but it was, and DaBaby was the breakout artist of the year as well.


DaBaby ft Offset - Baby Sitter

“You know I ain't come to play, let's get it (turn me up)/ I'm snappin' off the rip your ho say I'm her favorite ***** (Hah)/ you probably don't want to let your baby mama take a picture (Why? Go Grizz)/ 'cause I'm the type of baby that's gon fuck the babysitter (Marii Beatz, turn me up)/ I just did a show and pulled off laughing on a hating ***** (Hah)/ them bitches aiming at y'all fast, I'm on these rapper ****** ass/ I pulled that .40 out, he better have an angel with him/ fuck all them ****** and whoever they got hangin' with 'em” Produced by Go Grizz & Marii Beatz this was the best record off DaBaby’s breakthrough album, Baby on Baby.


DaBaby ft Rich the Kid - Best Friend

“And I just got a DM from your best friend/ and you mad, I know, yeah, you mad, I know, yeah” DaBaby brings back one of his better records from Blank Blank and gets an assist from Rich the Kid.


DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger

“Bitch, it's DaBaby, what you heard about me? (What you heard?)/ I put that ***** up, now ****** acting nervous 'round me (Up)” To his credit, DaBaby is one of the best new personalities in the rap game.


Sammie - Funeral

“Your wedding day will be my funeral…” Yes, this is the same Sammie from early 2000s Hardball fame, and this is some good 2019 R&B.


Sammie - Issues

“I was living fast so bad, I was speeding/ I was telling truth in disguise, so misleading/ who knew that my past would catch up to me? I got some issues that won't let me be” Everlasting is Sammie’s 9th studio album, and this is undoubtedly the highlight.

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