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Mar 31 - Apr 7, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Khalid - My Bad

“Said, my bad/ blowin’ me up, you've been wildin'/ we was cool, yeah, we was vibin'/ gotta put my phone on silent/ so my, my, my, my bad” Following the success of his 3x Platinum-selling debut, American Teen, Khalid followed up that success with Free Spirit, that produced one smash hit and a few even better album cuts - overall his sophomore is an enjoyable listen.


Khalid - Bad Luck

“'Cause I'm in love with bad luck/ I’m in love with bad luck/ move too close, get caught up/ move too close, get caught up” Another smooth track off Free Spirit, his sophomore album that reached Platinum status like his debut.


Khalid - Better

“Nothing feels better than this/ nothing feels better/ nothing feels better than this” More good vibes from one of the rising stars in Top 40 music.


Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet - MONOPOLY

“Said, I been on a roll, where you been? (Where you been?)/ Real protective with my soul, where you been? (Where you been?)” A nice miscellaneous record from the pop princess of her generation, along with two of her more frequent collaborators, Victoria Monet and Social House.


Lee Fields, The Expressions - You're What's Needed In My Life

“First of all, finding words to express my feelings is almost impossible to do/ when it comes down to talking about you/ you're more valuable than gold and anything else in this world/ and I'm so proud to say you're my girl” Lee Fields is a legendary figure of soul music who I first heard on J. Cole’s The Warm Up mixtape, yet that was many years after his debut in 1969. Sure enough, in 2019 he released his seventh studio album with The Expressions entitled It Rains Love, and this love song is one of the highlights.


Nav ft The Weeknd - Price On My Head

“Price on my head, got a price on my head/ night when I rest, with a knife by my bed/ I'm so paranoid, I'ma sleep when I'm dead/ I'm so paranoid, I'ma sleep when I’m dead” Nav could either be the drug dealer or jewel dealer to the stars or even both, yet to his credit he appears to be talented enough to record some catchy tunes as well. Meanwhile, this one that features The Weeknd was also co-written by Belly, thus its quality should come as no surprise.


Zaytoven ft Paul Wall - Cake Boss

“I can sell stank to a skunk/ hustler of the year, employee of the month” Paul Wall motivational bars over Zaytoven production.


Birdman, Juvenile - Back Then

“Cops pull us over, they was looking and admiring/ trying to get a job, want to know if we was hiring” Birdman and Juvenile teamed up to release Just Another Gangsta in 2019, and in spots the Cash Money veterans delivered.


Birdman, Juvenile - Tonight

“Say I got a swagger like a ***** from the '70s/ I took you out of Conquer Hill and moved you up in Beverlys” I personally don’t know either of those locations but I’m certain that Juvenile is telling the truth in these raps, and truth be told it was good to hear from him.


Mistah F.A.B. ft Outrageous Karina - Blessings N Lessons

“I was taught to hustle, go and take your time/ I hated free lunch, had to wait in line” The West Coast legend released his 9th studio album, Thug Tears 4, and honestly he’s more talented than the other coasts give him credit for.


Kxng Crooked - More Love

“The life of a hustler ain’t everything it seems/ we sacrifice sleep so our realities could be better than our dreams” More miscellaneous raps from Crooked I, this was the best record off The Weeklys, Vol. 2.


Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Remix

“Can't nobody tell me nothing… you can't tell me nothing” The smash-hit of the year that broke every record to date, there really isn’t much more to say that hasn’t been said.

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