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April, 1910 "Tokyo"

[Intended to be depicted in the third season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, was ultimately never filmed]

  • A month after their time in Beijing, the Jones family visits Tokyo, Japan, where Indiana attends lectures at Peers School (Gakushūin), a famous institution that educates children of Japanese history and nobility.

  • At the school Indiana befriends a student named Hirohito, who would later become the emperor of Japan from 1926 to his death in 1989, thus serving as head of state during World War II.

  • During this time Hirohito teaches Indiana all about marine biology and the interdependence of species (which Indiana had prior knowledge of considering his time in British East Africa), and at one point the two boys are attacked by a shark while whale watching - though fortunately are rescued by a samurai.

  • It’s also noted that Miss Seymour visits Kyoto during this time, famous for his temples, gardens, and palaces.

  • It should be noted that Hirohito aka Shōwa, was not prosecuted for war crimes after Japan’s surrender in WWII, and his degree of involvement of wartime decisions is debated upon to this day. Instead he became a symbol of Japan’s recovery after the war, and by the end of his reign, Japan was recognized as the world’s second largest economy.


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