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April 7-14, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Anderson .Paak - Twilight

“It happens to everyone/ you're not the only one, girl/ this is called growing up, sugar/ be careful, but still have fun” Anderson .Paak is a timeless talent that should be treasured, and this Pharrell-produced track is another prime example.


Anderson .Paak ft Andre 3000 - Come Home

“I'm beggin' you (I beg)/ I'm beggin' you, please, come home (Please)” Only mere months after the release of his third album, Oxnard, the creative known as Anderson .Paak released his fourth album, Ventura, that overall plays like a good listen yet still nowhere close to his magnum opus, Malibu.


Anderson .Paak ft Smokey Robinson - Make It Better

“Oh baby, do you wanna make it better?/ Do you wanna stay together? Hey, if you do, then let's please/ make some new memories” Anderson .Paak & Smokey Robinson 🔥🔥🔥 we can thank the Music Gods for this one.


Anderson .Paak ft Brandy - Jet Black

“Shaped like pear, baby, jet black hair/ you bought the drinks and I paid no care/ hold a ***** down, don't go nowhere/ Ooh, it's been a while, baby, come here” Another surprising collaboration that’s even better on record than on paper, this is one of the smoothest album cuts on the project.


070 Shake - Morrow

“There's fire in ya, I know it burns inside/ it's your decision, but still you make it mine” A strong promotional single for the North Bergen, New Jersey’s artist first album, Modus Vivendi, that was released in early 2020.


Westside Gunn ft Action Bronson - Dudley Boyz

“These people jealous cause no motherfucka sick as me/ I bag 330, 40 home runs, 137 RBIs, 50 stolen bases/ hold this face lift” A 2016 record that was rereleased on Westside Gunn’s mixtape, Fourth Rope, to promote his wrestling-themed clothing company of the same name.


Conway - The Basement

“You know I don't drive nothin' basic/ two hundred for the spaceship, who wanna race it?” Produced by K. Sluggah this is a nice tone-setter off Everybody is F.O.O.D. 3


Conway ft Berner - London Pound

“We got a different reach, I'm global plus your boy a mogul/ a million pounds at the ranch house in Acapulco” Berner continues his winning streak by using his business savvy and effortless style.


Conway - Don't Judge Me

“I wear my heart on my sleeve/ don't judge me/ I be speakin' my mind at the wrong fuckin' time/ but fuck it don't judge me” Produced by DJ Skizz this could be my favorite Conway record to date, in particular the hook and that second verse… all facts.


Vinnie Paz, Tragedy Khadafi - Cinematic Echo

“Carry the bridge on my back/ I’m the King of Queens” The underground veteran from Jedi Mind Tricks fame released a collaborative album with Queens legend Tragedy Khadafi, whom Nas referenced (and collaborated with) throughout his career - most notably on Surviving The Times - and generally speaking it’s a good listen. This one is all about the production that I haven’t been able to source.


Vinnie Paz, Tragedy Khadafi - Thought Machine

“Born inside the crack era/ y’all not as deep as us/ youngn’s that embrace guns and darkness when the evil touch/ yeah form a deeper lust/ no one you can seem to trust/ cold hearts, playing their part/ slugs will leave em stuck” Due to his legacy and reputation, the career of Tragedy Khadafi is one of the greatest mysteries in hip-hop folklore.

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