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March 17-24, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Rich the Kid ft Vory - Ring Ring

“Someone (someone), hit me, ring-ring, yeah/ your love (your love), that's all I need, yeah/ and your trust, girl, that's all that I want (I want)/ even when it falls apart, girl, we won” This Nick Mira and Louis Bell production is a certified smash, and Vory is the real MVP for the hook.


Rich the Kid - World Is Yours 2 (Intro)

“I used to call collect (Brrt)/ I used to worry and stress (Yah)/ I used to pray for a check (Yah)/ used to want to ball like the Nets (Nets)/ make a milli', then invest ('Vest)/ Magic City, make a mess (a mess)/ not the Rollie, the Patek (Ice)/ I got her drippin' and she wet (Wet)/ Rich Forever, that's the set (Woo)” On the D.A. Doman aka d.a. got that dope opening track off Rich the Kid’s sophomore album, the Rich Forever CEO flexes and hits his ceiling in the process.


Rich the Kid ft Miguel & Ty Dolla $ign - Woah

“She got that woah (Woah)/ she got that drip slow (Drip, drip)/ she got that, I might pull up on her, buy a Range Rove' (Skrrt, skrrt)” The predictable single off The World Is Yours 2 is… predictable.


Robin Thicke - That’s What Love Can Do

“Turn a boy into a good man/ make a queen feel like a princess/ one kiss at the perfect moment/ bruises start to heal/ that's what love can do” Robin Thicke hasn’t fully rebounded from his well-publicized divorce to Paula Patton and the legal battle he lost to the Marvin Gaye estate, although the miscellaneous records he’s released since that time have all been beautiful and soulful as quiet as it’s been kept.


Billy Woods, Kenny Segal - Spider Hole

"Wry smile, coppin' legal weed from fake hole in the wall/ I don't wanna go see Nas with an orchestra at Carnegie Hall/ no man of the people, I wouldn't be caught dead with most of y'all/ “don't call me again’ what I shoulda said when he called” I’m just getting familiar with Billy Woods who appears to have an interesting story, as his sound that sounds somewhat similar to MF Doom, that combined with the stellar production makes this an interesting listen.


Billy Woods, Kenny Segal ft MOTHERMARY - A Day in a Week in a Year

“A day, in a week, in a year/ where everything exactly as you feared/ lightning could strike me right here, right here/ holding' a phone to my ear/ the rest of my life I'ma be like, ‘yo, I was standing right there.’" This song right here is beautiful.

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